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  1. Frankly I tried four different streaming services with ILOX and none of them worked without extreme buffering. Netflix, Google, and Amazon work fine. I finally signed up with Lakeside TV and he uses Clear Choice which is hooked up to same backbone as Netflix and works. He is not the easiest person to deal with but his product works.
  2. Its going to be a while if we only have 100,000 doses for all Jalisco for the next month. We will have to see if private clinics will be able to get the vaccine in meaningful numbers. I am only 67 so I expect Artsnob to be able to get the vaccine way before I will as he is much older than I am. Everybody needs to stay calm and see what happens. I hope that private clinics will help speed things up but we don't know. Breath deep and stay calm is my suggestion.
  3. Both are 95%. The KN95 masks are a little bit harder to breath thru. I have both and I can't tell the difference. You are worrying about nothing unless you are breathing impaired and in that instance the N95 masks might be a little bit better in terms of breathing ease. If I was flying I would use a KN95 mask with a face shield and not touch my face or remove my mask for the balance of the flight. After leaving the airport I would throw away the mask and clean my hands and face shield and put on a new mask. Biggest error in mask wearing is touching face or mask or not wearing mask correc
  4. I spent years doing it wrong over and over no matter who I hired. I finally learned if you want it to last you put down the five year roof stuff than a layer of fiberglass than another layer of five year roof stuff. The fiberglass matting (or whatever it is) keeps it from cracking and makes the coating stable. Oh yea before they put down the first layer of liquid they removed all the loose roofing material. Yes it more expensive but it works.
  5. No problem using modern Cat heaters. Mine has an oxygen sensor. After the panels warm up they mostly emit water vapor. I do have a carbon monoxide alarm and it never goes off. NON cat heaters you are correct.
  6. Prasad accross the street from El Torito Have both 1000 units and 5000 units D3
  7. If you stay below 500KwH for two months the bill will be cheap like 750pesos. Now if I used 600KwH and was on DAC my bill was 3200pesos. Buy a gas catalytic heater and don't run the electric heater and I bet your bill will go down. Tell us how many KwH are being used on the 2200Peso bill and we can tell you more. Also does the tariff section say DAC? (when you use more than 500KwH on a two month bill you go on DAC after doing so for a year, DAC is the highest rate charged.)
  8. Using Xoom and XE and not all banks qualify for use with this service. Seems the major banks like BOA do work.
  9. Another good reason to have a US address for SS and banking. I just use Xoom or XE money transfering services from BOA where my SS goes to BBVA (Bancomer).
  10. If you live near the lake temperatures will be higher in the winter than farther inland. In the summer it will be cooler than farther inland. The water takes a while to change temperature. Today its 50 F in SE SAT at 8am according to my weather station.
  11. STOP THIS NOW! Take this to private message (PM) and leave the rest of us alone who are trying to get data. We all get testy and I get that but this is beyond anything constructive OK?
  12. I know three medical folks who were given the first shot of the vaccine in the USA. None of them had any side effects. None of them were ultra allergic to anything.
  13. It is very hard to be a moderator and post. I leaned from trying it on the Oregonian paper years ago. It doesn't work. Pick one or the other but not both Mainecoon.
  14. US population is 8 times Canada. US has 332,000 deaths. Canada has 15,000 deaths. Multiple Canada death rate by 8 and you come up with 120,000 compared to 332,000 deaths in US. Think what you want but Canadians behave better and the numbers show it. US population is 2.6 times Mexico. U.S has 332,000 deaths. Mexico has 122,000 deaths. Multiple Mexico death rate by 2.6 and you come up with 317,000 compared to 332,000 deaths in US. So Mexico is much closer to US in death rate. Data is from John Hopkins.
  15. It getting pretty bad. Easiest way is to keep a full normal US address for banking. I use my Mom's house (90 and still kickin!). Another thing I use is a VOIP phone with a local Oregon phone number that rings here at lakeside using the internet. Net talk is the one I use much cheaper than Vontage. It allows you to hide in Mexico and everybody (yes the US government knows I live in Mexico so not everybody) thinks I am still in USA. No problems in 12 years with this combo.
  16. Superlake had other flavors when I looked yesterday. I moved on the Hagen Das freezer but no vanilla yesterday. Notice how we can be civil when we talk ice cream LOL.
  17. OK something has to be understood. Certain classes of people here in Mexico just despise MJ and its users. Politicos for the most part will delay this until public pressure becomes unavoidable. I have talked to some of these people and they sounds like a Jack Webb lecture from Dragnet in the 50s/60s but you won't hear this said to a mike. I also think the possibility of cartel pressure could be another reason but I don't know this for sure. Be Patient
  18. Friends got it and had to sign a two year contract.
  19. Costco French vanilla (best value/good taste) and a new flavor from Hagen Das is Chocolate with dark chocolate pieces added (best flavor). Its a new flavor.
  20. I agree one of my favorite movies. Use to have a film poster of it til it got ripped off. I will admit many folks don't get it and I have stopped showing it to people unless they like strange movies.
  21. Its mostly quite good according to my friends who have it. Problem is it is only laid in certain areas. In our area of SE SAT we can only get one down for new service with old wired DSL Telmex and Fiber is not even offered. Check you might have better luck than us and understand it all depends on location.
  22. And you have to sign a two year contract now. Can't say I was impressed and I have three bars and can see the tower from my house so not a signal problem.
  23. Thats ok I think you are a jerk also since you like to insult all of us. Moderator.
  24. No thanks. I control my money for charity not you.
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