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  1. Not just Riberas. In SE SAT we have at least 30 houses being built within spitting distance of each other. The cows, pigs, horses and corn are slowly disappearing. I imagine it is probably very irritating to the locals.
  2. I watched immigration working in the islands off Cancun. Funny when they come to the island all the folks call each other and hide inside. They left us alone but we looked like tourists.
  3. Red fire engine has no value in US/Canada as once they get over a certain age they have to get rid of them. Its is quite old. These units are quite well maintained and look very nice. Don't get me wrong its a wonderful donation along with the firefolks gear but it has no value and it will break as it is so old. Bless the mexican tallers! Port Moody fireman folks have come to visit the old engine and were treated very very well. The big problem now is the Mexican paper pushers make it very hard to bring down the old but still useful fire engines. Also they can tax the crap out of them so many local firemen organizations can't afford the tax. It is sad as these engines are still very useful to the Bomberos.
  4. Ok folks Total play doesn't work like ILOX/WIZ TV works. ILOX/WIZ has a standard cable tv f connector on back of modem. Totalplay has a box for each tv you want to use. So we have a TV remote or a Totalplay TV box remote.
  5. I live in SAT and walk past the buildings every morning and I see workers working now and than. I wouldn't say no work being done but not much work being done.
  6. Remember Astra Z. was never approved in the US along with the Chinese vaccines. Thats what they sent to Canada and Mexico before. I do not know what they are going to send now.
  7. I am very happy with the internet service. Works much better than my ILOX internet. I have both so I know. ILOX drops out more so much that I can't use streaming internet audio service. As artsnob said the Totalplay TV service is all spanish. I use an Android TV box for my TV watching so I did not buy TV. Phone works so much better than ILOX phone which never worked and they would not fix it.
  8. In Mex City you also don't have church bells but you never other than night are away from the sounds of airplanes as the airport is in the middle of the city. It is such a relief to come home sometimes. My info comes from visiting my relatives.
  9. Look folks I am sorry I brought this up but some of your excuses are pathetic. Right now things are somewhat stable here. BUT What happens if the Indian variant turns up here and is deadly? Look right now 4000 people are dying a day in India. Maybe you won't be able to fly at that point. Whether you like it or not (Politically) a vaccine passport will be needed to fly in the future. Many airlines and countries are talking about this right now. You could be stuck here. Do you want to be the have or the have not. We may be getting it under control in many countries but it is not in control in many other countries. You just can't bet on the Mexican government to save you. For crying out loud they only gave the vaccine to government doctors not your private doctor. I know four doctors who just flew to US and got the vaccine. Giving the vaccine to teachers before doctors is not very bright. I expect this kind of thinking to continue. Go to the US and get a J&J shot and come home. Use your Gubmint money, spend your own, borrow it from your family. Latest study show it works at keeping one out of the hospital. Yes if you want more protection by all means get it but the single J&J shot works. Now you can go back to bitching or do something. I do feel sorry for the two people I know who react to vaccines. I don't know what they will do in the future. Good luck and time to really think this out.
  10. Stop depending on anything to do with vaccine and the mexican government. Give up and fly to TJ and walk across the bridge to USA. Sign up for vaccine at drug store before you go. Get your J&J shot and come home. Yes I know this won't help the disabled but it will help many of us. I have no faith I will ever be called nor should you. AMLO has botched the whole thing and will continue to do so. My wife got her shots in Mexico City and she reports nothing but praise. She got appointment and never spent more than two hours for whole process. Not only that but they supplied entertainment. Our son lives in M.C. so it was legal for her to get shots in M.C. AMLO and Alfaro don't get along and this has altered the process for us.
  11. We have had problems lately with the San Antonio sewage treatment plant and high levels of odors. Government answer was to put a closed sign on the door. Smell is gone so I assumed they fixed the problem. All this not so good for the lake.
  12. Not so fast. You will probably have to get a booster shot in a year. At this point this is the best info we have. They will probably reformulate to account for the new variants also. Also no Vaccine for Covid is forever. Hopefully we will know much more in a year. Look at how much we know from a year ago. A year or so ago Doctors in Seattle were telling people they did not need masks and they were putting everybody on machines. Machines are a last resort now and we know we should be wearing masks at least inside. Congrats to use for getting both shots!!!!!!
