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  1. Telcel gives you 2 if you are lucky. Starlink is 40 plus.
  2. Glad others have found her lacking. I thought it was me or our personalities.
  3. My old house bill was 3400 pesos for 600 KwH for two months on a big inefficient house. I put in a small 1040 watt solar/microinverter system and the bill went to 200 pesos. Payback was five years. I sold the system to my landlord and made a profit when I left. My new house which is much more efficient and doesn't need a solar system as the bill is 520 pesos for 421 KwH for two months. Not worth a solar system as payback would be 15 years. First house was on DAC second house is not and I have 80KwH left before I go to DAC. DAC is when you use over 500KwH for two months for a year. As
  4. To be proper unless you know how many times scientists were right you really don't know if the wrong things are a meaningful number as presented.
  5. Probably Badger. Only three seen in California. Two in Tahoe area and one SE of Bishop California in the Inyo mountains. I am the person who saw the wolverine in the edge of Death Valley/Inyo mountains near 395 highway about 15 years ago. We were driving down an old stage coach line in a gulley and right in the middle of the road was a wolverine. Luckily I had experience with them from my youth as the driver wanted to get out of the car and check him out. I grabbed him and closed the door as the wolverine attached our right front tire and the whole four runner shook. My friend thanked me o
  6. Nice to hear some good news but I think time will tell the correct answer. Too many unknowns at this point with the variants and vaccine results. Lets hope they are getting it under control but I don't see this as some big development as others see. Lets hope its correct.
  7. It is off LaPaz in San Antonio. Go to 367 La Paz and look to the left and that street is Privado La Mora. Post office, Google, etc etc don't know where Privado La Mora is. It is a cul de sac street.
  8. Also propane engines don't need all the maint that a gas engine needs. Burns much cleaner also. Am in the process of putting in a 30,000 L. underground tank in my yard. Big truck to bring it in the yard luckily I have big gates. Hope to avoid water shortages during the late dry season. Propane generator is next.
  9. HP bought Samsung printer business a while ago so check out HP for supplies I bet.
  10. Watch guy at Ajijic wednesday market does mine. Also he does my keyfobs for my car.
  11. Yes my 300 service went to 350 a few weeks ago. But more importantly the service stopped being all over the place and has been extremely steady since. Even my phone is working properly now.
  12. My 300 service ILOX in SE SAT changed a few weeks ago and it is much more steady. Also upload is 350 and download is 80. Before it was all over the place. Something has changed. Also I can make phone calls without dropping out and such.
  13. Everybody take a deep breath and relax. Half of the vaccine we were suppose to get is not coming according to AMLO. We have production problems and we have administrative problems. The original plans are probably worthless. A sizable amount of the vaccine is being moved around the world and we won't see it soon. So what can we do?? Nothing....oh I suppose we could act like the Europeans and demand it be restored and jump up and down and basically offer a pretty immature reaction. Look at AMLO for a mature response. Do I understand it is bad well sure I do but I (or you) can't change a th
  14. My friend who did this lives in the boondocks and has a very clean well. After living in that house for 30 years he can't imagine water coming out of a tap could be bad. He also is extremely well educated so its not a stupid issue. He has become sick many times in Mexico and I don't wonder why. I find it easier to give him clean water than to expect him to read and follow the sign. Yes people do stuff like this over and over. I suppose I could play Darwin but having a guest throwing up in your house is not cool.
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