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  1. Another data point: Dual citizens seek vaccine options in the US 🤭
  2. I think it depends on the Telmex plan you have. Calls to Europe are free on the MX$599.00/month plan and higher. But check with Telmex to know for sure. HTH...
  3. I've had good results for enlarged prostate problems with this product: Prosgutt® Serenoa repens is the botanical name for saw palmetto: Serenoa (from Wikipedia) Urtica dioica is the botanical name for stinging nettle: Urtica dioica (from Wikipedia) Prosgutt® is made in Germany and was recommended to me by a urologist. Been using it for several years. About MX$630 pesos for 40 capsules at Farmácia Guadalajara.
  4. Sort of peripherally related: ¿Sabías que hay 27 razas de maíces criollos? Just FYI, Don
  5. You need a pre-approved permit from COFEPRIS, a copy of which must normally be included in the package containing the pharmaceuticals before it arrives at Mexican Customs (Aduana). See here: Medical Permit for Importation of Health-Related Consumables (in Spanish) Scroll down and under the heading: Que no sean o contengan estupefacientes o psicotrópicos, que no cuenten con registro sanitario (Not a narcotic or psychotropic drug or does not contain them, and is not already a COFEPRIS registered medication) and select Modalidad D.- Medicamentos destinados a uso personal (Form D : Medi
  6. If you are a US citizen resident in Mexico and you receive your monthly Social Security payment as a direct deposit to an account in a Mexican bank and you have not filed a tax return with the IRS for 2018 or 2019, you will NOT receive a recovery stimulus payment by direct deposit. Instead, at some indefinite time in the future, the US Treasury will MAIL you a paper check to the Mexican address on file with the SSA. More here at this link: Americans Overseas and access to recovery stimulus payments
  7. Many doubts being raised among medical professionals about the validity of the original French study: Unproven combination therapy FWIW...
  8. NP Thyroid is natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) derived from pig thyroid glands. As far as I know, no NDT medications are available in Mexico. This includes NP Thyroid, Armour Thyroid, and Naturethroid from the States, and Erfa Thyroid from Canada. Only synthetic thyroid medications are available here (like Eutirox = T4 and Cynomel = T3). Better bring a supply of NDT from the States if you're visiting... Suerte, Don
  9. I need to deposit the equivalent of €100 euros into a bank account in Portugal. What's the best, i.e., cheapest, way to transfer MX pesos from a Mexican bank account to a Euro account? I would be reluctant to pay the Mexican bank to do a direct wire transfer because of the expense. TransferWise says they are not doing MXN --> EUR (yet). Any other suggestions? Thanks, Don
  10. I haven't seen this issue mentioned in the replies to your query. If your dryer is a gas dryer, I believe that that all (or most) gas dryers come from the factory set up for natural gas, not the LP gas typically supplied around here. For your dryer to operate correctly on LP gas, it needs the proper gas orifice, which is usually sold as a extra conversion kit from the manufacturer or dealer. If you operate a gas dryer equipped with a natural gas orifice on LP gas, it will tend to overheat because of the higher energy content of LP gas. Dryers have a built-in thermal shutoff
  11. Be sure to do your research and due diligence on the TURP procedure and its myriad of potential complications before you proceed!! Three years ago in 2015, when faced with my own acute urinary retention crisis related to an enlarged prostate, I rejected TURP, HoLEP, ThuLEP, green light laser, and all other procedures that involve "cutting away" prostate tissue, whether surgically or via a laser. They all seem barbaric, and the possible complications (uncontrolled bleeding, impotence, retrograde ejaculation, incontinence) were off-putting, to say the least. I prefer not to have to depend
  12. Here's one thing to try: On the messages app on the iPhone (not iMessage), instead of entering 001 before the US phone number, try entering +1 and the 10-digit phone number. Theoretically should not make a difference, but I think the + sign tells the Telcel cellular network that it's an international text message. Just an idea... HTH, Don
  13. At this link: Cheapest electricity on the planet is Mexican solar power at 1.77¢/kWh When, or whether, or to what extent, this price will ever trickle down to the retail level at CFE is an open question. My last CFE bill, I paid the equivalent of US 7¢/kWh, and this was at the subsidized rate (Apoyo gubernamental). FWIW, Don
  14. Cynomel (T3) made by Laboratorios Grossman is available again and comes in 25 mcg tablets packaged in a small bottle of 100 tablets. I take it sublingually. Works fine for me.
  15. The illegal use of Clenbuterol in Mexico to to build muscle tissue in beef cattle before slaughter is a widespread problem. There have been several scandals in recent years among sports teams and figures testing positive for this substance (spelled Clembuterol in Spanish) who claimed they ingested it by eating beef tacos from street vendors in Mexico. Clenbuterol from the Wikipedia But a more serious problem might be beef contaminated with horse meat. Horses in particular are fed a wide range of medications that should not be consumed by humans, including dewormers, high-power analge
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