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  1. This link might be of some help (scroll down), but it's already almost a year old:

    Requerimientos para obtener en México la carta de antecedentes no penales

    Some States are switching to on-line processing for this document, but I'm not sure if you can do so at the federal level.

    Also not sure what the current situation is in light of COVID, but a couple years ago, this was how it worked.

    If you do end up having to go to CDMX in person, the office is near Coyoacan. All the taxi drivers know where the office is located. The lines are often long (like hundreds of people waiting). If you're an old person, however, go right to the front and talk to one of the guards. There's a special line and special waiting room just for old folks and you will be moved ahead of everyone else younger. Also, no operating cell phones or other electronic devices allowed inside; must be turned off in the presence of a guard. Be sure to get a legible copy of the document dark enough to be copied and don't leave until you do. I was in and out in less than an hour.


  2. I've had good luck with these people over the past two years.

    America Ship

    Never had a vitamin or supplement refused.

    After you sign up for a free account, you get a unique shipping address in Brownsville, TX, where you have your supplier send the supplements.

    Their website is not easy to navigate, and the importation process is a bit confusing. But once you do it once or twice, it seems pretty straightforward.

    Shipments usually arrive in about five days via Estafeta.

    Costs after shipping, handling, import duty, etc., make them competitive with Amazon.com.mx and iHerb.mx.


    P.S. I have no connection with them, except as a satisfied customer.

  3. I've had good results for enlarged prostate problems with this product: Prosgutt®

    Serenoa repens is the botanical name for saw palmetto: Serenoa (from Wikipedia)

    Urtica dioica is the botanical  name for stinging nettle: Urtica dioica (from Wikipedia)

    Prosgutt® is made in Germany and was recommended to me by a urologist. Been using it for several years.

    About MX$630 pesos for 40 capsules at Farmácia Guadalajara.


  4. You need a pre-approved permit from COFEPRIS, a copy of which must normally be included in the package containing the pharmaceuticals before it arrives at Mexican Customs (Aduana). See here:

    Medical Permit for Importation of Health-Related Consumables (in Spanish)

    Scroll down and under the heading: Que no sean o contengan estupefacientes o psicotrópicos, que no cuenten con registro sanitario (Not a narcotic or psychotropic drug or does not contain them, and is not already a COFEPRIS registered medication) and select Modalidad D.- Medicamentos destinados a uso personal (Form D : Medications intended for personal use) (COFEPRIS-01-010-D):

    Modalidad D.- Medicamentos destinados a uso personal (COFEPRIS-01-010-D)

    This will open a PDF file in another window on your browser. Under the Formato heading, click on the button labeled Autorizaciones, Certificados y Visitas.

    Authorization Forms

    This will open a Microsoft Word file, which is the permit form that must be filled out. Instructions for filling out the form, including the required fields, will appear if you click on the button immediately adjacent.

    The completed form must be taken to your local COFEPRIS office for processing before the shipment is made.

    Good luck,



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  5. If you are a US citizen resident in Mexico and you receive your monthly Social Security payment as a direct deposit to an account in a Mexican bank and you have not filed a tax return with the IRS for 2018 or 2019, you will NOT receive a recovery stimulus payment by direct deposit.

    Instead, at some indefinite time in the future, the US Treasury will MAIL you a paper check to the Mexican address on file with the SSA. 

    More here at this link:

    Americans Overseas and access to recovery stimulus payments


  6. 4 hours ago, Diane613 said:

    How can I find out if these medications are available in the Ajijic area.

    Np Thyroid 30 Mg Tablet

    NP Thyroid is natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) derived from pig thyroid glands.

    As far as I know, no NDT medications are available in Mexico. This includes NP Thyroid, Armour Thyroid, and Naturethroid from the States, and Erfa Thyroid from Canada.

    Only synthetic thyroid medications are available here (like Eutirox = T4 and Cynomel = T3).

    Better bring a supply of NDT from the States if you're visiting...



  7. I need to deposit the equivalent of €100 euros into a bank account in Portugal.

    What's the best, i.e., cheapest, way to transfer MX pesos from a Mexican bank account to a Euro account?

    I would be reluctant to pay the Mexican bank to do a direct wire transfer because of the expense.

    TransferWise says they are not doing MXN --> EUR (yet).

    Any other suggestions?




  8. I haven't seen this issue mentioned in the replies to your query.

    If your dryer is a gas dryer, I believe that that all (or most) gas dryers come from the factory set up for natural gas, not the LP gas typically supplied around here.

    For your dryer to operate correctly on LP gas, it needs the proper gas orifice, which is usually sold as a extra conversion kit from the manufacturer or dealer.

    If you operate a gas dryer equipped with a natural gas orifice on LP gas, it will tend to overheat because of the higher energy content of LP gas.