  13. True for Netipots but no problem if you use distilled water and you should and run unit thru dishwasher . People have died from using clean tap water. Not likely I admit but it does happen.
  14. 1400P to 2100P for normal pet sitters. 500P a day for a medical pet sitter (gives insulin for example). Numbers are for live in multiple animals.
  15. I doubt if AMLO will let control leave his hands and private enterprise is evil you know according to our fearless leader. This is the man who won't give the vaccine to private doctors but does give it to his government doctors. This whole thing is beyond understanding. I sure do hope you are right.
  16. Mucinex is a expectorant type patent drug that gets the crud out of your lungs. It may or may not have a decongestant in it. Check formula online.
  17. .77 inches SE SAT. The dirt finally was washed out of the weather station.
  18. I only got 2/100 of an inch on my automated rain gear so I went to the roof and poured some water in and dirty water came out so maybe its a good idea to clean your tipper type rain gauge before the rainy season. I know it rained much more than 2/100. If I had the problem I bet other also have problem.
  19. Funny thing is today the water is still on in SE SAT in the middle of the day. So my answer to original post is it depends on where you are and what wells area is using. When renting or buying a house look how much water you can store as at some point in year you probably will need it. During dry season check storage tanks and make sure water was on the night before. If not don't wash the car or whatever that day. We have 1100L on Roof and 5000L under driveway and we put another 10,000 L tank for irrigation rather than getting up at 4am to water which got old. Note many places here have direct street connections to outside water taps and for example our water normally turns off at 9am so you can't water during the day. Good Luck but I suggest you rent first and buy later to avoid regrets from ignorance.
  20. ILOX and Telmex have been extremely slow at adding new neighborhoods. This has been going on for quite a while. ILOX has been losing people due to poor quality of service. Two in our hood have changed to Wiz cable due to ILOX inability to fix product. I can't even get streaming radio to work without buffering on ILOX. I ask when they are going to expand and they say in the future but not right now. Telmex is expanding but at a slow rate. I can get no answers from Telmex. Total play may change the game. I saw one crew in my hood putting in a drop and asked him how to get it. He made a few calls and installed it same day to two of us in the hood. That is service. They are hungry. ILOX and Telmex are not. Total play has ten crews doing installs and each crew can handle 4 installs a day if all goes well. The only totalplay negative is the slower than ILOX upload rate. So for 100 down service you only get 10 up. This won't work if you are doing serious uploading. ILOX has the higher ratio for example my 350 service down has 80 up. I wish I could tell you more but they just don't talk to us common folks. Even my emails to management at ILOX go unanswered. I am now going to slow down my 350 service to ILOX but keep it for a backup. I really have spent a lot of time researching this out and forget it. Total play is the only service who would spend the time to talk to me.
  21. Have your tires filled with Nitrogen as it tends to stay in tire longer than air if long lack of leaking is your goal. It also stops rot on the inside of tires as it gets rid of the oxygen. Go google it. I have never had a blowout with normal air but I do kick the tires with my foot before I go out. I am sure someone will violently disagree with me LOL. Ever see a trucker hit his tires with a bat or a stick? Much faster than checking air pressure. I have only owned one car with this system and it failed and recorded low air when it was fine. No thanks.
  22. And Luis has a van if I remember correctly.
  23. We also had ash dropping on us in two places at 6pm in SAT. We could see the fire from the roof later in the evening which surprised me.
  24. We put a very strong plastic membrane made by Tetra for ponds. We than cover the membrane with smooth rocks. It has been solid for two years on our 12 foot fish pond. It is not cheap. I prefer this solution to paint as it moves. Bottom under membrane is packed dirt.
  25. Some of the schools have very hard tests to pass before you get in. This gives a huge advantage to the folks with money and private schools. Not sure the local public schools are up to snuff. We support our maids grand daughter and she could not pass the second test. Our solution is to get her a tutor and she will try again next year. Each school is different. She has the grades but her high school was not up to snuff to get in the better schools because of the tests. We will keep working with her as she has the drive to make it. Just stuff in the way for locals.
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