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    Most hot tub manufacturers recommend a spa temperature of 102 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Yes, I should have added that I use a propane heater to get the tub up to 105 F before I use it. But with the solar boost that takes a matter of minutes instead of over an hour as before. So I also use a LOT less gas! Thanks for the reminder. 



    STI has helped 2 hot tub owners in Ajijic with this kind of setup in the past couple of months, both are quite pleased and join numerous other happy solar heated hot tub clients.

    Tom's point is also valid depending on your situation and preferences.

    Send me a PM and we can go from there to help you in the best way.

    I am one of the hot tub owners that STI helped and I am thrilled with my solar water heating system! Just one panel (2 x 3 m.) and a small circulating pump have the tub at 95 F by late afternoon.

    [edit] I also use a propane heater to get the tub up to 105 F before I use it, but with the solar boost that takes a matter of a few minutes instead of the hour + it took before, and I use a LOT less propane! ;-) Gracias AngusMactavish.

    Give Ron Magen an email and see what he can do for you. I highly recommend Ron and STI. 

    Ron Magen
    Ron Magen's profile photo
  3. 19 hours ago, gringal said:

    If you're old, injured or otherwise aren't as fast on your feet as a 16 year old kid, you need to wait ....and wait...until you can make it across the street with room to spare.  I have to admit this was a factor in choosing to live on the lake side of that highway.  Bear in mind that just becuase the light has turned red doesn't mean the cars willl all stop.



    And remember, LOOK ALL EIGHT WAYS before proceeding!! Cars drop out of the sky here. :o

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  4. Has anyone successfully applied for and received a Liverpool Credit Card? Must one be a Permanente Residente to get one? I'm only 3 months away from "qualifying" for my Permanente status. So, if that IS a requirement, I will wait. I'm looking to make a large single-item purchase that may or may not qualify for the 10% discount on the "1st day of shopping" with the Liverpool Card. IF all of the stars align, it could save me 4,000 pesos, which ain't "chump change."

    Their stated requirements online are...

    In all types of processing it is necessary to be of legal age *, present valid official identification ** and proof of domicile.

    • Process with credit history
      • Have a history of a bank, departmental, self-service credit card or personal, automotive or mortgage payroll credit.
    • Processing without credit history
      • Proof of income over $ 4,000
      • Proof of current address in your name or a direct relative

    I meet ALL of those requirements, but I suspect that there's a "gringo clause" lurking about that isn't part of their stated requirements.

    Anyone? Anyone? 

    Gracias in advance

  5. Spencer,

    Your discussion is focused on a patient who WANTS to obtain his or her medical records from a doctor but cannot. I have a question for you about a US patient who comes down to Mexico to have a test done and who DOES NOT WANT any record of the outcome, and who especially DOES NOT WANT any US medical insurance company to ever obtain the medical records, which might give rise to a pesky "pre-existing" condition for the person tested.

    You stated... "Sections 5.5.1 and 5.6 state that any requests for medical information must be made in writing and only given to third parties when requested by the patient, guardian, legal representative or another doctor authorized by the patient, guardian or legal representative. If you are living outside Mexico you can grant a power of attorney to someone to be able to request the records on your behalf."

    If I am reading that correctly, it means that NOBODY can get the medical records of a patient unless that patient authorizes a person or entity to have it. Is that correct? If so, this would mean that a US-based insurance company could NEVER discover that the test had been performed or obtain the records indicating the outcome of that test. 

    Is that your interpretation of this NOM/section as well? 

    Thanks in advance.

  6. 17 minutes ago, kbleitch said:

    Mexicomoose - re your post on the older thread, I just sent you a PM. I am good friends with the individual that was involved.

    I couldn't find a thread that dealt with Lasik surgery. Are you talking about the post titled "Local Opthomologist makes BIG mistake?" That appears to be related to a botched cataract surgery, not my area of need. I did read that note and made some notes about Gringal's recommendation. 

    But I wanted to start a topic that dealt specifically with Lasik surgery.

