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  1. Yea but at least he doesn't do the loudspeaker stuff at eight in the morning like the previous priest.
  2. I also live in SAT. At least they wait til 6am to go boom. When I lived in Ajijic it was anytime day or night. Being next to the church makes it much worse for Gringohombre and I get that. Some of you folks have no idea what its like to be near the church. You would get grumpy also!!!
  3. And you were rewarded by .62 inches of rain after midnight and a little before midnight. He is a handsome fellow.
  4. On Revolution you can't miss it. On right side 50 feet from highway.
  5. Go to office on Revolution in Ajijic and ask your questions and fill out the papers.
  6. Folks move the traffic barrier and the cops put them back up. It has nothing to do with anybody official.
  7. Three of us went and got AZ and no problems other than slight pain at injection site and I had sore joints for a few hours.
  8. Just make sure you can get a demo to know that it won't buffer with your internet service. I had 4 different services before I found one that worked with ILOX without buffering.
  9. Well kinda. You have to tell the computer you are using an english keyboard. Just plugging it in may or may not work depending....
  10. SE SAT got .40 inches of rain at 5:30am.
  11. He has a very good point especially with the antigen test. It is very possible to get the wrong results with that test not likely but possible.
  12. It appears our acting mayor is wrong. They are taking folks over 60. See other post that shows poster from Jalisco verifying this.
  13. Tomorrow Monday, May 31st the 50-60 age group will be receiving covid vaccine shots at the Instituto Technological on the Libramiento. Usual starting time will be 8 a.m. depending on vaccine arrival. Shots will be given for several days. Usual docs must be presented CURP, VISA, Registration receipt from mivacuna.com, and proof of residence No missed shots for the over 60 group will be given. The acting mayor says that these will be addressed separately. Your friend, Hector EspaƱa Ramos
  14. Something to be aware of. In Mexico City where my wife received the vaccine it was quite a different experience than here. All were appointments and they supplied entertainment while folks waited. Both her shots were less than two hours from arrival to leaving. So it can be done properly in Mexico just not here. Latest for us we tried to sign up for the Jalisco database it told us only 50 to 60 can join. So it continues and continues.
  15. You would think so but alas we have found it not true in effect.
  16. Very interesting. Hope history repeats itself but I still think it would be smart to give them another pipeline rather than waste 40%of the water as we currently do. Wasted water hurts both parties. Out of curiosity do we have the right to built a water treatment plant and use lake water to replace wells when they fail?? Do you know how Guad got the rights to build the failing pipeline? Thanks for the history lesson.
  17. Do you think we folks at lakeside have the ability to defend Lake Chapala in Mexico? I don't. I believe we should let Guad build the second pipeline and fix the first pipeline so that they can do proper maintenance on one while using another. We lose 40% of the water in the old setup. I believe Guad has the money and lawyers to protect the lake. We have a bunch of people waving signs and frankly no one pays any attention. A huge fight is going to be had over the lake at some point and frankly we are not prepared. We are better off politically and financially having a strong and good relationship with Guad. I know many of you will dismiss what I say but I am a realist and many of you are not. Better to keep your enemy close as Winston Churchill said as he stacked his war cabinet with all his enemies. Yes the last water grab was beaten down. I doubt if we will continue to be successful in the future. Discuss away!
  18. You are assuming I told you because I thought you were buying. I tell everybody the same thing. It is probably one of the most important things to pass on. We almost bought a nice place in west ajijic. We came three four times a day and on the weekend and discovered the neighbor was boiling rancid oil every sunday. We have seen people buy property in one weekend to discover on Monday an auto mechanic lived next door using airtools. Water is only the tip of the iceberg when looking at property to rent or own. Remember folks can lie to you and it means nothing here. Absolutely nothing.
  19. You may be irritated by us long term locals saying rent before you buy but we have seen it over and over as people make the same mistake and very much suffer for the bad decision. Can you trust us on this one? Believe me you don't know near as much as you think you know no offense intended. As far as the gated non gated thing yes people are very opinionated and yes it is an aspect of life on Chapala.com. You can try the other board but it does not have near the members and posts that this board has.
  20. Well goodluck. Mexico has wierd laws about supplements/vitamins. Sometimes they take them and sometimes they don't. Remember they treat vitamins like a perscription drug. You might try getting a doctor to write you a script with Vitamin C, Vitamin D and volunteer to pay the IVA tax of 16%. It works for me. I can only speak for bringing them in myself so bring the receipts. Import clearing houses may be able to do things I can't do. Others I am sure will comment.
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