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  1. And maybe you are wrong. I agree your scenario is possible but only possible. It also depends on which form of the virus as there are many. AMLO said he bought a whole bunch of the russian vaccine. How many folks would trust any vaccine when first released?? How about the Russian vaccine?? We live in interesting times.
  2. This is what we do but note the letter is only good for 30 days so you have to plan a little.
  3. Yes I have used them as I lived overseas for 20 years. Just make sure you buy one large enough for your use.
  4. So look at wattage of appliance than look at what the capacity of the converter you are trying to use. Many converters would be too small for bigger appliances.
  5. Voltage is 127 plus or minus 10%. This is close enough to USA/Canada to not worry about it. I would suggest you unplug your appliances when not used to avoid surges. It also depends on local conditions. For example if you have a welder in the hood you will see voltage go down when they weld. That kind of thing. So enjoy your appliances just unplug them when not in use. Yes you can buy surge protectors, voltage regulators and UPS units here but in 15 years never lost a small appliance but I do unplug when not in use. I do use voltage regulators on my fine electronics like TV and DVD
  6. This is a tank so you are not going to want to take it up stairs unless you are very strong. Rally model takes Eureka V model paper bags. Includes two new bags. Yes you can get bags from Amazon US and they ship to mexico. Comes with all attachments. Great for rugs or floors. At least 15 years old made in Canada. Has long flexible hose between and beater bar. Why am I selling? Getting too old to carry up stairs and tired of bags so I bought a Dyson. I was third owner. Send me a PM and give me a chance to answer as I only look at things in AM. 300 pesos priced to get rid of it and g
  7. Lakeside TV does not buffer with ILOX. I tried four others and they all buffered. Google and U tube don't buffer with ILOX. Google lakeside TV for more info.
  8. My opinion and only mine. We are the white folk on the plantation and the mexicans are our slaves doing everything for us. Maybe we will buy them a new dress for a reward. Now I don't see it that way at all but I could understand how some folks could see it that way and some folks do think they are better than others. Maybe you should comment on what you think it says. Or does political correctness say we can't even discuss this. Needless to say I am not very politically correct. Please note in his comment that he was quoting someone else before you hang him.
  9. Well you can. They are strong but they can break depending on circumstances. Many voltage regulators have surge protectors built into them but they are usually too small to be useful. I use a good high quality surge protector with a rating above 500 joules (more rating more protection against higher surges) and normal voltage regulators in my house for electronics. UPS is fine if you need it but expensive and you have to replace the batteries from time to time. Get what you need.
  10. No but it can burn out your transformer. I have used power conditioners always here and never lost anything to the voltage dance that we have here.
  11. Well thats just great but since they have refused to call us back in two months and we have left six messages your advice is absolutely useless.
  12. You might try a Neti pot. Its brought much relief to my allergic relatives. DO NOT USE TAPWATER!! (sorry for yelling but its important) Read info https://www.webmd.com/allergies/neti-pots
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