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  1. Be aware when you sub is up it just stops working. No email note or anything. Pay for another subscription and it comes back.
  2. Agreed!! Chopo results easy to translate.
  3. Three houses all did the same thing with ILOX in two different communities. Both video and audio steaming buffered horribly. Google, Netflix and clear channel (TV provider) work but many IPTV providers don't. Frankly get no help from ILOX other than the phone works fine and other useless comments. Gave up on them and went in to cancel and it took 1/2 an hour filling paperwork. Viva TotalPlay!! LOL
  4. My totalplay VOIP phone works fine. My neighbors totalplay VOIP phone works fine. Our ILOX VOIP phones never worked. You plug your phone into the modem, into the jack labelled phone. Same old phone jack same old phone as Telmex. Totalplay has much more stable internet than ILOX. ILOX you can't even run audio programming over the internet. It just drops in and out constantly. Total play drops out a few times a day no big deal. Have you asked if you can get Telmex fiber?? It may be another option. It may be cheaper. Of course it also may not be available.
  5. I just read what he post. Others agree with me.
  6. Do you know how offensive you are to people who have lost family members?
  7. No. Lots and lots of people died in cars before seat belts just not you. Lots of folks died from a non collapsing steering columns pushing column into their chest. Maybe you were a more defensive driver. Maybe you didn't drive much. Maybe you were lucky. Your logic is bad.
  8. I just use a dual output aquarium air pump with two large long air stones. Everything available at pet store next to Soriana. My pond is about 8 ft wide. I don't pump water just air into the pond. Stream is right it is a little bit noisy compared to a water pump. I built an overflow spot in the pond and when I add water it goes over into a trench and waters the edge of the lawn. Have not seen any measurable Chrorine in the street water but do measure before adding fish or let the water set for a week with an air stone running. I just use goldfish from pet store. Build cover for fish to keep birds away if your pond is in open area. I have thought of putting some gravel in bottom of pond and using an under the gravel air driven filter but found its not needed. Adding a little water each week takes care of things. We get much pleasure out of our pond and hope you will also. Water Lillies available from LCS or Nursery behind super lake. Good Luck!!
  9. The J&J shots given to people in Mexico next to the US border was from the Operation Warp Speed program. I can't see why you won't give Trump credit. We got vaccine coming out of our ears. Nobody else does. Note Astra Zenica makes no money so give them credit also. But hey easier to hate and be cynical isn't it? How much did you pay for your J&J shot? NADA I don't like Trump but I am big enough to recognize a success story when I see it and Operation Warp Speed was/is a sucess.
  10. Some people are goons and obviously lack skills in taking sample in your upper nose. I found the Ajijic Hospital to be extremely gentle. Rather pay more and have a gentle tech than save money and have a week of a sore nose.
  11. Actually and I should choke on this but Trump did a good job with operation warp speed. Your two A.Zenica shots came from this program. Also A.Zenica will make no profit from selling the vaccine. Cost is 3 dollars compared to 25 dollars for Pfizer. Now I will choke for praising a Trump program.
  12. Do be aware unlike Vitamin C you can take too much Vitamin D. I suggest a lab test to get a baseline. Vitamin D can be stored in the body Vitamin C cannot.
  13. Latest study shows vaccinated people can get and transfer the virus for four days and Unvaccinated people can transfer the virus for ten days. Sure to be sure we need a backup study but until than I am going to act like this is true for myself and others. Its time for masks again until we know more.
  14. My wife reports in SE SAT we got one inch of rain in one hour on our weather station.
  15. You make the assumption that people are getting the virus because masks don't work. It could be a dozen other factors one being high density population for example but it does make one think.
  16. The chart has an error in it. The A.Z. second shot is two to three month after the first shot rather than three months on the chart. If it were three months we wouldn't be able to get our second doses until September if you got the June jab. I also suggest folks who got the J&J shot do some research as it doesn't look good for Delta variant coverage. Maybe a shot of Pfizer?? Do the research. I got an A.Z. shot waited two months and just got a Pfizer shot as per Canadian, French, and German protocol. Also I would study Israel results as they are having some problems with two dose Pfizer in old people, immune compromised folks with Delta variant. They are trying a third dose of Pfizer for old people and immune compromised folks. Stay tuned for results in the future especially for you immune compromised folks as the vaccine effective rate falls to 50% for normal covid. I have been vaccinated for a week and felt no side effects other than soreness at injection site which went away in two days. They do warn do not do the AZ/Pfizer combo until at least two months after first shot. Some side effects may occur. Good luck folks and here we go again !!
  17. In Seattle area getting shot of Pfizer to go with my first A.Z. shot and visit my family. Yesterday state workers, Seattle gubment employees and King county employees are all required to be vaccinated by middle of next month or they will lose jobs. They are all strongly suggesting private companies do the same thing. Other counties are waiting for the fallout to see if they want to do the same. FYI Seattle is where all this started in the US. Here is what is just the biggest mystery to me. Nobody is suggesting we mandate masks again. Mandating vaccines before mandating masks??? Mask use here is much worse than lakeside. Even my anti vaccine friends wear masks lakeside. Also it is very interesting to see the difference in vaccine rates locally. In Bellevue (across the lake from Seattle where I am at) compliance is over 70%. To the east, south and north (west puts you in the sound) rates drop way down. So there is an economic connection to vaccination rate at least here. Bellevue is extremely well educated, affluent and is the most diverse city in the Pacific NW. Twenty seven different languages are spoken here. So what is so problematic about wearing masks?? See ya on the plaza when I get back!
  18. No restrictions have been announced as far as I can see. Posting reprinted previous rules as for informational purposes.
  19. Actually it started in Ft. Lewis in Kansas and became world wide as we sent soldiers out. Nothing to do with Spain or Spaniards. Nice huh?
  20. I doubt if he has the political energy to do this now. He has announced before that he won't do this again. Time will tell.
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