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  1. Net talk used it for five years. Very reliable and cheap. Buy two of the adapters so you have a spare if needed.
  2. In the past they charged per signature. Modern real estate contracts can have many places to sign.
  3. New policy. They did tell me for what it is worth that they are trying to change the policy for this branch.
  4. Very good point and I should have pointed out this situation. We still keep a legal full house address in the US and legally live in both countries.
  5. According to State Vial police testing has been suspended. My info is about a month ago. So are people just quoting a suspended law or did something change????
  6. I was told by Bancomer it is 1000USD but you can write multiple checks. My info is about a month old. We switched to money transfers companies. Suggest Zoom and XE and you do have to do a little bit of answering questions and such when you set up. Even had Bancomer asked questions also. Best solution that we found. Better exchange rate than Bancomer also.
  7. US consulate is the only legal option with a few rare options generally for corporations and such. Bet any notary working here won't say its signed lakeside and that should tell you something. I have heard about remote notary work but know nothing about it.
  8. I carry a small trash bag and some hand cleaner and pick up trash everyday along the highway when I go for my morning walk. Good to know some one else is doing the same thing. It makes you feel good and its good honest work. Try it. (Do take hand cleaner it is messy sometimes or one could use gloves).
  9. Yep this is frustrating but not surprising its a brand new system. I use a higher power (800mw) access point with SMA connections for external antenna and various antenna like corner loads like a Klipch corner horn and a 30 ft better quality cable and 12db gain antenna. Nice part about this system is you don't have to change numbers to switch to telmex as all you do is switch the input cable to the local Telmex modem from the ILOX modem. No numbers to type. Also I can move the long wire antenna to anywhere I need it. This system punches thru mexican walls. Telmex WIFI is actually decent. ILOX WIFI is kinda weak and I turn it off. IZZY WIFI is kinda weak also. I have not seen the WIZ new modems so I can't comment on it. So where do you get this stuff? I mail ordered it in US and brought it down with me. Also Fry's in US is another good source. Maybe the technology center in downtown Guad might be a good source but I don't know. Does anyone KNOW that you can buy this stuff in Guad??
  10. Yep every year had to recoat even using the five year. So this year I went over the whole roof with a hammer found the weak spots especially around the cracks and coated with two full strength coats of five year roof coating after fixing the bad spots in the roof. No leaks now.
  11. Try LP (liquid propane) generator. You probably already have a large tank of it. It also burns much cleaner and eliminates the gasoline problems.
  12. Normally the 389P Telmex plan gives you 5 to 10 but in SA not unusual to get your results in many places. Telecable/now called Izzy cable internet was prettty bad for me but might be faster than what you get now from Telmex. ILOX is a company putting in a fiber network but they are in the process of building the network so no help now for you. They sell 50 and 250 with some higher speeds for folks who signed up early. Telcel is a cell phone network (3G??) and can be expensive but it should work pretty much everywhere lakeside BUT it can be expensive as they charge by amount of data unless they have some special plans. First I would do is call Telmex and ask them why you only get such slow speeds.
  13. As of 3:30pm. Took one hour to go from Liberomento in chapala to Ajijic. They were not letting anybody go to Ajijic on the liberomento . Going from Ajijic to Chapala bumper to bumper till Riberas. Stay home if you can.
  14. Whether you hate coke and pepsi or not they do know how to create pure water and are very experience in doing so. This is a fact. I purify water in my house including a water softener. Be aware the better charcoal/carbon filters are more expensive than the cheap ones. Big gocha in filtering your own water is being responsible for the light staying on and don't drink the water during a power fail. Also even if the light is still on it loses it effectiveness after a year so replace it yearly. Good reasons for using jugged water if you are not willing to monitor system. If you don't like the taste of reverse osmosis water you can take a cup out and add a cup of any good mineral water sparkling or not and it will taste much more familiar. Lots of folks like the taste of reverse osmosis water I don't. I still keep a big jug of water for power failures and drink out of it and refill it from my system. You do have to clean the big bottle I use chlorine bleach and set bottle in sun. Living in most parts of US spoils us for water and Mexico requires us to monitor our water. I have done lab test before and after filters and my pre filter water always fails the test FYI. I live in upper Ajijic. Good Luck
  15. Vitamins are considered medicine in Mexico rather than supplements as in the US. Sometimes they take them at the border but this seems to be less and less. Have a perscription from your doctor up north if you are bringing down vitamins as it might stop them from being taken. Big difference between vitamins and it can be difficult to get certain types of vitamins. Sure you can get all the all in one type chemical based pills you want but it you want more natural vitamins rather than chemical based ones it takes some shopping and research. Do your homework if you care about such things.
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