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  1. Good question but I don't care about that. I suppose I will have to get a second shot of A.Z. if I want one of those. My purpose is to get the best vaccine.
  2. Well just got back from Walgreens and they would not give me a shot of Pfizer because I had a shot of A. Z. So if you want to mix the vaccines don't tell them you had a first shot or tell them it was Pfizer. Drove to CVS and got the shot no problem. I hate lying but it seems to be needed in US to get what I wanted.
  3. Underground in an earthquake is different than above ground. New gas pipes are flexible and bend. We do have a giant gas pipeline from Manznillo to Guad and no problems. Its just about money not safety.
  4. Five comments. Just flew to Seattle and the gentleman at the Ajijic Hospital was very gentle and explained what he was doing and how long it would take. Can't say the same for other places. I think some of you saying useless vaccine are scaring some folks. Odds are that any vaccine helps you avoid the hospital. This includes Sinovac! Delta can spread very easily. Please even if you are vaccinated wear a mask. I know its a pain but its needed now. In an hour I am getting a Pfizer shot to go with my A.Zenica shot I got two months ago. We shall see how this works but Canada and Germany are suggesting this is a better solution than two shots of Pfizer or A. Zenica. You may do this two to three months after the first Astra Zenica shot but not earlier. If an arm starts growing out of my forehead I will let you know. (humor) In Israel they are giving a third dose of Pfizer to us old people to see if it works better on Delta variant. So pay attention to this if you have had two doses of Pfizer. Thanks for listening and be well I hope!
  5. LCS or Nursery behind superlake in SAT.
  6. Now you bring God into this. My fear is YOU!!
  7. Tourist police in the old days wore all white like a ice cream truck driver. Later on they switched to more military type uniforms like other cops. Do they even exist anymore? We use to see them once in a while down by the lake in Ajijic.
  8. Exactly we don't have A feeder but a ten foot wide fishpond is a favorite watering hole for the Hummers. They swoop down and pick up water and sit in a nearby tree and clean themselves. Goldfish don't bother them. Animals come from all over to get water. Give it a try if you have the room.
  9. Pedro you don't have to always be a jerk when you disagree with someone. Its just not needed or wanted.
  10. SAT has had much less rain than Ajijic according to my weather station.
  11. And Tourist Police but I have not seen one in a while.
  12. The Federal police are gone and have been for a while. Former Federal police barracks now say National guard. In other words they have replaced the Federal police. Cars have been repainted and new trucks bought. Problem is many have still not been trained. Talked to a bunch of them at the coast. They were extremely polite and quite fun to talk to. Wave to them when they pass in the trucks which is quite often lakeside. They were suppose to have a barrack in Chapala but money ran out.
  13. Glyphosate is used around edible and nonedible plants to eliminate broad-leaf weeds. ... Glyphosate is biodegradable and breaks down in sunlight. However, once it enters a water system through runoff or by permeating the soil into the groundwater, glyphosate does not break down as quickly. I was a registered pesticide application person in New York when I was young. At classes we were taught to only use roundup on sunny days. Most people don't read the label and look only at dose information. So lets be fair at least follow the instructions if you are going to use roundup. I don't use the stuff as we pull all our weeds by hand (well my wifes hands:-). We also only use horse manure, fish liquid and raw tobacco to kill bugs in the lawn and fertilize the lawn and garden. Follow the instructions and the effect is much less. No use in the rain absolutely or even cloudy days. Now you want to talk about Glyphosate resistant weeds? This is a failed product.
  14. That poisons the soil forever. Try something else.
  15. Maybe but they sure are not going to be allowed to tell you if they do know.
  16. Here is the latest solar farm plans for Mexico by the government. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/government-announces-plans-to-build-worlds-8th-largest-solar-farm-in-sonora/
  17. Well I have. Dam power in Seattle electric cars make sense for many reasons. Oil power in Mexico does not for my lifestyle. I walk most places thus the low KM (4000km/year) on the car so electric cars don't make sense for me. Others who drive more or live in highly polluted local conditions might have different results. In addition to carbon stuff you need to include money costs into the numbers which most studies do not include. When you buy an electric car you spend 40,000USD plus I spent 9000USD on my Micra. As you said do the math and for me it makes no sense. Others mileage may vary of course.
  18. How much pollution does a battery operated car make? Well none but the process of making these high tech wonders causes huge amounts of pollution. Go read bout it as it is quite interesting. I drive a 2007 Nissan city car that has airbags and a catalytic converter and we don't drive much car has 50,000 KM on it. I contend my car pollutes less than the manufacturing pollution created from these huge rolling piles of batteries. How much pollution does it take to charge these batteries in Mexico using oil to generate the electricity. Don't get me wrong a Tesla is an amazing car and it is the right way to go but pollution free not in a million years. Gringo old truck with a rebuilt engine driven a little does a lot less harm than buying a new truck and the pollution all this high tech creates. We need to look at total cost of making and charging these cars. Even if you use solar panels to charge car panels have a pollution cost. Its not a simple problem.
  19. First you should not test newer cars. Waste of time. Washington state found that they could eliminate the state testing program due to it not being needed after all the old cars were gone. They just shut it down and left it to officers looking for smoking vehicles. Guess what it worked.
  20. No Canadians taste better as they have a Maple syrup taste with a dash of flavored potato chips. 🙂 I am sure I will pay for this later.
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