    Dryers have a built-in thermal shutoff, which will cause it to stop operating fairly quickly in the event of too high temperatures.

    You mention that your dryer shuts off after 3-5 minutes. That seems a little fast for the thermal shutoff to kick in, but I suppose it could be possible.

    Might be worth asking a repair person experienced in working on gas appliances to check the orifice to make sure that your dryer has the one for LP gas.

    Just a thought...


  9. Be sure to do your research and due diligence on the TURP procedure and its myriad of potential complications before you proceed!!

    Three years ago in 2015, when faced with my own acute urinary retention crisis related to an enlarged prostate, I rejected TURP, HoLEP, ThuLEP, green light laser, and all other  procedures that involve "cutting away" prostate tissue, whether surgically or via a laser. They all seem barbaric, and the possible complications (uncontrolled bleeding, impotence, retrograde ejaculation, incontinence) were off-putting, to say the least. I prefer not to have to depend on Depends for the rest of my life, thank you very much.

    Instead, I opted for prostatic artery embolization (PAE) performed by these guys (click on link):

    Hospital St. Louis, Lisbon - Prostate Artery Embolization

    Send me a PM if you want more details, but I can say this: the PAE procedure under local anesthetic was successful, I was up and around in less than 24 hours with no significant complications, and I've been off all meds for BPH and peeing freely for the past three years.

    Today, 2018, there are several other options that were either experimental in 2015 or simply not available at all. An overview is here at this link:

    Update on minimally invasive surgery and benign prostatic hyperplasia

    The one alternative to TURP that does seem to be readily available (at least in the States) is the prostatic urethal lift:

    UroLift System

    Don't know much about it, but I think it's become available in Mexico, too. Sr. Google is your friend...




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  10. Here's one thing to try: On the messages app on the iPhone (not iMessage), instead of entering 001 before the US phone number, try entering +1 and the 10-digit phone number.

    Theoretically should not make a difference, but I think the + sign tells the Telcel cellular network that it's an international text message.

    Just an idea...




  11. The illegal use of Clenbuterol in Mexico to to build muscle tissue in beef cattle before slaughter is a widespread problem. There have been several scandals in recent years among sports teams and figures testing positive for this substance (spelled Clembuterol in Spanish) who claimed they ingested it by eating beef tacos from street vendors in Mexico.

    Clenbuterol from the Wikipedia

    But a more serious problem might be beef contaminated with horse meat. Horses in particular are fed a wide range of medications that should not be consumed by humans, including dewormers, high-power analgesics, and colic treatments.

    Horse meat found in Mexican beef

    Buy organic beef from a source you trust, or beef you know has been sourced from the US or Canada.




  12. Even though the iPhone may no longer be locked to a specific telecom carrier, the IMEI number may still be associated with a user account in Apple's database and there may be an "Activation Lock" on the device. I don't think the SIM card or carrier makes a difference.

    To turn off the Activation Lock and remove that iPhone from the database, the original owner of that user account must log in to iCloud.com with their Apple ID and password, select the device, erase it, and finally click "Remove From Account".

    Then you can log in your own Apple ID and register the device to your own iCloud account.

    If you have no way to contact the original owner, I think you're SOL.

    All this said, please report back if you're successful in getting it unlocked through one of the local tech shops.

    Thanks, and suerte,


  13. If you can't find one Lakeside, the older "P3" version of the KILL A WATT electric power consumption meters could measure line frequency:


    Might be available on MercadoLibre, too...

    I'm not at Lakeside at the moment, but my experience has been that CFE power consistently undershoots the 60-Hz standard (= underfrequency).


     -- Don


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  14. Natural dessicated thyroid medications (Armour, Nature-Throid, Westhroid, Erfa, etc.) are NOT available in Mexico.

    I have heard that an American naturopath in San Miguel de Allende, Dr. Nicholas Ransom, is importing Nature-Throid for his patients there. Otherwise, you (or someone else) will have to bring these meds down from the States or Canada.

    Various synthetic T4 medications are available in brand-name and generic forms at almost every pharmacy, for example, Eutirox.

    Novotiral is a synthetic combo T4/T3 medication that is readily available, but it has a slightly different T4/T3 ratio than Armour thyroid and is missing the T2 and T1 hormones and the calcitonin present in natural thyroid.

    I believe the sole T3-only medication currently available in Mexico is sold under the brand name Triyotex.

    Cynomel has been discontinued by its manufacturer.


    -- Don

  15. Teach:

    Very sorry. Not looking for confrontation at all.

    I'm interested in trying to raise backyard chickens myself, and from your description of Black Australorps they sound like the ideal chicken to keep for both eggs and meat. I was simply curious if the sources mentioned in the thread that included your previous post panned out. Apparently not.

    If you are ever able to find Black Australorps locally (or anywhere in western Mexico), I do hope you will post your source here.

    Apologies again,

    -- Don

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