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  1. DoesDoes anyone have any updates on the new vaccine's availability in Guadalajara???
  2. Yes, I should have added that I use a propane heater to get the tub up to 105 F before I use it. But with the solar boost that takes a matter of minutes instead of over an hour as before. So I also use a LOT less gas! Thanks for the reminder.
  3. I am one of the hot tub owners that STI helped and I am thrilled with my solar water heating system! Just one panel (2 x 3 m.) and a small circulating pump have the tub at 95 F by late afternoon. [edit] I also use a propane heater to get the tub up to 105 F before I use it, but with the solar boost that takes a matter of a few minutes instead of the hour + it took before, and I use a LOT less propane! ;-) Gracias AngusMactavish. Give Ron Magen an email and see what he can do for you. I highly recommend Ron and STI. Ron Magen ron@solartechnology.com.mx
  4. And remember, LOOK ALL EIGHT WAYS before proceeding!! Cars drop out of the sky here.
  5. No, that's the old "Catch 22." You need to have had credit in order to get credit. I only have a US credit history.
  6. Has anyone successfully applied for and received a Liverpool Credit Card? Must one be a Permanente Residente to get one? I'm only 3 months away from "qualifying" for my Permanente status. So, if that IS a requirement, I will wait. I'm looking to make a large single-item purchase that may or may not qualify for the 10% discount on the "1st day of shopping" with the Liverpool Card. IF all of the stars align, it could save me 4,000 pesos, which ain't "chump change." Their stated requirements online are... In all types of processing it is necessary to be of legal age *, present valid official identification ** and proof of domicile. Process with credit history Have a history of a bank, departmental, self-service credit card or personal, automotive or mortgage payroll credit. Processing without credit history Proof of income over $ 4,000 Proof of current address in your name or a direct relative I meet ALL of those requirements, but I suspect that there's a "gringo clause" lurking about that isn't part of their stated requirements. Anyone? Anyone? Gracias in advance
  7. Spencer, Your discussion is focused on a patient who WANTS to obtain his or her medical records from a doctor but cannot. I have a question for you about a US patient who comes down to Mexico to have a test done and who DOES NOT WANT any record of the outcome, and who especially DOES NOT WANT any US medical insurance company to ever obtain the medical records, which might give rise to a pesky "pre-existing" condition for the person tested. You stated... "Sections 5.5.1 and 5.6 state that any requests for medical information must be made in writing and only given to third parties when requested by the patient, guardian, legal representative or another doctor authorized by the patient, guardian or legal representative. If you are living outside Mexico you can grant a power of attorney to someone to be able to request the records on your behalf." If I am reading that correctly, it means that NOBODY can get the medical records of a patient unless that patient authorizes a person or entity to have it. Is that correct? If so, this would mean that a US-based insurance company could NEVER discover that the test had been performed or obtain the records indicating the outcome of that test. Is that your interpretation of this NOM/section as well? Thanks in advance.
  8. I couldn't find a thread that dealt with Lasik surgery. Are you talking about the post titled "Local Opthomologist makes BIG mistake?" That appears to be related to a botched cataract surgery, not my area of need. I did read that note and made some notes about Gringal's recommendation. But I wanted to start a topic that dealt specifically with Lasik surgery.
  9. I am considering some vision correction by way of Lasik surgery (not cataract). I will ONLY consider a surgeon whose primary practice is based in Guad. If he or she also comes down to lakeside 1 or 2 days a week for follow-ups with patients, that would be a positive. If you have HAD Lasik, and you had a very positive experience and outcome, please share the name of the surgeon who performed your procedure. Gracias!
  10. Yeah but you did NOT get permission from Computer Guy first before posting this suggestion. Tsk, tsk. When will you people learn?
  11. That's what I like recognition for who I truly am. :-)
  12. Har har har. No, I'm actually flying up to Minnesota to have it done. SCOUT'S HONOR!! Here's news pappy, no one will be the wiser as to WHERE the notary stamp was actually applied. That is of course unless some goody, goody like you gets all righteously indignant and tries to blow the whistle. Otherwise, you feel "free" to go be bent over and pay the US Consulate's $50 ransom for the same service. Sheez.
  13. If you ask me, the US Consulate charging US citizens $50 per notary stamp is %$@# FRAUD!! YMMV
  14. Tomgates, that sounds like EXACTLY what I am looking for! I have a friend who brought a duel-fuel range from Canada and they love it. I was reluctant to go that route because my CFE bills are already in the dreaded DAC zone. However, I'm getting ready to install a 10-panel solar system, so that should keep me under DAC, even with an electric oven. I don't use the oven all that often, but when I do use it I want it to WORK! Thanks much!!
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