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  1. Holdrja--My cleaning woman comes tomorrow and I'll ask if she has time open.  She lives in San Antonio, near my house and takes the bus to get to me in Mirasol. I'm not sure if getting to  east of Chapala would be a problem.

    She is excellent. She cleans thoroughly, does laundry, irons beautifully. She understands my limited Spanish and practically mind reads what has to be done.

    I pay her 60 p plus bus fare (roughly 4 hrs, mornings). Plus coffee and some fruit.

    She always lets me know ahead of time if she has to take her kids to the doctor's, but that doesn't happen often.

    Do you speak Spanish? I could have her call you tomorrow if you wish and if she has time open.

    Or respond to this note and ask me anything more about her.


    1. holdrja


      Hi Lexy - thanks, I'll keep her in mind but I may have someone now, who lives near me.  We interviewed her yesterday, we'll give her a trial for a month.  If she doesn't work out, I'll reach out to you and Lucila. 


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  2. Thanks  for the warning!!


    1. holdrja


      re the eye doctor, I mean...

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