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  1. Thanks to all for the suggestions; some useful information there. And sorry - I thought I was clear that the meds were for my blood pressure and the side effects coming from them, I suspect, after doing some reading. Will definitely have the calibration of my monitor checked; no matter how good the doctor is, no one's going to take as much interest in your health as you would yourself. Need a consultation to start, but I believe in researching and doing what I can at home to manage these things.
  2. Having bad side effects on my current meds and need someone to reassess. Not sure if I need a GP or a specialist - who at Lakeside might be knowledgeable in this area?
  3. Ferret, thanks for the Amazon link. I had no idea these little converters existed and will definitely pick one up with my next Amazon order. I'm excited to try!
  4. I vote for a local service, like the OP was enquiring about. I've been hoping for years to find someone who could transfer my cassette compilations (don't laugh) - I've saved all my favourites `cause I spent hours and hours putting them together. Nothing to play them on anymore though...
  5. Sorry, but it feels like 104 - Friday and every day since...
  6. kgreenbury


    I remember them fondly too but haven't been there in ages; the bakery was kind of hidden away. I bought a few dozen bolillos there at one point for a big party and made two trips just so I could get them fresh from the oven. Then the hostess insisted on having them all sliced crossways in rounds; a complete mutilation I still haven't forgiven her for, 17 years later! Must try and get some again, just for me...
  7. Just saw that Lakeside Food Delivery has signed up Masayume so you can now have delivered to your door.
  8. Does anyone have an old, non-functioning pedestal fan hanging around? I broke the plastic blade on mine when cleaning it last fall and really could use about now. Mine is a "Merit" brand, probably from Walmart, but can't remember now. Worked perfectly and I'm reluctant to just throw it out.
  9. What would you ask for a pump? I know nothing about them, including cost to install, but could find out, as I could use a second to give me a little pressure on at least one of the other two taps. Maybe the landlord would even chip in...
  10. I wanted to review my account and copy/remove some files, then decide if I'm going to close it. I opted to "do this later" but now the agreement page keeps coming up and I can't access anything, even when I hit "I agree." Is there a link to query this? I use that account every day and there will still be some things I need to see until I can advise everyone to reach me elsewhere...
  11. Did anyone bother to check the OP's article link? It certainly looks official and mentions two sightings, one by the "Jesus the Fisherman" statue and a second near Club Nautico in lower Floresta.
  12. Both good suggestions, thank you. Good to know about the curtain rods too; Walmart & Soriana selections leave a lot to be desired.
  13. I ordered new curtains that I discovered were too sheer when they arrived so I bought a heavier one at Walmart that could be cut to line them. Question is, who can I get to sew them and do a good job of it for a decent price? Suggestions?
  14. Sad to say, the Lurpak crisis was NOT averted; I'm guessing what Walmart had was residual stock - only salted "Untable Light" so not at all what I wanted. None of the foil-wrapped regular, either salted or unsalted and the Untable was gone too, last time I looked. Did notice that Superlake has Anchor again, but must be buying in bulk because they're selling it in shrink-wrapped slabs. Haven't had a chance to try yet.
  15. I do know that about Walmart `cause I've had the experience with other things, but when it involves my butter it's serious. I sort of panicked. Thanks for the reassurance and I'll try the President's Choice while I wait, tho I don't remember seeing that there either, today. I know the other Costco butter isn't going to do it for me... I have one frozen Lurpak in reserve; will try to eke it out. Sadly, I've never had the nerve to drive in Guad, so I rarely get there; busing isn't really an option if you're shopping much, especially groceries.
  16. Was at Walmart today and there was no sign of my Lurpak butter - neither salted nor unsalted. This is a "must have" in my kitchen but Superlake stopped carrying it some time ago and I've been relying on Walmart. I'm devastated -; first they pulled the New Zealand Fern, and now if Lurpak vanishes I don't know what I'll do. Haven't found another brand that's comparable. Is there anyplace else I can try? Might Pancho have it in his new place?
  17. Need the grande version of a Styrofoam cooler, not the little ones I'm seeing that hold a couple of 6-packs. Does anyone know where I could buy one of the bigger ones?
  18. They're wasps, no question. But out of curiosity, is there someone here who moves the bees? I had a wall nest maybe 15 years ago and the Bomberos came out all netted up and sprayed to kill them.
  19. Is there a local outlet that carries the aerosol wasp killer that sprays from a distance? I think it was Raid I used to buy, with a conical fogger type spray nozzle, but I can't find it now.
  20. Agree. I use normal, pasturized leche entero and it works just fine. I'm convinced it's helped with a couple of health issues I've had over the past year or two.
  21. I'm in San Antonio and the garbage trucks have been really erratic since Christmas. Normally they come Monday, Wednesday and Friday but there was a 4 day gap again this week and things got kind of smelly. Not to mention the street dogs wanting to strew everything in the road when you put bags out, hoping for a truck. Need to know when to expect the guys because they can't just sit there for hours. I read that there's a private contractor now but wasn't clear if that's for all areas or when they might turn up. Anyone?
  22. Superlake stocks things that are vital to my existence, products that simply aren't available anywhere else, not even in Guad or P.V. I know it impresses a lot of the Tapatios when they visit. I don't want it to change or I might have to move! Pancho's done a terrific job of keeping up with trends and fulfilling requests over the years and I'm sure it hasn't been easy.
  23. Another suggestion, if you've got a good, reliable pastry recipe for the tarts, you might sell ready-made shells, as some of us just aren't talented that way. My last effort was all over me, the floor, the ceiling and the cat.
  24. Anyone tried this new San Antonio restaurant on La Paz, just around the corner below Adelita's?
  25. I use the freezie pops you can buy at the tiangui. You can reuse a few times and, if they do leak, it's nothing I'd worry about ingesting. Just adds a slightly different flavour.
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