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  1. The last couple of days the house has been invaded by little black ants and they're everywhere! Some are no bigger than specks but there's a lot of them roaming over the tile floors, especially at night. They're ignoring my ant baits (Terro liquid) and I don't know what to do. For health reasons, I'm worried about spraying or laying down powder and don't want the cat ingesting toxins either; she would pick up the chemicals on her paws. Please, does anyone have a solution or Is there a professional I could call in to fix this (preferably English-speaking)? Can't stand it much longer...
  2. Sorry - been here 18 years, full-time, and I'm still not used to it so probably won't happen. II try to keep my own list current but these things still happen and I get frustrated, especially when the back-up plan goes up in smoke as well. Just venting a little, I guess; everyone's got a pet peeve or two.
  3. Just been reading (belatedly) about Casa Domenech - hadn't heard about it and am wondering if they're still in business?
  4. It's so hard to know who's open when - couldn't there be one thread where local restaurants just post their hours or a number you could call to check? Went to have lunch today and one place on my list didn't open until 2 and the other had no hours posted and didn't appear to be planning to open at all today. Ended up with a very disappointing meal in a third restaurant nearby - no need to say where. Just frustrating for those of us who don't eat out a lot and really look forward to something special when we do...
  5. Good to hear people speaking up for Superlake. I sometimes get exasperated when everything's an import and I can't find basics, but then I scoop up the last bottle of shao hsing cooking wine for my char siu and I feel like I won the lottery! I've shopped there for 18 years and probably couldn't have survived without some place to indulge my cravings, even if it meant cooking the treats myself!
  6. Believe I heart that the Art House had closed; where can I go to get large, high quality photo prints? Rarely get into the city.
  7. Have an HP printer from Walmart used maybe 5 times and can't get decent colour balance on my photos. Also keep getting a message that laptop and printer aren't communicating and have to go online to HP for a fix each time in order to print. Today I can't print, though the icons show I have black ink, which is all I want for this project. Looking back, the consensus here seems to be that you might just as well buy a new printer as try to get one fixed, but what do you do if the thing IS relatively new?
  8. Like the idea but don't think Coke's a great option here - seems it's best for chrome and can corrode certain other metals, besides being sticky if you can't get it all off. There are too many corners and crevices on these things and, again, I don't know what they're made of. Think the foil could scratch up the sculpture...
  9. Hadn't realized... This is a crisis! First we lost New Zealand Fern and now Lurpak? They were the best of what's available here, flavour-wise; anything else I've tried ran a poor second. I don't know what I'll do without...!
  10. I have a metal cat sculpture and a 3-piece tabletop fountain that need a serious clean-up; they've rusted and I'd like to repaint them. I don't know what either one is made of but there must be someone who knows how to refurbish things like this. I can do the painting if someone could clean/prep them. Can anyone suggest a contact?
  11. Great rejoicing! Superlake had salchichas desayunos today - no brand, just their own packaging (or Tony's?), 16 for $40.50. Better than expensive Jimmy Dean's...
  12. Will check Tuesday market - thanks! Is anyone replacing the lady who was doing Costco deliveries? I never get there any more...
  13. Has anyone else noticed that little pork breakfast sausages have disappeared from Superlake and Walmart? Is there somewhere else I can get these? Have blankets but no pigs...
  14. Really miss the convenience of Pillsbury frozen biscuits & rolls for breakfast pastries and appetizers and keep seeing recipes I'd love to try if we had those here. Does anyone at Lakeside sell a similar product - someone at one of the markets or from a home kitchen? And if not, why not? Valerina used to do really good pie pastry, at least, but I think she's gone...
  15. Can someone tell me where to find this locally? Do the ferreterias carry it?
  16. Where do people buy curtain rods around here? I need 3 different sizes, matching type/appearance to hang panels with grommets. Do I have to go to Home Depot or where else might I find something presentable? Amazon Mexico wants almost $900. for a single rod of a size to fit my front window (abt. 80")!
  17. I believe Buen Fin is on the 18th, so a bit more than a week away. Is there anywhere to find info on who might be offering what around the town? I've heard there can be some great deals but never known how to find out in time to take advantage. I may be needing a new fridge so a discount would be welcome...
  18. Want to find starter grains for making milk kefir. Does anyone out there have some to spare or know where I could source these?
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