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  1. I need to find someone who could bring a couple of bottles of kidney support drops to Lakeside for my cat. The vet doesn't think there's much hope but I'm not ready to give up; the reviews on this stuff say it's helped others. Need to get it here PRONTO though, and delivery to Mex is a minimum of 2 weeks, whereas Amazon can send it to someone coming from the U.S. (or probably Canada) in a day or two. Please - any ideas?
  2. I urgently require some medicine for my cat and it could be shipped to you in 2 or 3 days, as opposed to needing 2 weeks or more if they ship to my address. I realize this should probably be posted in pet section but wanted to reach a larger audience...
  3. About 5 weeks ago now I made a down-payment on a product that was supposed to be purchased for me by a local businessman. I gave him half the money but have never received my item and I'm getting a complete runaround whenever I manage to speak to him. His phone now goes straight to voicemail, his shop is closed half the time when I try to find him, and he's told me 4 times now that he would be out to the house - twice he said he'd come and install the item and twice more he was supposed to stop by and return my money when I gave up and requested a refund. Doesn't show, doesn't call. Is there anything I can do at this point or do I just have to write off my money? It was a fairly substantial sum...
  4. Thee health supplement store beside Superlake had bottles of Stevia - hopefully they still do as I'm running out again. I got the granular Monkfruit sweetener from Amazon U.S. & had it muled in. Lakanto also has a golden/brown sweetener and a sugar-free maple syrup I'd love to get my mitts on...
  5. Can we go back to the petition briefly? There are others, I'm sure, who would sign if it was circulated more widely - maybe at the Mon./Wed. tianguis or outside Superlake/Walmart/Sorianas for a day or two?
  6. I'm in favour of keeping all the stores; more selection and the competition can only benefit us. El Torito's might have to "pull up it's sox"; it's gone downhill some since that was my local 10+ years ago. The new Riberas store looks promising and very modern but (sorry) Walmart will probably remain the closest thing to one-stop-shopping we have.
  7. More taste trials please. Friends of mine went a little while ago after I told them what I'd read here, and were hugely disappointed to be served a very generic burger. Now I'm waiting to hear from people who've actually tried this new incarnation.
  8. I struggle with this every time because I rarely call long distance. Is there a prefix/code I need to add to call a Canadian 1-800 number?
  9. There's nothing wrong with Melaque or Barra de Navidad, either. I recently found this site online and tho I've not rented thru them yet, there are some interesting options for places all along the pacific coast. This link is for a specific property but will lead you into the site to find others. https://www.ownerdirect.com/melaque/vacation-rentals/76476 .
  10. It's frustrating; if you put your trash bins out, the collectors break/mangle new ones within a couple of weeks, but if you just use bags, the neighborhood dogs spread the contents everywhere. And you can never anticipate when (or if) pick-up will occur; it was 10 at night when the truck came through SAT earlier this week so things got pretty ripe sitting all day in the sun!
  11. Dr. Haro will do dentures and it's quality work. Dr. Susana in Jocotopec also seems to have satisfied clients for dentures.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good brand of mozzarella to buy locally? Ideally, I'd like to buy it already shredded but the ones I've tried were not what I think of as real mozza. The latest experiment wouldn't even melt when I tried to make pizza...
  13. Who does photo printing and enlargements locally here now? I know about Art House, but they can be expensive... Anyone else?
  14. The garden center 2 or 3 doors east of 7-11 in Riberas has seeds for Broccoli and mung bean sprouts, and I think there were a couple more types but wasn't buying today. Did pick up a pack of moringa seeds; having it fresh from the tree has to be better than the dried preparations... As far as I know, this is a first for Lakeside; I much prefer to do my own sprouting if possible. Now if only the seeds germinate, which is sometimes problematic, judging by past experiments with various veg and flowers...
  15. Lost my internet and phone Wed. about 3 p.m. but still had TV, which is useless to me but part of the package. (I agree about Netflix.) The office told me Thurs. they'd have everything back to normal that day but it didn't happen until sometime Sunday. Credit where it's due, they must have been working overtime to manage that; I didn't expect anything till at least Monday...
  16. Does anyone have contact info for the person who apparently does regular border runs and will bring down mail and packages for you? I had an email address, I thought, but my query came back "undeliverable." (transport@zipmypackages.com)
  17. Dr. Mercola's website has a number of informative articles about magnesium. I understand there are various types, and some are absorbed more easily than others. I've come across references to magnesium citrate, mag. chloride & mag. theonate as being some of the better ones. I bought "Cloruro de Magnesio" at Prasad Health Foods across from El Toritos in 500mg tabs.
  18. Is there anyone at Lakeside who can supply clay/paint/glaze and fire small dishes and ornaments I make at home, perhaps assist with a little advice? Frank Howell, unfortunately, is not an option.
  19. Does anyone know of a local source to purchase/order granulated Erythritol? Apparently it's widely used NOB and it's in so many of the recipes I want to make. I'm finding it horribly frustrating to determine equivalents for all the different sweeteners, or even to find the ones that don't have added sugars. The powdered ones don't have the bulk necessary for baking, either.
  20. kgreenbury


    They're in the frozen foods section, maybe 2nd or 3rd compartment across from the bread. I saw them again a few days ago and they're down toward the bottom, might be pushed toward the back. I didn't look closely but the first time they had pork and vegetable versions.
  21. kgreenbury


    Chillin, you nailed it. I can vouch for the virtues of Jicama - I use it in my gyoza, diced very small, and in larger slices in all my stir-frys instead of water chestnuts; it works perfectly. Ukiyo, just give us a heads-up when you're coming this way in a few months, and we'll see if we can pull a group of students together for you!
  22. kgreenbury


    Ukiyo - Maybe you'll give us a class on sushi when you come? I'm sure you'd have lots of people interested. I've learned to cook lots of things here out of desperation because they simply weren't available otherwise; still can't get enough good Asian food...
  23. Thanks so much for this link; I didn't know about it either. I get hardly any American TV and I've missed seeing these shows. Been in shock all weekend after the news on Friday and the site is overloaded at the moment but I'm hoping to explore it thoroughly when it's quieter. Hopefully they won't suspend or take it down...
  24. kgreenbury


    Thanks, Ukiyo. I've had the Costco ones, and they're good but less accessible. II kind of like mine fried, for a little crunch on the outside. I've been making my own for 35 years but sometimes I just want a few NOW... And FYI, I'm from western Canada so I'm a peirogi fan too. If you're ever ambitious, try sweet potato filling mixed with butter, bacon bits, green onions and a dash of liquid smoke - Fabulous!
  25. kgreenbury


    I noticed Walmart had 2 types of frozen gyozas yesterday - has anyone tried them? I'd love to have that option if they're any good but their frozen foods tend to range from awful to maybe if I'm desperate, of the ones I've tried...
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