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  1. I have 2 good vacuum cleaners, both bought in the US, which need repairs. An upright Shark, which needs a new on/off switch; and a canistar Miele, which seems to have a burnt-out motor. Electrodomesticos said, "no can get parts". I can see the parts needed! for sale on Amazon.mx, ebay mx etc. Any suggestions on who might actually be able to repair these?
  2. I just google "1 dollar in pesos" and get the current rate, It shows 18.84 pesos per dollar right now. Schwab paid 18.69 pesos per dollar for an ATM withdrawal that I made last night. And remeber, Schwab refunds all ATM fees to your account, at the end of every month
  3. I tried the new Benno's a few months ago, took them a laptop that was running very slowly and the sound was not working. The next day they told me it was ready, that it had no problems but they wanted 150 pesos for looking at it. I said "Oh yeah? Is the sound working now?" and it still wasn't. After some discussion, they agreed not to charge me anything, and I took the laptop home. I spent several hours that night poking around the laptop's software, and finally found a sound driver that was in contention with other stuff. Fixed that, the laptop's sound returned and the performance issues ceased.
  4. FYI, I was at dinner in Ajijic last year with a couple of (Ajijic) realtors who laughed about and made fun of a client of theirs who had asked to see properties in Chapala. "Chapala! Can you imagine?? Why there's nothing to see there, no restaurants, nothing on the malecon!" My teeth dropped out and I asked incredulously, "Have you EVER seen Chapala??" No response. BTW, Chapala has dozens of restaurants, and a lovely malecon that is miles long, full of fountains and art and plantings and shops and walkways and...all sorts of stuff! But to answer the OP's question - I don't know of anyone who offers tours of Chapala neighborhoods. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a realtor who a) knows Chapala and is willing to show someone around there.
  5. Lunch specials at the Legion in Chapala have been our go-to comfort food for more than a decade. And their margaritas are my favorites, among all that I have tried. Monday Chile Rellenos, Tuesday filet mignon (get there early), Wed lasagna veggie or meat, Thursday chicken (used to be cordon blu, then they switched to a chicken pot pie) Friday fish filet veracruzana. Prices are EXTREMELY reasonable! And comfortable ambiance. We don't go out for brekkie, but the Legion has great breakfasts too! Also Delicias on Hidalgo, mountainside, shortly after entering Chapala. Small plate I agree, Go Bistro is awesome. We seldom go out for dinner, when we do, we look for a place with music. La Bodega was our fav for many years, but now they charge insane prices! So we don't go there any longer. Example - a month or two ago, on an open mike night, we were charged 405 pesos for a cup of soup, a salad, a margarita and a local beer.
  6. Frank and I seek out restaurants that offer music with dinner, we enjoy listening.
  7. We got exactly the annual average of rainy season rainfall this year at Rancho del Paso. Last year we got 150% of the average.
  8. Does anyone know if eSun Energy is still in business? Their store just west of Walmart is closed, and I can't find them on Google or FB
  9. You could ask the opinion of Gustavo Rivera, who is a Soil specialist / engineer, architect and builder. I've found him to be honest and informative, and we like the work he has done for us. garq.rivera@gmail.com 333.952.64.75
  10. While we were TRYING to get some lunch at Food Container, someone stole a duffel bag from the back of our SUV. We thought the car was locked, but the thief got in with no problem, so maybe not. All they got in the duffel bag was a wet swimsuit, some wet towels, and a cell phone (which I've already suspended). Our first time at Food Container -- nice folks, good food, but geeze, it shouldn´t take 2 hours to get a sushi appetizer and 2 sandwiches. And there were only 2 other tables there.
  11. We make our own compost, very carefully (and also offer it for sale) BUT every Mexican gardener we've had has at first refused to use the compost! They say, oh señora, it will burn the plants! Clearly not something well understood down here, but hopefully the younger generation will learn that composting creates great stuff that does NOT burn the plants! BTW - here's the story of our compost, which every gardener we've had has eventually learned to love, both as a mulch and as a soil enhancer.... http://rdplakechapala.com/compostforsale.html
  12. Is anyone missing a dog? There was been a dog crying for two days now on the other side of our fence (a pasture that falls into an arroyo). We sent one of our workers (Javier) to bring him in. Obviously leash trained, an elderly long haired male dog, with a brown leather collar and a silver star that says Bolo. Well cared for, nails are cut, teeth cleaned but coat is very shaggy now. He’s drinking lots of water, but won't eat the dog pellets we offer him. I am posting everywhere in case he is a lost dog (just last week we re-united a family with their lost Weimeraner) but I will bet that he has just been dumped. He looks so sad and lost.
  13. I second the recommendation for Dra. Claudia Camacho. Both my husband and I went to her for cataract surgery and are very happy with the pre- and post surgery care as well as the surgery itself. Husband had cataract surgery in both eyes at the end of November 2016, I had both of mine done on April 11 of this year. Mine cost 40,000 pesos for both eyes, his cost a little more. Dra. Claudia speaks fluent English and responds to both email office@camacho-choza.com and phone 333 441 5902
  14. Ditto what CrazyDog said, we wandered in there one night after LLT and had a blast, good music, good cheap dinks, bar type food -- but, need to be in a kind of raucous mood as it is loud.
  15. Hi Chillin -- thanks for the good words! Each costal of compost is 20 kilos / 44 pounds. The pH is fairly neutral. We delivered 20 costales to someone yesterday but still have some in stock. A couple of landscapers had discovered us and taken all our supply for a while, now that our stables are full though we have 10 horses working away for us :-) and in the hot weather, the compost heats up faster and only takes a couple of months to produce. So, plenty here for you!
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