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  1. I had a bridge replaced by Dr. Macias. First we tried a 4-unit bridge, larger than the previous one due to an extraction. It broke twice, after which I gave in and let them do implants and crowns. I should have just gone straight to implants. Dr. Macias drilled and inserted the implants in a fairly quick session. It was as pain-free as possible, which is saying a lot for me. I typically require 2-3 times the normal amount of lidocaine. Back in the states, I get the laughing gas as well. At Dental Express I get 'happy juice.' I returned in six months (January 2020) and an assistant inserted the 'healing' screws. We went whale watching in Cabo for a week, then returned and she took the 3D scans and printed the crowns. I returned later for the installs, some of which didn't work. A reprint was done, a final installation, and I was done. Finally. The assistant (not sure of her actual title) was, it seemed, somewhat learning on the job, occasionally consulting with Dr. Macias. For any serious drilling I will always try to book directly with him, but his schedule is pretty full. In the end, my total bill was calculated, then they subtracted what I had originally paid for the bridge work. I paid the difference, because they didn't want to charge me for each procedure, but per tooth. Extremely fair! I've had no problems with the crowns and it's nice to be able to use both sides of my mouth after about a year with missing teeth.
  2. We are renters. Cleaning service originally came with the apartment (and was on the lease) but the owner changed their mind and we have been paying the maid directly since August. So seven months, one hour per week. We are moving to another city. The building owner will spend a few months renovating our apartment before reletting it. But as best I can tell we will, in fact, owe the maid a finiquito. I tried running these numbers through an online Finiquito calculator and it looks like we will owe her a bit over $2000 pesos. Does this sound about right? Just want a general idea, no legally binding opinions expected or required. Gracias
  3. It's been a couple of weeks since we have seen any recycling trucks on ANY day. The last time it got picked up was on a Monday. Yesterday, no truck. I give up. There seems to be no pattern, no plan. *sigh* Ni modo?
  4. While it *is* true that the US medical system is most definitely a profit-oriented system, this angle has been used by countless charlatans (also profit-oriented) to push and sell every imaginable fake product and treatment to the desperate and gullible. It always breaks my heart when I see terminal cancer patients get to that point. The next thing you know their life savings are down to zero just to enrich some snake-oil salesman, often in Mexico border towns. Found a very nice balanced overview of the state of stem cell therapies here: https://www.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/exploring-the-science-and-the-snake-oil-behind-regenerative-stem-cell-therapy/Content?oid=22786601
  5. "In addition, it should be noted that while the clinical evidence in this area is evolving and one day may support the clinical efficacy of cryopreserved birth tissues for some orthopedic applications, no such evidence exists at this time." That pretty much sums it up...
  6. Which is fine, but then they shouldn't call it stem cell therapy, obviously...
  7. If you are having your own blood withdrawn and re-injected and you aren't waiting several days in -between, you're probably not getting much in the way of actual stem cells, which take days or weeks to grow. https://www.the-scientist.com/lab-tools/speeding-up-stem-cell-growth-64703
  8. Tepalo and two others seem to have been revoked for now. "The commission agreed unanimously to proceed with all three revocations." I have to admit to being a bit surprised at all the rest of the projects coming down the line though. I guess the good news is that 80% of those will never happen, at least not based on my own observations here over time.
  9. I am trying to suss out the schedule here. So far this week - no recycle truck visits. We finally pull the recycle bin back inside in the afternoon. Maybe today is the day, maybe not. At least the trash guys aren't stealing the recycling now. Possibly due to large letters on container explicitly stating what is and is not inside. lol
  10. Just watched the main trash truck taking all of the recycled plastic and glass, which is sitting in separate containers, and dump it all in the back of the compactor truck. All the way down the street. I yelled at them from my window but they couldn't hear me over the truck noise. So basically, if you want to recycle, either wait until after the trash truck goes by before you put your recycle bin out, or go stand on the curb when the trash truck comes by to police them. 🤨
  11. According to that link, any statutory holiday that falls on Saturday is celebrated on Friday. So today's not really a holiday, even though it is the day Amlo is inaugurated?
  12. Fri/Sat all bags were thrown in compactor. No one was sorting any recycling. Lower centroids.
  13. All on their original Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/KIWIFFAjijic/about
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