  7. I am considering some vision correction by way of Lasik surgery (not cataract). I will ONLY consider a surgeon whose primary practice is based in Guad. If he or she also comes down to lakeside 1 or 2 days a week for follow-ups with patients, that would be a positive.

    If you have HAD Lasik, and you had a very positive experience and outcome, please share the name of the surgeon who performed your procedure. Gracias! 

  8. On 4/9/2017 at 10:53 PM, mudgirl said:

    I suggested this fix because my toilets were also not fully flushing, I read about this fix and it worked perfectly, so I suggested it. Not really a miracle determination. Also is quick and easy and cheap, so a good thing to try before getting into more complicated stuff. 

    Yeah but you did NOT get permission from Computer Guy first before posting this suggestion. Tsk, tsk. When will you people learn?

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  9. 4 hours ago, pappysmarket said:

    You're kidding I assume.

    Would be a good post for Saturday if you still celebrate that April 1 day.

    Har har har. No, I'm actually flying up to Minnesota to have it done. SCOUT'S HONOR!! Here's news pappy, no one will be the wiser as to WHERE the notary stamp was actually applied. That is of course unless some goody, goody like you gets all righteously indignant and tries to blow the whistle. Otherwise, you feel "free" to go be bent over and pay the US Consulate's $50 ransom for the same service. Sheez.  

  10. 2 hours ago, tomgates said:

    Go to Tio Sams and have them order a GE Monogram dual fuel range. Very insulated electric ovens and gas cooktop. Takes 220v service.

    Tomgates, that sounds like EXACTLY what I am looking for! I have a friend who brought a duel-fuel range from Canada and they love it. I was reluctant to go that route because my CFE bills are already in the dreaded DAC zone. However, I'm getting ready to install a 10-panel solar system, so that should keep me under DAC, even with an electric oven. I don't use the oven all that often, but when I do use it I want it to WORK! :rolleyes: Thanks much!!  

  11. My old oven is giving me fits. :angry: The burners on the stove top all work well enough, but the oven has become a real challenge. The main problem is that the oven will NOT maintain a steady temperature, and the temperature that I set it on the dial bares no resemblance to the actual temperature of the oven. So I have to keep moving the dial up and down, a real pain. There also appears to be very little insulation around the oven, so a LOT of the heat "leaks" out into the adjacent cabinets, up through the stove top (other than the vent), and into the cocina. And therefore, if I open the door it takes a long time for the temperature to go back up.

    Yes, I COULD perhaps fix the dial problem with a new thermostat, and after I see the price of a new oven I just might try that first. ;) However, this oven is almost 10 years old, and I would really like to get a new one with updated features and more insulation to prevent heat loss.

    Has anyone purchased an oven RECENTLY from Tio Sam's (or elsewhere) that you are just IN LOVE with? If so, please give me the brand and model number. 


  12. 15 hours ago, bdlngton said:

    Two questions:

    1.  Cost of Mexican driver's license?

    2.  Do they keep your NOB driver's license or give it back to you?

    My cost was 558 pesos, BUT if you are over 60, which I am, and YOU TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE OVER 60 because they won't check unless you tell them, it is 50% off!

    I never had to present my NOB DL at lakeside. Maybe in Guad that might be helpful as some have noted.  

  13. Okay, having run the all-day gauntlet on last Friday to successfully obtain my Jalisco driver's license, here is my summation of the process, the good, bad, and the ugly. 

    Step 1: Find out WHEN they are going to be handing out DLs down here again. I have no idea how/from where the announcement will come about when the next time that they will do this, perhaps someone else can comment on that. I heard last Friday that the next one will be in "another 2 months." 

    Step 2: Once you know when, go to Chapala City Hall, 2nd floor, to the Secretaria General's office with all of your documents and COPIES ALL IN BLACK & WHITE ONLY (even your proof of address). Those include, passport, resident card (front & back), CURP (front & back), and proof of address WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.

