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  1. Thanks Natasha! Will call tomorrow, tho I have a line on a kitty already. Still want to explore all options - a new family member's a big decision...
  2. Hoping to find Siamese or' part-Siamese female kitten ready to adopt (or nearly so). If you're aware of any, please let me know. The Shelter has no babies at all, as of this morning.
  3. So where is everyone viewing this film? The link from Angus doesn't work and the other site I found wanted my credit card number, tho they GUARANTEED they wouldn't use it unless I upgraded my free account to Premium (or something like that).
  4. Have 2 partial bags of kibble for cats with renal problems (Royal Canin & Virbac), 3 syringes of azodyl and 1.5 tubes of Renak-K potassium supplement to pass along to a kitty who might benefit from them. Also a few days worth of Ipakitine powder, some Amin-Avast capsules and PetWillbeing Kidney Gold Drops (supplements from U.S. thru Amazon). Leave me a message/contact number and I'll get in touch with you.
  5. I just searched for "free online libraries" and got quite a range of results, depending on what type of reading material you're after. Haven't explored further yet, but a little time surfing could be worthwhile...
  6. The canvas was printed and mounted by the Art House and it's been inside, warm, dry and out of strong light, so don't understand what went wrong. Maybe just caught them on a bad day; I did talk to Lupita about it and she said I should bring it back - just thought there might be someplace more convenient. After this experience though, do think I want to go the foam-core route...
  7. The canvas is already on stretcher bars and seems it's continuing to stretch, because it's loose enough to flap on the frame, 4 months after I had it done. Not happy.
  8. Who knows where I can have a large canvas print photo mounted professionally on foam-core?
  9. San Miguel Salsa Pico de Gallo is also a respectable choice, from our own Walmart, tho they don't always have it. Thick & picante. Still use Herdez Casera tho - works fine if you add some chopped fresh tomato & onion... ''
  10. Interesting article from Mexico News Daily on Monday: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/opinion/is-lake-chapala-paradise-or-pair-o-dice/?utm_source=Mexico+News+Today&utm_campaign=e022013d4f-MNT+feb04-2019&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f1536a3787-e022013d4f-349578849
  11. kgreenbury

    ISO Bran

    Anyone come across wheat bran recently? It took me years to find a recipe that duplicated my favourite dark bran muffins, and I'm seriously craving again. Had a box I bought at Superlake but now I can't find the stuff. Help?
  12. Thanks to everyone who responded. I've already been to Clinica Ladron, and will be liaising with them re ongoing care if my girl can be stabilized; It's still touch and go.
  13. still hoping for someone who can transport the drops but I'd like the name of the gel and approximate cost if poss. Also, cost & source for IV supplies and where I could get a tutorial on doing that...
  14. Agree; you definitely need to count your change before you move away from the checkout if it's a cash transaction; I also stand to one side until I've read through my itemized receipt, because there can be errors, like being charged twice for something. I'm always pleasant to the staff but it doesn't necessarily help; the problem is chronic and isn't confined to Walmart, although more frequent there. Just pay attention!
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