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  1. I looked at Met life and while it covered more than most it still was limited compared to NOB policy I have. I would still be partially self insuring. Would you feel better if I had said 150/mo?? No such thing as a free lunch is my point. Good point on catastrophic policies and age. Also note I said the word MOST in my post.
  2. For a benchmark. My retirement worldwide policy from my employer costs me 250/mo and my employer 450/mo so 700 dollars per month for 1600 max out of pocket per year. This is what very good insurance cost NOB. Most policies here under a couple of hundred a month are at best partial self insurance. My company is worldwide and I am grandfathered into this program. New folks who retire don't get this. Yes I know I am lucky but what if they kill this and I am over the magic 64/65 or whatever age for local policies? As someone said before ask questions and read the policy. I have been thinking of picking up a high deductible policy in mexico just so I can have it before I am over the magic age limits. My wife uses Best Doctors and savings but we have never filed a claim. Did read the policy and yes it is limited. Good Luck!!
  3. This is about a very seriously disabled child and giving her the needs to make her life and her families life easier. We had one fund raiser earlier and as TrueBrit described got her the stuff she needs. Sometimes I think this is why we are here for situations like this.
  4. And we are at 5000 feet so water boils at 190 F not 212 F so you want to boil much longer if you are using a slow boil at sea level as a reference.
  5. I don't use a carbon filter to remove microbes. The small holes in the carbon/charcoal filters are the point of using one. You must maintain any filter even treated paper filters can grow stuff. I replace my pleated, carbon filters every six months and lightbulb every year. I also look at my bulb everyday to make sure it is still working. More sand more filters but I wouldn't run any filter more than six months. I also shock my tanks and pipes with chlorine just before I change the filters. Some people open there filters every month and clean the housings and rinse off the filters. I don't have to in Lower central Ajijic. Your Mileage may vary as they say. My numbers are for three people in a house and Casita. Gardens and Pool use not filtered not treated water from before the filters. I use to filter but it raised my filter replacement to three times a year for no reason. This is a good topic for all folks here. Best to know and than you can decide what precautions you want to take or maybe none..... Nobody answered my question about RO water tasting terrible. Does it? We added mineral water to it than it was OK in our opinions.
  6. Does the RO water taste terrible? In Santa Barbara they use nukes and RO to desal the ocean water. It tasted terrible. We added mineral water so we could drink it. I use fiber/carbon/UV but I don't want to ruin the taste. I did take a sample of Ajijic water up north to my friends chemical lab and he gave it very high rating for quality and taste. I think the carbon filter does more than just clean up odors or we have pretty good water in the village. Z
  7. Everybody is different. I have a cousin who lived here for a while. He got sick over and over and over while I ate at the same places and same food and was never ill. He had cancer and was fighting it and this place turned out not to be so good for him. Me I got sick a couple of times when I moved here and nothing since. I agree about most people getting use to it BUT I will point out as Mainecoon did that the water pressure up north is pretty constant so nothing can get INTO the pipes. In Mexico when the pressure is zero and it is sometimes, ground water can leak back into the pipe so that's why I use filters and UV light always on my water. Remember also we still have many working septic systems on houses not hooked up to the sewer. OK maybe I am paranoid I can accept that but I think my facts are pretty strong arguments for filters and UV lights.
  8. If you have a bad immunity system than be careful. Actually if you have the pleated filter, Charcoal (carbon) filter and a UV light you can kill things that even NOB water systems don't take care of.
  9. OK if you need to do this I understand but please understand that recovering from the operation if they put you out can be quite uncomfortable including throwing up and such. Please before you get cut on and put under read about older patients and being put under and such. They don't tell you all the side effects and such down here. Read about it and make sure you understand what you are getting into. An example is a simple eye plastic surgery will make you very sensative to light for a few weeks. Go talk to folks who have had it done before you commit. Do your research because they do not tell the full story many times.
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