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  1. anyone know of anyone who has a business where they drive a person, a dog, and a car full of personal belongings to Reynosa border?
  2. My temporary visa expires in a couple of week and I am in the process of closing on the house I just sold here. All said and done my visa will be expired by then. Is there a penalty for flying with an expired visa? I will also need to drive back within a week or so and get my stuff. Would there any problem getting a tourist visa after just having let my temporary visa expire? Anyone know?
  3. This summer I will have had my temporary visa for 4 yrs and now it's time to go permente. Anyone know what papers I need etc? There have not been any interuptions in my temporary status. Need to do income requirements again?
  4. Anyone have good driving directions to Matehuala and then onto McAllen,Tx? We plan an overnight stay in Matehuala on the way to McAllen. Thanks
  5. I guess wasn't clear. I mean little tubes of glue for little model kits that come in a box and cost 10-15 dollars. Anyone know where I can buy glue for these types of model kits?
  6. Anyone know where I can buy glue and paint for model airplane and car kits?
  7. unplugged it and waited and plugged back in. Hooray it's going. Thanks All!
  8. I have code 041 on my receiver for hours anyone else have same problem?
  9. Will be driving mexican plated car to US for 2 weeks. Need full coverage not just liability. Anyone know how to go about this.
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