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  1. Went by store and it is open.
  2. My credit cards do not supply insurance when renting a car in Mexico. Check it out before renting.
  3. To be fair Jackie had some health problems a while ago and the office looks empty from time to time. This is why some people think he is out of business so its not just rumors made up but it is from appearance sake. I would rather pay Jackie than doing it myself so I hope things are back to normal.
  4. At the cost of this I would skip doing it and pay off some debt. We have the yellow crosswalks in San Antonio and no one here cares about them. Save the money and do nothing should be an option. Go read the article in the Guad reporter if you don't believe me.
  5. Not the answer I am afraid you want to hear but I gave up on H2O and do it myself. Only tool needed is wrench to remove filters available at any water supply store. Only trick is get a block type carbon (we say charcoal) filter as this is what Jason used. If this is beyond you any plumber can do the work and filters and light (use for year only right?)can do the work. I also add a voltage regulator to light transformer to protect lightbulb and transformer.
  6. I have a Amped access point with SMA type antenna connectors (4) and 800 milliwatts of power. Unit output 2.4 and 5.0 wireless. You can get a variety of antenna that vary from 18 inch tall units to corner loaded units (works like a corner horn from klipsch). I also have a outside unit that has 20 ft antenna wire of higher quality than normal wires. Yes unit was expensive (200 dollars) but worth every penny. Since all my wifi hooks up to the Amped unit instead of the normal modem when I moved I didn't have to change any numbers and since I can never read correctly the stupid too small numbers without a magnifying glass this was great. Connection from Ilox modem to access point is with a cat 6 wire as I have 300 Ilox service. I have found that line of sight is good for the 5.0 network but it is not so good at going thru walls. Be sure to turn off Wifi on modem to avoid taking up bandwidth. It is a button on side of Ilox unit but when power fail Wifi is turned back on beware. Telmex modem Wifi stays off after power fail recovery. Good Luck folks!! Great we have many choices now isn't it!!!!
  7. No! you can filter the water correctly but you don't have a UV light in the fridge . You can buy a small filter system for your kitchen and have drinking water and water for making Ice and stop buying water. Filter in fridge does not kill nasty stuff it only works on particles and chemicals (charcoal removes chemicals). You have to remember to throw out ice made during a power failure as the UV light need power. Lived this way for years but you do have to watch and make sure UV light is on. Filtered and UV light treated water is basically mineral water here. We filter all water coming into house except for outside hose water. Nice to shower in clean water. Not trying to panic you but in Los Salvias in Ajijic I had water tested and it was contaminated with Poop. Do you want to shower in this kind of water?? Ok maybe I am anal but I am an engineer and have thought this out. Also add a voltage regulator to your UV light and do keep a five gallon (20 liters) full of filtered water in case of power fail. You do need to rinse out jugs from time to time. I use a little bit of bleach and set water bottle out in sun so two bottles makes things simple. Big disclaimer!!! If your immune system is compromised do get a whole house filter!!
  8. English is the language of Belize however (stereoetype) poorer folks speak Patois which can be a mixture of many languages and can differ depending which country you are in. Patois is spoken all over the Caribbean.
  9. They never flew over my house below 500ft or so just to keep things clear. Feel free to moon them 🙂
  10. New diesels use cat converters. Not sure local diesel fuel is good for cats. This has nothing to do with DEF but should be considered. Anybody know??? Local diesel smells of Sulfur to me.
  11. Telmex uses Fiber to eliminate some of the long copper runs from switch to house. This allows faster speeds even with copper to your house and old modem. They also have wired Fiber from switch to new fiber modem in your house in some areas. Both systems improve internet speeds as a rule. Go ask Telmex if they have higher speeds available in your area. Friends in northern La Floresta got ILOX installed and when they went to return modem Telmex said why didn't you ask us as we have faster speeds available in your area. Folks responded we already asked you months ago and you said you would let us know. So it probably would not hurt to ask (yes again I know) as they don't seem well organized to compete with ILOX.
  12. My Net Talk VOIP phone just plugged into an internet jack on both Telmex or ILOX modems.
  13. N means US registration. Mexico begin with X. Hmmmmm
  14. Oh God its the spelling police. Let it go everybody knew what the person meant. Please yourself.
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