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  1. A quick follow-up in case it helps someone else. Loading Express VPN on the fire stick was easy (thanks for the suggestion) but when I tried to watch a film I then got a different error: "We see that you are trying to watch a film on a VPN. This is not allowed. Please disable the VPN and try again." I did an online chat with Express VPN. they had seen the problem before and suggested that I switch from the Miami server to the Los Angeles 3 server. That absolutely solved the problem. Thanks for the help!
  2. User All Day: I read the earlier link that you provided bot don't see anything relevant. I didn't buy or otherwise choose my router - it's what TelCel gave me, HUAWEI Model 8310s-518. It has no VPN port on the modem. Another clarification - I have a Mac, not a PC. I do have a VPN on my computer (Express VPN). However the chain is: Telcel - Router - IMac, OR Telcel - Router - (WiFi) - Fire Stick - TV. Since the router bypasses the computer, the IMac VPN doesn't keep the Telcel Modem from telling the Fire Stick that it is located in Mx.
  3. I'm not sure if this is the same or a different question. I have a conventional TV, not a smart one. I access networks via Shaw Direct. I have no land line so my computer accesses the internet via a TelCel wireless modem. I recently bought an Amazon FireTV firestick, did installation, connected to my modem, registered the Fire Stick to my US Amazon account. So far, so good. I can look at the menus on Netflix and Amazon. But when I try to watch a movie, I inevitably get a message that the movie is not available because of a Geo IP code error - meaning that my modem has a Mexican IP address. Is there any way to get around this?
  4. Pagebeard, If you are coming at Christmas, I could make you a deal with free housing in exchange for feeding our cat. Our dates are Dec 19 through Dec 27. You could come a bit earlier and stay a couple of days later. Let me know if interested and we can discuss in more detail.
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