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  1. Try LP (liquid propane) generator. You probably already have a large tank of it. It also burns much cleaner and eliminates the gasoline problems.
  2. Normally the 389P Telmex plan gives you 5 to 10 but in SA not unusual to get your results in many places. Telecable/now called Izzy cable internet was prettty bad for me but might be faster than what you get now from Telmex. ILOX is a company putting in a fiber network but they are in the process of building the network so no help now for you. They sell 50 and 250 with some higher speeds for folks who signed up early. Telcel is a cell phone network (3G??) and can be expensive but it should work pretty much everywhere lakeside BUT it can be expensive as they charge by amount of data unless they have some special plans. First I would do is call Telmex and ask them why you only get such slow speeds.
  3. As of 3:30pm. Took one hour to go from Liberomento in chapala to Ajijic. They were not letting anybody go to Ajijic on the liberomento . Going from Ajijic to Chapala bumper to bumper till Riberas. Stay home if you can.
  4. Whether you hate coke and pepsi or not they do know how to create pure water and are very experience in doing so. This is a fact. I purify water in my house including a water softener. Be aware the better charcoal/carbon filters are more expensive than the cheap ones. Big gocha in filtering your own water is being responsible for the light staying on and don't drink the water during a power fail. Also even if the light is still on it loses it effectiveness after a year so replace it yearly. Good reasons for using jugged water if you are not willing to monitor system. If you don't like the taste of reverse osmosis water you can take a cup out and add a cup of any good mineral water sparkling or not and it will taste much more familiar. Lots of folks like the taste of reverse osmosis water I don't. I still keep a big jug of water for power failures and drink out of it and refill it from my system. You do have to clean the big bottle I use chlorine bleach and set bottle in sun. Living in most parts of US spoils us for water and Mexico requires us to monitor our water. I have done lab test before and after filters and my pre filter water always fails the test FYI. I live in upper Ajijic. Good Luck
  5. Vitamins are considered medicine in Mexico rather than supplements as in the US. Sometimes they take them at the border but this seems to be less and less. Have a perscription from your doctor up north if you are bringing down vitamins as it might stop them from being taken. Big difference between vitamins and it can be difficult to get certain types of vitamins. Sure you can get all the all in one type chemical based pills you want but it you want more natural vitamins rather than chemical based ones it takes some shopping and research. Do your homework if you care about such things.
  6. All folks make mistakes in every occupation. If one person has a complaint that doesn't mean the person is bad. If I ask a dozen people about a person and six say bad things I probably won't use them. Vets have a more difficult job than human doctors. You can't ask your dog how he feels and where does it hurt like a human. A vet depends on touch, imaging, tests and vision. Yes an owner can help and tell a vet certain things as we know the animals normal behavior. I am always amazed by a good vet as I worked for one as a kid and learned much from him that has helped me my whole life. We have had many Vets here and dumped most of them. In my opinion Ladron is an excellent cat vet. I can't speak for dogs (woof :-) as we don't have any so my opinion is worthless. He has the right equipment and was able to deal with a very very strange obscure condition my cat had. I do not doubt that some folks have had bad experiences with every vet around even the good ones. It is such a difficult job sometimes and mistakes can be made by all vets. Watching a good vet is amazing. Watching a bad one is sad for me. Thanks for listening
  7. From today Seattle Times newspaper Passengers traveling with Alaska Airlines should make the most of the carrier’s generous carry-on luggage size. Throw in that extra Scandinavian crime novel while you can, because soon travelers will have to edit their packing list and might even need to purchase new luggage. Starting June 4, the airline will reduce the carry-on size limit to 22-by-14-by-9 inches – a 2-by-3-by-1-inch trim. The new measurements conform with those set by other major airlines, including American, Delta and United. Virgin America, which will cease in name on April 24 and become part of the Alaska Airlines family, will also require the smaller dimensions
  8. A surge protector is different from a voltage regulator. A voltage regulator can have some surge protection but usually they are pretty pathetic for surge protection. A voltage regulator just adjusts the voltage up or down. I use them on my non grounded outlets (also called two wire) with no loss of function. A surge protector using MOVs for surge protection needs a ground. Other type of better surge protectors exist but most use MOVs. If you buy a surge protector don't buy one with less than 500 joules rating. Just looked at my small voltage regulators and while they say they have surge protection the rating is 50 joules which is useless for the most part. Some UPSs (also called battery backup) say they have surge protection but many don't have the joules rating to be effective. I run a surge protector than a voltage regulator in the new part of the house which has grounds. I just use a voltage regulator for the old two wire wiring in the old part of the house. A simple and safe way to find out if your 3 prong sockets are really grounded (mine are not in old part of house) is to get a surge protector with a ground light on it which is very common on medium and higher end units.Walmart has such units. I only use a UPS where needed for example on my security system as bad guys cut the power wires sometimes. UPS units are expensive and the battery dies usually after a year or so so be warned. Make sure your UPS or voltage regulator is rated for the load you are plugging in. For example a UPS unit for a fridge would cost a fortune but you could purchase a special voltage regulator for a fridge at a much lower price. My opinion is your fridge is just fine on its own. Mexican fridges are tough. Folks please see Mr Google for more info. You don't have to be to technical to understand this subject. Lots of much better than mine explanations are available on the internet. Some info on this string is wrong I mean no offense to anyone. My background is I was a member of the technical staff at HP.
  9. Am in Mexico City in Chinatown when the 7.0 hit Oaxaca. We heard alarms and the building started to shake. Since we are in chinatown thousands of people are in the streets for the new years celebration. We ran from the hotel and joined the crowds. Looked up and you could see things sway. Decided to go to a bar as elevators are inspected before you can use them. Quite an experience for a PNW boy. The look of fear was on many faces. We had an aftershock an hour later but it didn't trip the alarms.
  10. What is most frustrating about Mexico is information like this. My answer came from immigration. I give up and leave it to spencer I guess. And thanks Angus for the insurance reference for Mexico plated cars.
  11. Borrow a modem from friend or neighbor and try that if the problem clears up its the modem. Like Johanson I get 10 down and .5 up.
  12. Remember the warning about doing proper paperwork given to us by the government a while ago. Plane, train,boat, car or walking you need to fill out the paperwork and when you return give them the stub. Remember they have computers now and all this crud is online. What people got away with in the past might not work now and just because someone got away with it does not mean you will. Mexico asked nicely if I remember correctly for us to clean our act up. Nobody enjoys filling out FMM forms as it is very confusing on how we should do it I admit that. My question for you is how are you going to get US coverage for insurance and will they give you proof of insurance?
  13. My house has LP pipes running thru the house so the tank is not needed and only the big roof tank needs to be dealt with however if no tank you must put a large weight where the normal tank goes to keep the unit balanced as designed otherwise it is front heavy. Same thing can be done for gas BBQ. Home Depot has the heaters in Guadalajara. I have three heaters so I don't have to move them around. I feel pretty stupid for trying to live without heat the first year I was here.
  14. For Alaska Airlines you ask for Customer Care rather than Customer service and you can get your money back. This is the only way to get your money back. It is impossible to do this at the airport. I know I tried many times. Customer Care not Customer Service is the secret for Alaska Airlines.
  15. At one time in Ajijic the electricity turned off at night. Bet that is food for thought! If power is so important to some of you than buy a LP generator and hook it up to your big LP tank and run wires to fridge and such. Yes CFE is a nightmare sometimes but solutions exist if you are that desperate and some of the comments sound that way.
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