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  1. I only got 2/100 of an inch on my automated rain gear so I went to the roof and poured some water in and dirty water came out so maybe its a good idea to clean your tipper type rain gauge before the rainy season. I know it rained much more than 2/100. If I had the problem I bet other also have problem.
  2. Funny thing is today the water is still on in SE SAT in the middle of the day. So my answer to original post is it depends on where you are and what wells area is using. When renting or buying a house look how much water you can store as at some point in year you probably will need it. During dry season check storage tanks and make sure water was on the night before. If not don't wash the car or whatever that day. We have 1100L on Roof and 5000L under driveway and we put another 10,000 L tank for irrigation rather than getting up at 4am to water which got old. Note many places here have
  3. ILOX and Telmex have been extremely slow at adding new neighborhoods. This has been going on for quite a while. ILOX has been losing people due to poor quality of service. Two in our hood have changed to Wiz cable due to ILOX inability to fix product. I can't even get streaming radio to work without buffering on ILOX. I ask when they are going to expand and they say in the future but not right now. Telmex is expanding but at a slow rate. I can get no answers from Telmex. Total play may change the game. I saw one crew in my hood putting in a drop and asked him how to get it. He made a fe
  4. Have your tires filled with Nitrogen as it tends to stay in tire longer than air if long lack of leaking is your goal. It also stops rot on the inside of tires as it gets rid of the oxygen. Go google it. I have never had a blowout with normal air but I do kick the tires with my foot before I go out. I am sure someone will violently disagree with me LOL. Ever see a trucker hit his tires with a bat or a stick? Much faster than checking air pressure. I have only owned one car with this system and it failed and recorded low air when it was fine. No thanks.
  5. And Luis has a van if I remember correctly.
  6. We also had ash dropping on us in two places at 6pm in SAT. We could see the fire from the roof later in the evening which surprised me.
  7. We put a very strong plastic membrane made by Tetra for ponds. We than cover the membrane with smooth rocks. It has been solid for two years on our 12 foot fish pond. It is not cheap. I prefer this solution to paint as it moves. Bottom under membrane is packed dirt.
  8. Some of the schools have very hard tests to pass before you get in. This gives a huge advantage to the folks with money and private schools. Not sure the local public schools are up to snuff. We support our maids grand daughter and she could not pass the second test. Our solution is to get her a tutor and she will try again next year. Each school is different. She has the grades but her high school was not up to snuff to get in the better schools because of the tests. We will keep working with her as she has the drive to make it. Just stuff in the way for locals.
  9. Hey guys remember one down from Telmex and it would go away if it rained. Never could get Telecable to run at all. Yes things have changed..
  10. Clear choice works with totalplay and ILOX. No problems and virtually no buffering. I use it with an Android 10 TV box. Don't know anything about firestick myself.
  11. Be aware not every IPTV like service runs well with ILOX. I went through four of them and they all buffered fifth one worked. Borrow one and see before buying.
  12. How about taking the week off and giving us a break. Please.
  13. My ILOX has been down eight times in the last month.
  14. Very good point so let the pipes rinse out before you fill the water jug. You only need to worry about the pipes from the block carbon/charcoal filter to your tap as it will remove most of the PVC chemicals. Ignore this if you have a reverse osmosis filter at your kitchen tap as that will take care of the PVC chemicals even better than charcoal/carbon filters.
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