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  1. Have to agree with Pedro. Lots to do here. Lots of different social activities. Lots of volunteer activity that are very satisfying to the soul. Have to disagree with person who says you can't walk here. I walk 20,000 steps a day and my friend does 30,000 (yes he is a walking addict 🙂 ). You do need to pick the proper location for the house. You can walk from San Antonio to Ajijic using the horse path and never go near the carraterra. You do need good walking shoes. Fashion here for the most part is like living in Oregon or Washington so no fashion unless you count Dockers,
  2. Bill come for most of us every two months. DAC (high rates, where you lose government subsidy) comes when you use more than 3000 KwH a year. So keep your bill below 500KwH for two months and you will stay off DAC. Example my old huge house no matter what I did could not use less than 600KwH per two month period my bill was 600 peso or so. After a year doing this the bill went to 3200 pesos or so. I installed a solar panel system 1000 watts and my bill went down to 200 pesos and I actually saved enough money to pay for the array and a little profit when I sold the array to my landlord years
  3. SAT is just fine thank you. No need to regulate as far as I am concerned and I live near 4 eventos.
  4. OK I got this from the boss of the Jardin. They don't know what is going to happen exactly but Issues like new water lines and new pavers of some kind may close it down but when its over they will open back up the outdoor seating. They rent the space from Chapala and he said he will help lay stone if thats what it takes to get the outdoor space open. This was four days ago that I talked to him.
  5. Lots of different type policies and the cost varies. In the US you would ask for comprehensive policy to store a car. Here I have no idea what you ask for. I leave one of my cars outside the walls of my house. I leave nothing in it and have steering column lock on it. No problems in a year. But I admit who would want to steal a 2007 Micra (march in latin america). I think there are twelve in mexico 🙂
  6. Glad I moved to SAT a year ago. I am sure it will be very nice in Ajijic but what a mess for quite a while. Can you imagine the mess trying to put wires underground? Can't wait for the landlords to be told the colors to paint everything. This will be like Carmel with lots of rules. Not so nice for locals but I am sure the tourists will like it. So any others feel like me or am I missing the boat?
  7. Normal clear morning and night slight pollution/dust haze during day.
  8. Don't think so as I have four N95 masks I bought at Truper hardware store.
  9. Pet shop next to Soriana has supplies and stuff. Don't know about fish but we did buy a bunch of fancy goldfish for our fish pond.
  10. I am sure you can buy fake N95 masks also. You can't avoid Chinese stuff its impossible. Its in every piece of electronics even the made in USA stuff.
  11. I use Los Altoss Carlos Grajeda 33 1319 8781. He speaks pretty good english and always does what he says like arriving in an appropriate time. Not that it matters but he is a very nice funny nice person. I don't even know whats up is so I can't help you on that issue.
  12. Around the head straps are better if you have ear buds in for listening to music. The straps around the ears sometimes gets tangled in my earbuds. Good Point Pete.
  13. Vents can be on any mask. Vents have nothing to do with n95 or kn95. Best to avoid them as it lets your exhale contaminate the local environment. Vents were designed for construction workers and hard working folks to make them breath easier on exhale not to protect people from virus. Vented masks do protect folks from your sneeze or cough to some extent.. Difference between a KN95 and N95 are the standards used. N95 is a US Standard. KN95 is a Chinese standard. Both are 95% efficient but the Chinese KN95 is a little bit harder to breath thru than the US standard mask. I can't tell the
  14. KN95 is a Chinese standards mask. N95 is a US standards mask. Both are the same efficiency but the Chinese mask can be a little bit harder to breath compared to the US standard. (I can't tell the difference) Surgical masks are just as good as the KN or N type mask with the virus. This is do to the viruses large size compared to other viruses. A surgical mask is much easier to breath with in my opinion. Surgical masks are not so good with other hazards compared to a K or KN type mask.. Cloth single layer masks are about 50% efficient. Multiple layers are a little bit more efficie
  15. I second the vote for Los Altos. Been using various guys from Los Altos for years.
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