    Step 3: They check all of your docs and then direct you to go pay the fee at Calle Degollado #306. BE SURE TO TELL THEM IF YOU ARE OVER 60! Otherwise you will NOT get the 50% discount for the fee!

    Step 4:Take a copy of your recibo (that's what I was told to do) back to the Secretaria General's office. MAKE SURE THAT YOU TAKE THE ORIGINAL RECIBO WITH YOU TO THE TESTING SITE! With the payment made, they will take all of your document copies and then assign/give you a number. That number serves ONLY to reconnect you with your document copies later at the testing site (usually on the following Friday at the Auditorio in Ajijic). That number in NO WAY entitles you to be processed in any particular order, oh no. 

    Step 5: Appear at the designated testing site (this time, the Auditorio) at the assigned day/time (this time Friday 10:30, but I arrived at 10:15). People were lining up in the hot sun according to their "assigned number" (ha, ha). We all soon learned that this number meant nothing more than a way to reconnect you with your document copies, and maybe to control the total number of people that they accepted. Renewal applicants were co-mingled with new licences applicants. Soon after we all filed in and sat down, they told the people who wanted to renew to go down to the front room, and the new license applicants to go to the back room. So a lot of confusion ensued as people shuffled between the two places.

    Step 4: After some general discussion, entirely in Spanish, we were told to line up to have our documents checked--again. After a surge towards another back room, with people 5-6 abreast, they said to form only ONE LINE. This information was a little too little, a little too late, and a total clusterf@*k ensured. Eventually we all got our docs checked and stamped.

    Step 5: More instructions, again only in Spanish, (my bilingual interpreter acted for the entire gringo group at this point.) We were handed a written test to take with 20 questions, there were various different versions each with different questions, ALL TESTS WERE IN SPANISH ONLY. Finally, one interpreter showed up. She gathered up all of the gringo new license applicants, made sure that they all has the same version of the test, and then took them into a small room where she read each question and the possible answers (usually 3) out loud, and the applicants filled out their mimeographed, very hard to read answer sheets. You needed to answer only 13 of the 20 questions correctly to pass.

    Step 6: Next we all stood in line again to have our test answers scored.

    Step 7: After most of the applicants had passed, they told us to drive our own car down to Camino Real in lower Fl Floresta (where the horses are) for the "driving" portion of the testing. This consisted of only parallel parking between two sets of 3 cones, one set in front, one set in back, without touching any of the cones and ending up close to the curb. If you have an SUV with a high hood, you might not be able to see the outermost front cone. You might want to borrow a friend's smaller car to take the test. If you have a long van, do the same. They will NOT move the cones for anyone! BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR SEAT BELT FASTENED WHEN YOU PULL UP TO PARK OR THEY WILL FAIL YOU! You do not need to turn on your emergency flashers as some have reported.

    Step 8: Go back to the Auditorio and then wait in another line to have your picture taken, your signature captured, and then to have your license printed!

    That's it. It took me from 10:30 to a little after 3:30 pm, about 5 hours. Probably not much more than if I had gone up to Guadalajara.  

    It also helps to study some of the possible questions that might appear on the exam. You can find a somewhat dated version of those questions at the following link...

    Buena seurte!

  14. 4 hours ago, hammerhead said:

    Mexicomoose, By this morning if you went back to City Hall, hopefully you received your number. The folks from Guadalajara will arrive at the auditorium at about 10:30 Friday 2/10/17. Be a bit early just in case. They will have manilla envelopes with everyone's name on each. They will call out the names and distribute the envelopes to those who have a "number". My number was in the 80s.

    hammerhead, I did go back and was able to get my number. I have #51. Given that you got yours sooner and a number in the 80s, that might mean that they will call people's numbers in reverse order (counting down from the highest), or perhaps in no order at all. :-/ I guess we'll find out tomorrow. It turns out that the second lady I spoke after I paid was just a "seat filler" while the first lady went to lunch. If nothing else it will be an adventure. 

