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  1. I just got beautiful trifocals from Luz and they are perfect. She does give a very complete exam.
  2. We have ours in a very large similar pot to yours. Its about twice as large as yours with no problems. Here is an idea put it in a big plastic pot and put that in a nice looking pot.
  3. It has been cloudy all day. Clouds can block the signal like rain. Maybe you need to adjust your dish to perfection as it might be out a little. See other posts on same subject for more info. It has been discussed over and over on this site.
  4. My BOA and First Tech credit union computers call my Net Talk VOIP phone with the code numbers no problem. I admit I may be grandfathered in as I have had this phone for 15 years.
  5. You would need to have a Visa from US consulate or embassy if you are using a mexican passport. If you have the visa now you deal with the Covid restrictions and I don't know the answer to that. Visas are good for ten years and many many mexicans have them for visiting US. Not sure what the agriculture workers are using to get in the USA. corrected my error on number of years
  6. Maybe true for your transaction but I am looking at one that required 2 signatures. One for the transaction and one for some disclosure thang.
  7. Normal in Mexico is 127v plus or minus 10%. So 115v to 139v is normal. If you measured properly both phases are screwed up unless you mean 120 instead of 12.
  8. The price is per signature and real estate documents generally have multiple signatures. Try seeing if they will accept a mexican notary. International law says yes its valid but many US institutions won't accept a mexican notary. I speak from experience. Good Luck!
  9. I have both and I prefer Totalplay. I base this opinion on the fact that I have streaming music running 18 hours a day. When I run it on Totalplay my buffering is about 1/10 what it is when I use ILOX. Be aware buffering is not just caused by your internet provider but with many IPTV providers who have slow servers and such. Both services work fine with Clearchoice (my program provider), Netflix, Google and the other big guys. I have 300 service down for ILOX and 100 down for Totalplay. In the last two years I have had at least four different IPTV program providers and they all buffered to some extent. Clearchoice which is on a big backbone has much much less buffering so internet provider and program provider are both important to avoid buffering. As far as paying I paid for Totalchoice at BBVA and paid ahead for six month. ILOX I pay a year ahead to avoid dealing with them. My personal choice is I would rather deal with Totalchoice than ILOX.
  10. Something to add about Mexican route 2. It is a two lane road with large shoulders with dashed lines next to the regular lane. If a car in the opposite lane is passing someone you are expected to move over to the shoulder. A bit of a shock until one figures it out.
  11. Fine as long as you say that Fox, America one and Newsmax is junk right? Far left and far right its all junk. You just agree with what you want and dismiss the rest like most folks myself included LOL. Liberals love MSNBC and Conservatives love Fox. Both lie and make stuff up. I am sure you disagree with me cause you believe Fox and you are a conservative. Not trying to be stinky its just how people think these days. I had a right winger this morning tell me US Today is a liberal paper. Its ranked as the only middle of the road large readership paper in the US. Pretty sad state for the press when I have to read US today for balanced coverage. Most of the other large papers are liberal for some reason with the Wall street Journal (Murdock owned) as the exception. We live in strange and interesting times. (slightly altered Chinese curse)
  12. No but they could get info from US if they wanted to. Mexico and USA exchange all kinds of information with each other. Not likely of course but it is much more likely to happen these days than in the past. Example fly to Cuba from Mexico City and the Mexican government reports Americans to US Government. This is all in the name of security of course.
  13. Since speed of DSL(2 wire metal ) is based on distance from Switch eliminating much of this wire can increase your speed. I have seen 30 down in SAT with no change in modems and no Fiber to house. Before changes they were getting 1 to 10 down. While my fiber to my house is much better 30 down is enough to run streaming TV so we do have some part fiber connections at least in SAT. This has happened in the last few months.
  14. Coffee shop on Ajijic plaza is another place to meet folks. Coffee shop on right going into Chapala is another place. American Legion in Chapala is another place. LCS is fine different but fine. Pedro can be picky lol.
  15. Mistake I meant WHO not CDC. Sorry.
  16. CDC says no matter wear a mask. Biden made a political decision not a medical decision to say stop wearing masks. We don't know if people who have been fully treated with a vaccine can get covid or transfer covid. Some folks think they know the answer but its kinda medical guessing at this point. I hope they are correct but until we know I will wear a mask regardless of being vaccinated or not and I suggest everyone does the same until we know for sure.
  17. So what vaccine are we talking about? Astra Zenica (oxford) is 12 weeks between shots and we got out first shot at start of June this is way too early for second shot.
  18. Three months after you got the first dose if you are talking about getting it from Mexican government. That is what they said in spanish after you got the first shot. It is perfectly acceptable to get it three months out for AZ. I am going to US in August to get a Pfizer shot for my second shot. You can read about this online. Beware of old info. Piles of it on internet. See references to two different vaccines at Canadian government virus site.
  19. You need to caulk around the frame of the skylight AND around the plastic on the top of the skylight.
  20. So can you both shut up now that you have proven how stubborn you are.
  21. Mexico just approved Starlink for ten years. Price will be same as I mentioned in my post.
  22. Agreed. Trying to get money back from Aero Mexico was a mostly delay and delay until you got tired of it and quit.
  23. Starlink is 499 bucks for dish and receiver and 99 bucks/month for service in US at this time. I would expect Mexican prices to be less but time will tell. A Total play 100 down 10 up connection with a good VOIP phone is 33 bucks/month with no hardware fees at this time just an install charge which is small. So its a while before Starlink competes with Fiber. When Google puts birds up than the game will be on!
  24. This refers to transmission of virus. The vaccine may still keep you out of hospital. This is not made clear by many of the articles that came out in the last few days.
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