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  1. Unitil my ILOX was moved from Ajijic to SAT I used WIZ for internet it worked just fine. A little bit slow but it worked. I think WIZ does a better job than previous incarnations of the company.
  2. Who would want to be first? Not me. Lots of different types of this virus not even sure one vaccine will work for all. Remember folks we are all talking before we really know and that includes the drug companies.
  3. Yes had same experience with three different streaming providers. Am testing a new one that works with ILOX right now without VPN or holding a dead chicken over your head 🙂. When generally available I will publish name but right now they are overloaded cutting folks over to new product. It works quite well and uses a distributed server network. Never seen a buffer with product.
  4. Try the GNC store in the front of walmart by the cash registers. Looks like they have that kind of stuff. Dont' know about product sorry as I take saw palmetto (vitamin store accross from El Toritoes) and plain Tamsulosina (cheap at Dr Simi on monday) for same condition. You might try that after reading about it. Just tried stem cells so wait and see.
  5. The Ajijic plaza is taken care of daily. This has not changed with the virus. I walk to the plaza every morning for five years so I know. It is also pressure washed once a month. Yes some things are not as well maintained as MC points out but the plaza is not an issue in Ajijic.
  6. .41 inches in SE SAT most in evening some in morning.
  7. In SE SAT we got .29 inches in evening and .12 inches in morning so total is .41 inches.
  8. Do your homework before buying. For example all the magnesium you can buy locally is in the form of magnesium oxide which is close to impossible for the body to digest. Better forms of Vitamin C than what is sold locally is another example but Acido ascoribico is better than no vitamin C. Mostly it gets peed out unless you get it in an IV. More money is wasted on bad supplements. Good luck figuring all this out.
  9. Note latest move is travel insurance no longer covers the virus anymore. Maybe you should keep part B. Its a personal thang. I will avoid US until I can purchase travel insurance again and it may be a while.
  10. Hard to dispute but it does have a price which Bill did not mention. The price is death and sure maybe death is now or later but we have to open things up at some point. Can we deal with the politics of opening up local schools?? I don't think our politicos have any logic skills but only political skills. Are you going to be the one opening up the schools and having children die?? Will you ever be reelected to anything ever again. No I am not another smart ### with an opinion. I don't know what to do and I wouldn't want to be in charge of any of this. I agree with Bill on eat your Vitamin C. I take 4 grams a day split up over the day to avoid the D word. So does anybody have a solution?
  11. What you need is a dual band access point not a router. If you buy a router to get better WIFI than the ILOX modems look in the software to turn the router off and that creates an access point. Not doing this creates more overhead and can possibly slow down things. When you use an access point there is no performance hit. Also turn off the WIFI on the ILOX modem. On the four port unit it is a button on the right side. WIFI light will go out on front of unit. This cuts down on the number of WIFI channels in use. Also if you live in a WIFI crowded area which are most places here switch to the 5.0 band from the 2.4. With ILOX 300 I only get 80 on the 2.4 band while I get over 150 on the 5.0 band. If you don't believe in overcrowded WIFI well for example I can see 24 different modems from my house. None other than my unit are using the 5.0 band.
  12. Original poster was spreading incorrect information about the amount of water Guad uses so I suggest person does research like I did instead of spreading lies. That is what is rude.
  13. Guad takes four inches a year from the lake. Not an issue. Our water comes from wells. You need to do some homework.
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