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  1. My post had nothing to do with ATM or Visa or Mastercard. Money goes from BOA to XE bank than sent converted to Pesos to BBVA. This is a better process than USD check due to BBVA converting dollars to pesos at a less than good rate. XE rate is fine as I am not willing to play ATM roulette like many of you do.
  2. We get very good rates from XE also and money is coverted to Pesos away from local bank for example.
  3. Maybe a small utility car would work but a normal Tesla/Leaf does not work unless you got a whole pile of panels or do not drive much. It was much cheaper to buy a cheap small good quality city car like a March/Micra. But we don't drive much. I guess the question is how much juice does your utility car take to figure out how many panels you would need. What works in Seattle with cheap dam power doesn't work here due to ridiculous electricity prices. Friends added panels to established solar system and they still went to DAC with Tesla. You got some calculating to do. And while I don't count value of driving electric you might feel differently.
  4. You bury a cat six cable (internet cable) from your house to the other house. Put an access point at the other house and plug your end of the cable into the starlink box assuming it has more than one internet jack on back. If it doesn't you have to add a hub to your house to split the signal. Even if you don't understand my blah blah my point is its very doable and lowers monthly cost to 60 USD or so for each house.
  5. BBVA/Bancomer requires a smart cell phone and pesters you with ads. The little electronic dongle that allowed one online doesn't work anymore.
  6. Steren has high and low capacity NIMH AAA that I bought for my panasonic phones. Phone never runs out now. These are good quality.
  7. For people on BOA please read email sent recently showing changes coming up in November. For example now 5 bucks for most money transfers. etc etc etc so now we will do one 5000 a month instead of three transfers to XE. Sorry for the drift but the once great money transfer policy is going to be history soon.
  8. They don't send out statements anymore and have not for years. Only way unless you let them on your cell phone is to ask a banker and that usually requires a wait. While they have branches everywhere they are a giant pain in the ### and they seem to be driving everyone to Intercam. Disclaimer I have accounts at both banks.
  9. You can muffle or unmuffle a jake/exhaust brake. The real loud ones are the un muffled type.
  10. Not happy about the very large electronic sign that they put on roof. Who cares during day but it needs to be turned down at night.
  11. Difference in local weather we only got 1.18 inches in SE SAT at 7am.
  12. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have apparently all gone down in a major outage. The social network and the Facebook-owned platforms all stopped working around 11:30 a.m. ET Monday morning according to the site Down Detector. The outage affects nearly 7 billion users between the three platforms. Users going to Facebook's site saw an error page or an onscreen message that said, "Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can." Instagram and WhatsApp are not showing new or updated content. On Instagram, messages including "Couldn't Refresh Feed" or “5xx Server Error” appeared. Facebook did not immediately respond to USA TODAY's request for comment. From USA today
  13. It could be a cheap carbon/charcoal filter. Try replacing it with a Block carbon filter.
  14. If you have RO at the sink you don't need to worry about arsenic. If you depend on your carbon/charcoal filter to do so it won't. They do have specific filters for arsenic but normal filters around here are not this kind of filter.
  15. Google stuff. Can be watch, TV Box hooked up to internet etc etc.
  16. Leather shop east of colon on lake side of carraterra in Ajijic.
  17. Because you can't go to USA without one. (edited by mod)
  18. Old site is gone. Anybody know the URL for the new site?
  19. Any decent size truck I drove had the emergency brake drum on the driveshaft not like a car. No way is this enough to stop in a hurry.
  20. I just moved 40,000P from money transfer service to BBVA. Why don't you go ask your bank?
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