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  1. Anybody out there like to play canasta? My mum-in-law has relocated here and would love to find/form a group to play on a weekly basis. PM me your details if you're interested
  2. Mosquitos love me so much they bite me through long sleeves and long pants! Bug repellent helps a wee bit but hell I must taste good!
  3. Can't wait to see my Chillin' friends again!
  4. Is this the same container that holds the dental equipment we're having shipped from Scotland?
  5. Great service from DHL, expensive but secure and way less than Fedex. Have used DHL to ship a package to costa Rica from Ajijic and have also received a package from UK.
  6. Doug & Nancy Friend are professional web developers and provide hosting too. email nancy@thefriends.info
  7. Thanks guys. Braxie is a mid size female Mex Mix - mainly German shepherd but smaller than most but I don't know her other components!
  8. Hola, my name’s Braxie and I live with my family of two humans, two other dogs and two kittens in Ajijic. My family found me wandering along the lake shore last Christmas and took me home with them when they realised I was abandoned. I love my new home, my new life and my daily walks down by the lake. I also love annoying my friend Deefa, the big black Labrador who lives with me and I adore my new kitten pals, Nuk and Futz. The problem is, I can’t stand the grumpy old terrier, Zoob and I just can’t help myself …….. I just have to keep on beating him up. He thinks he’s top dog but he’s not ….. I am! Now I’m in big trouble! I’ve been told not to do it but I’ve beaten him up once too often and now I have to find another home. I’m really adorable (it’s only Zoob who gets me going). I’m usually really well behaved cos Art the Dog Guy trained me. I walk nicely on and off the leash and come back straight away when called. I play nicely with all the dogs I meet on my walks and never get aggressive with them. In fact, I’m so good I hardly ever have to walk on the leash! I’m only 20 months old and I’ve had all my shots and have even been “fixed”. I don’t want to leave my family cos I love them and they love me but I just can’t live with that darn terrier, Zoob and I guess, if I’m honest, he needs a break from me. PM Barb for my pics and contact details!
  9. Ajijic pharmacy now closed in Centro de Salud
  10. Can anyone recommend a good architect to me please? We want to modify our house.
  11. Thanks Serenity6, I'll pass on that info
  12. I've been asked by someone planning to visit the area on holiday if there's anywhere they can hire a scooter, moped or small motorbike. I've warned them about the cobbled streets, topes etc but they seem undeterred! Can anybody advise?
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