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  1. Take a look at LCS's End of Life program. Last I looked it was about $700 or $800 for cremation. You can with the proper documentation take the ashes back to the US yourself. (Must be sure they are not drugs.) I had a friend who brought her husband's ashes back to Mexico from the US. Lots of documentation but a lot less than $9.000.
  2. Linda:

    Please talk to me before you use Surgery Host. I have a friend who is suing them and in all likelihood she will win. We are hoping Lyn and Varn will be back Wednesday.


  3. That sounds good. Lets hope we can make it an emergency. Dr. Gonzalez will help you.


  4. I have crutches you are must welcome to have. Call me at 766-4815.

    Sue Kelley

  5. His name is Frank Slater. His email address is: far00@hotmail.com. I have emailed him to expect something from you.

  6. And if all the buildings and such pancake like they did in Haiti you could have all the preparation in the world and it would not help unless you stored your stuff in the middle of the street. For hurricanes you could store all this stuff because you have a warning and can get out the way. But earthquakes - I think you better hope you have a lot of good luck!!!!
  7. I came from hurricane country and know how to prepare for that. We always got supplies together on June 1st. What can you do to prepare for an earthquake, especially if everything is pancaked like it was in Haiti. I just hope I am one of the first to go. I doubt the Mexican government is prepared for anything like that.
  8. Are you insinuating that those of us that work in the library do not have all of our marbles? Maybe for some but the majority of the people that work at LCS go way beyond the call of duty.


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