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  1. Toilet paper in bathrooms Honest transito police Clean drinkable water Motorcycle regulations
  2. Everytime I get upgrades my computer is slower Any way to undo the upgrades??
  3. For me a long forgotten restrauant that I rediscovered. Sundays specials were diablo shrimp and medallions of beef in wine sauce I had the shrimp,absolutely delicious The sauce was complex and reminded me of some of the moles in Oaxaca Located in west Ajijic turn left as going to Mission and make next right open Friday thru Tuesday 376-766-2453
  4. I moved into a house with telecable. It has been a nightmare
  5. Does anyone have experience with a Mexican will. Does it cover assets that are listed in the will but are in the US
  6. I went to meet with the lawyers from Guad on Sat to discuss my problems with both the rental agent and the condo. As the mgr commented the contract is with the rental agent. If the condo does not provide the services advertised by the rental agent you must sue the rental agent and then they must pursue the condo assoc. Be aware some condo assoc are BROKE. They advised me to get an attorney add the clauses to the lease that will protect you
  7. I am also interested in hearing about this subject
  8. These are photovoltaic cells and are a chemical composition Question to ask and you will not get an answer is How much do they degrade over time
  9. Along the same lines I took a high end rental for $1300. The rental agent listed condo features Front gate, did not work most of the time, hot tub did not work, pool not maintained Telephone system was private and telmex would not service it A year from HELL
  10. garmemorial


    Phone number Please thx in advance
  11. I rented a property from Chapala Mgt It was promoted and advertised as having a common heated pool and hot tub Most of the time these facilities are not working Also the phone service is intermediate It is a private phone service Now they are insisting on painting the property while I live there I will have no privacy
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