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  1. They can help or not. So it depends. The booster has to be close enough to the modem to get a good signal and than rebroadcast that signal. I would buy an access point box myself rather than the plug into the wall ac plug type of repeater.
  2. Last I checked she was taking appointments three months ahead. She is busy.
  3. Than why did Pedro say I am not a safe rider? I rode for 30 years and never went down. I was trained at a motorcycle driving school. Defending drum brakes?
  4. What Is Countersteering? ... Simply, countersteering is pressing FORWARD on the handlebar in the direction you want to go above roughly 12mph. If you want to go right, press forward on the right handlebar to go right. We press on the handlebar to cause the motorcycle to lean in the direction we want to go. Is counter steering Safe? While it takes practice to get right, the benefits of counter-steering are massive. When done correctly, it results in smoother, safer, faster riding. Many riders use counter-steering without realizing it, but they may not be doing so correctly. Pedro you could have spent five seconds reading about countersteering and admit you don't know how to countersteer.
  5. Actually it is much safer to use countersteering than to lean. Look it up. I learned it at motorcycle riding school. Leaning is much much slower way to steer.
  6. Go to Google, type totalplay, engage google translate.
  7. All those 125cc scooters and 125cc honda small bikes do not require a special license. I believe a special multiple day class with piloting a bike is needed. My test in Oregon was driving in a big parking lot left, left, left and stop on a curved line to show you could control the bike braking and use turn signals. I am amazed at the number of folks with new big bikes that don't understand that ABS in a car or bike needs a little bit of training. I have taught a number of people how to use ABS and none of them knew how to steer and brake. In fact one panicked when the ABS system pulsated the brake pedal for the first time. Simple stuff but training is needed. I will be happy when costs come down so the average bike can have ABS at least on the front wheel so one can steer and brake.
  8. Yes. Clearchoice works well also. I use an Android TV box for both.
  9. Total body care on Ocampo in Ajijic my wife says. My wife uses Camile but others are good also.
  10. Hate to say it but its just not safe to ride a bike,scooter or moto around here. Also many folks just don't see folks on two wheels and yes I drove bikes and large motocycles in PNW before I stopped riding. I was the only fellow who did not limp in our group of riders and most of them were hurt by four wheelers not seeing them. I imagine truck did not see him. So SAD!
  11. My post had nothing to do with ATM or Visa or Mastercard. Money goes from BOA to XE bank than sent converted to Pesos to BBVA. This is a better process than USD check due to BBVA converting dollars to pesos at a less than good rate. XE rate is fine as I am not willing to play ATM roulette like many of you do.
  12. We get very good rates from XE also and money is coverted to Pesos away from local bank for example.
  13. Maybe a small utility car would work but a normal Tesla/Leaf does not work unless you got a whole pile of panels or do not drive much. It was much cheaper to buy a cheap small good quality city car like a March/Micra. But we don't drive much. I guess the question is how much juice does your utility car take to figure out how many panels you would need. What works in Seattle with cheap dam power doesn't work here due to ridiculous electricity prices. Friends added panels to established solar system and they still went to DAC with Tesla. You got some calculating to do. And while I don't count value of driving electric you might feel differently.
  14. You bury a cat six cable (internet cable) from your house to the other house. Put an access point at the other house and plug your end of the cable into the starlink box assuming it has more than one internet jack on back. If it doesn't you have to add a hub to your house to split the signal. Even if you don't understand my blah blah my point is its very doable and lowers monthly cost to 60 USD or so for each house.
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