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  1. I can't find the 10,000 person study. I can find two earlier ones and they were hard to find. Does anybody actually know where this study is??
  2. Get back to the topic. Go read the NYT or AP articles. The 50% was quoted by a Chinese medical official who should know. Yes study one and two covered 600 people and I can't find the raw data results for anything else Brazil or Indonesia.
  3. Note the AP and NYT sites have info on effectivness of the chinese vaccines. This is from the chinese. Effectivness is 50% according to both sites. I wonder if the chinese fellow who told the press about this is in trouble.
  4. I know the channels I wanted a review of the quality of the picture and sound. Also how many english channels and does he have other languages on an SAP (secondary audio programming].
  5. Who signed anything? I didn't and my neighbor didn't.
  6. Can anybody comment on the TV service for Total play? I think the service is called triple play. I only got double play internet and a phone.
  7. Yes I was talking about local backbone not central backbone. The type of fiber that goes to your house is different (smaller) from the larger Fiber (Huawei ) that distributes the signal down the streets. Thats all I meant. You can see the new brightly yellow labeled boxes on the CFE poles and that is where the signal splits and goes to individual houses. Each box hold eight taps with the ability to be wired up for eight more. ILOX distribution is in the white boxes. I was a telecom engineer for HP and I guess we used the term differently. Think of the big fiber as your backbone and the sma
  8. A couple of weeks I saw a company putting a fiber backbone in La Floresta. Looks like they have 10 crews working and do 40 install a day if all goes well. So I signed up for 100 down and 10 up with a phone. Saturday they came and installed myself and a neighbor in SE SAT off La Paz. Well they did a great job and the internet is very very stable. I have both ILOX and Totalplay now. Totalplay has a rate of 10% up to down while ILOX has a higher upload rate. So if you are moving large amounts of data UP you would probably prefer ILOX otherwise I prefer Totalplay. Impressive is they have en
  9. All the new houses being built in SE SAT have 180L tank. A way to save money. My water heater is so bad I have to fill the tank monthly. Going to replace with instant on type heater as I have had in previous houses. Funny thing current water heater says ecoloical (sp) model. Standing pilot light says otherwise.
  10. You won't as its not been announced yet. The officials said they would call but I don't hold much hope for that. Maybe the question should be where will I see info when it is announced in facebook?
  11. It could be a bad batch rather than the vaccine being totally bad. Time will tell.
  12. Obviously my wife does the garden shopping LOL. I pay the man to mow the yard and lift up large bags of whatever. Besides it is difficult to have two gardeners in a garden so I don't garden. Do like looking at it! Wife is waiting for her second Pfizer shot in Mexico city so I am stuck for the second week taking care of the garden, fish pond, lawn and feeding various birds and rat like creatures with fuzzy tails as our maid tells us.
  13. Good point. I walk so I don't really pay attention to directions of streets obviously.
  14. Actually incorrect information costs marketeers money. They don't like it. I don't care what they think or do.
  15. The nursery in SAT behind superlake is open and has been. Go to the street to the east of superlake and turn south and look on the right and you will see it.
  16. Agreed. I always give different answers to requests for information. Latest was google demanding to know how old I was (probably something to do with kids online). I am 113 years old. My wife said nice dear you only look 100 LOL.
  17. It rained huge drops in SE SAT for about 10 minutes. Made a heck of a racket on our skylights. Others in SAT reported less rain.
  18. Data on Russian vaccine is available. I have read it. Only thing I could find for Chinese vaccine was first and second study on 600 people versus 35,000 on Pfizer for early study. I passed the info on Chinese vaccine to the Doctors I know. They seems less than enthusiastic about the study due to low numbers. Now many more people in Brazil have taken Chinese vaccine but I find no data on this other than simple numbers without data. I would take the Russian vaccine. At this point in time until I see more data I will not take the Chinese Vaccine. I am very healthy and work on my immune system
  19. I put my 8 foot tank 4 feet in the ground. I am not worried about ground water pressure. Also note I purchased a heavy duty tank with thicker plastic than some cheaper tanks. During the wet season I won't be using the tank much anyway so it will be left full. I have no problems leaving it empty during dry season.
  20. AMLO fired the customs people due to corruption and put national guard people to replace them. Everything has come to a halt until they figure out how to do the job. Point I am still getting US amazon stuff so maybe they have own teams to deal with this. I don't know.
  21. There is a village in south america where the whole town decided to wear masks. They even wash the money before you get change. Every stranger who comes into town is met by a nurse who takes persons temperature. They have no people with the virus. None zip. Wear a mask.
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