  15. 6 hours ago, hammerhead said:

    My understanding is that one day a month Guad. will pick the date when they will be here at lakeside to issue driver licenses to those who have submitted proper documents and license payment receipt to Chapala City Hall ( Secretary General Office ) prior to that months date that Guad. will be here. Written or road test? For sure no road tests were given last month. I have heard neither will be required if you have had a previous license from ANY WHERE even if expired. BUT! I will let you know Friday after returning with my new Mexican drivers license. Hopefully. P.S. They are expecting near 100 people showing up on Friday who have turned in all their documents. Another mad house like last month.

    hammerhead, et al

    Since I had to pay my property taxes at city hall in Chapala anyway, after I paid them this afternoon I asked some folks about the driver's license process. They directed me upstairs to the Sec. General's assistant's desk (as you noted). The assistant at the desk confirmed that I could still be a part of this round. She checked all of my documents and then told me to go pay my 558 pesos at #308 Dellagado [the same place where we pay our annual car registration] and then bring a copy of the recibo back to her.

    By the time I did all of that and got back to city hall, there was a DIFFERENT lady now sitting at the Sec. General's assistant's desk. (I thought "uh oh"). So I showed her my recibo for $558 stamped PAGADO. She then asked me if I had my numero? I was like, uh... "que numero? She then pulled out someone else's paperwork and it had a small (2" x 2") piece of paper attached with the number "35" on it. My heart sank. The previous assistant said NOTHING about getting a numero; where, how, from whom? It was getting close to closing time at that point, and I had an appt in Ajijic to get to. So when she asked me to sit down and wait for 20 minutes and that someone would bring her the numero, I was like... "I don't think so." I asked her if I could instead come back in the morning to get my numero and she said yes. 

    So I don't know what I will face when I get there, but I'm taking a bilingual friend with me just in case. I believe this "numero" is the control process that they use to limit how many people can be processed at the Friday testing/licensing session, which I believe is at the Auditorio in Ajijic, but I don't know yet what time that starts. I also don't know if they will use the numeros to ensure that it is "first-come, first served," but I doubt it. They probably just issue numeros until they hit 150 or hopefully less this time around.

    Despite the glitches, this still seems to be a better option than going all the way up to Guadalajara, and it is definitely less expensive if you don't use a concierge, which I was planning to do.     

  16. 3 hours ago, hammerhead said:

    Just returned from Chapala City Hall ( Secretary Generals office ) with all the needed copies and the receipt for license payment of $558 pesos. Will pick up new license on Friday at the auditorium. Wham, bam thank you maam. No problem.    

    Any idea if they are going to being doing this again on Wednesday or if this was a 1-day shot? Will the tests be on Friday? 

    Also, how did you hear about this? My telepathy channel must be out. :-/ 

  17. On 2/3/2017 at 5:41 PM, mhopkins2 said:

    My wife and I engaged the services of Luzma Grande of Ajijic to drive us to Guad and back and guide us through the different stations.  We were both getting first time licenses for both automobile and motorcycle.  This requires 2 sets of papers and you receive 2 licenses.  Because we're over the age of 60, she guided us to the fronts of all lines talking to whomever was in charge of that station.  She also got us an interpreter for the exam station.  Because our Oregon licenses had motorcycle endorsements, both the car (parking) and motorcycle tests were waved.  She said for 1 person getting 1 license, the usual time from Ajijic back to Ajijic is about 4 hours.  She made the task so much easier than if we'd tried to do this on our own.  She charges $500mx for the trip plus $150/hour.  I highly recommend Luzma to make this a much easier, close to pain free, task.  Her email is ajijicconcierge at gmail.com and office number is (376) 766 1562. . 

    Question for anyone, particularly those who got their license in Guad, was there an eye exam involved? 

  18. Yes, I wanna start a fight. :P Which restaurant at Lakeside DO YOU THINK serves THE best guacamole? The quality of the totopos can be factored in. 

    BUT PLEASE do NOT reply with your favorite recipe or by telling me how easy it is to make it myself at home. Read the question please and thank you. :D

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