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  1. Take a look at LCS's End of Life program. Last I looked it was about $700 or $800 for cremation. You can with the proper documentation take the ashes back to the US yourself. (Must be sure they are not drugs.) I had a friend who brought her husband's ashes back to Mexico from the US. Lots of documentation but a lot less than $9.000.

  2. The most effective way to ride out an earthquake is to be at sea in a boat. Ashore, you should live in a tent. Otherwise, you take your chances with a structure falling on you. However, surviving that, it helps if you have a ready supply of food and water with your first aid kit; perhaps enough to last quite some time without power or cooking fuel. That said, the odds are with you; especially here, where the 'unstable ground' actually provides a shock absorber effect, especially on flat terrain, and is rather forgiving, compared to places with foundations on bedrock.

    And if all the buildings and such pancake like they did in Haiti you could have all the preparation in the world and it would not help unless you stored your stuff in the middle of the street. For hurricanes you could store all this stuff because you have a warning and can get out the way. But earthquakes - I think you better hope you have a lot of good luck!!!!

  3. The Haitian Earthquake has usurped the news of the number of earthquakes that have been shaking up No. Mexico and California in the past 10 days-

    David Brooks in the New York Times wrote an editorial last week about the difference in construction methods in 2nd and 3rd world countries comparing Haiti's 7.0 quake with 70,000 counted bodies as of today and almost total destruction of the capital city with the Loma Prieta 7.0 San Francisco quake in 1989 when there were only 63 deaths and damage was confined to small areas of the city sitting on land fill.

    California has banned the construction of any buildings made of brick- Old bldgs in Calif especially old cities like San Francisco must be earthquake retrofitted which costs $$$$$$ or demolished and every home built in the last 25 yrs must also be earthquake protected.

    Until you've experienced a big shake - you don't realize how 10 seconds can change your life - As a kid in elementary school in Calif. we practiced drills on how to survive an earthquake- Do you know what to do?

    Think about how our homes are built here in Mexico-When I lived at lakeside I watched a friends home being constucted in Chula Vista Norte and another in the upper Racquet Club- I could see daylight through the stacks of ladrillos- Builders don't always use metal reinforcement and rarely heavy rebar- one good shake of 30 seconds and down come the walls and boveda ceilings that could crush you.

    January 2010

    Jan 4- 5.8 quake with a series of stong aftershocks near Mexicali- skycrapers in San Diego were shaking- some reports of damage in Mexico

    Last week Eureka Calif 6.5 quake-0 deaths but $30,000,000 in damage to downtown offices stores, shopping malls and homes. a week of continuous aftershocks.

    Aug 9 2009 6.9 off coast of Mexico in Gulf of Calif.

    Look at the news reports from Haiti-Biggest problem for survivors is dehydration-If you've never lived in earthquake country - How prepared are you? Something to think about.

    I came from hurricane country and know how to prepare for that. We always got supplies together on June 1st. What can you do to prepare for an earthquake, especially if everything is pancaked like it was in Haiti. I just hope I am one of the first to go. I doubt the Mexican government is prepared for anything like that.

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