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  1. Lots of Gringoes face this. Our house sitter has had all her jobs pretty much cancelled because of the virus. I offered her 500P to help compensate. I agree with the posters point just trying to point out some Gringoes are losing money also. Help where you can folks both Mexican and Gringo is my point.
  2. SAP stands for secondary audio programming. You turn it on and sometimes you get an alternative language. Sometimes you hear french, german, or whatever other than english. Go to your TV manual and look in the audio section. Sometimes the choices are mono, stereo, or SAP. Sometimes you turn SAP and you lose the sound completely so learn to turn it off in certain circumstances. On my LG OLED TV SAP is a button on my remote. I use a streaming android box so I have not played with ILOX TV. This is all I know.
  3. You need a coax cable with F connectors on the ends and hook it up like you would cable TV. Middle of back of big modem has F connector. Other end goes into TV using F connector connection. Adjust input/source on TV to cable TV or over the air antenna. Only english is Fox news unless something is changed. CATV light on modem should be on if not call ILOX. More english channels may be available using SAP. Look in TV manual to see how to turn on SAP. I have never done it so I don't know what is available.
  4. Plaza is closed in Ajijic and San Antonio. Police tape around them all. Fact as I saw it today. No rumor.
  5. Look out for CFE putting in new poles they just cut the fiber connections on the pole. Ilox responded well but it took a day to rewire the pole. Not so easy reconnecting fiber compared to coax for cable tv or two wire connection for DSL. Sign of broken ilox connection is blinking red light on modem that says LOS (loss of signal I think).
  6. Watching bad Japanese monster movies and discussing with friends. 🙂
  7. I am buying some holistic health oriented equipment with my money. Don't know what the wife will do with hers. Don't save it but spend it is the idea.
  8. Chapala Bancomer is open. Expect to wait for hour if middle of the day. Wear mask in line outside. No social distancing present. Info is two days old.
  9. Try not to use a internet forum as a judgement about folks here. Lots of nice people I know here both conservative and liberal. Something about sitting behind a keyboard that makes certain folks say things they would not say in person. Everybody has a bad day now and than but MOST folks here or on the other board are ok. Yea some folks are acidic or emotional about certain issues I ignore it. When things get better come have a cup of coffee with us at the ajijic plaza or LCS in the morning. I think you will get a better impression of us. Lots of folks meet in lots of different location and you should be able to find some common ground.
  10. County Government in Riverside California told us they don't care about international law and will not take a Mexican Notary stamp. The law is worthless I am afraid. Maybe banks know more about the law. We ended up going to the consulate.
  11. Yes part of the solution will be a political one. It would have almost no impact on the lake for example all of the bitching over Guads canal from the lake is four inches a year.
  12. So now is the time to build a water filtration plant and use lake water before the wells run out. Totally agree with Mainecoons. Duh (sorry but I feel that the solution is so obvious)
  13. Since the virus can be exchanged from a person who is not physically sick but has the virus I suggest folks use a mask. Even a simple bandana helps. Remember it is not a small small virus but is huge as viruses go. Put the mask/bandana/anything after you use it in the sun on concrete. I found I could generate a temp of 160F from the sun on masonry. A study I saw said a N95 mask is over 90% effective but even a mask made from a t shirt worked at 50%. Mistake made in Seattle was lack of mask wearing. Now NY has ignored the results in Seattle if you check it out. Cover your mouth and nose somehow.
  14. We paid our maid for a month and sent her home. We gave her a choice of working with pay or not working with pay. She said she was scared so she went home. We are not rich but we can afford to give here 1200P (4 hours a week) a month until this is over. Now we are very close to her family so maybe that is different from what some people would think. Trying to be diplomatic and nice. Pay your help if you can. Think about what it means if you don't. P.S I think it is a good experience to remind us what cleaning toilets and such is like as we have been here forever and we are now not use to it as we were in the US.
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