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  1. I'm familiar with many of the options in Guad but it's not so easy to get there anymore. I was hoping for something local that I'd missed, tho I do enjoy Sta. Teresita and the Zona Rosa. Taking that one under consideration - thanks, everyone.
  2. Do we still have any fabric stores at Lakeside? I know about the one near Chapala Bus Station (not impressed) but I'm not aware of any others. There was a Telas Parisina in Joco but that's years ago now; I don't suppose it's still there? Maybe I have to trek to the city but really don't want to...
  3. In my case, the holes are in different places on the garments, the latest in the shoulder/chest area of a favourite blouse - not someplace you'd be likely to snag... I wondered about cedar - probably can't find the wood closet protectors here but maybe cotton balls dipped in cedar oil?
  4. Something in my closet is eating little holes in all my clothes, but there's nothing visible. I already have mint, bay leaf and citrosa geranium sachets in there but doesn't seem to help. I can't afford to lose my whole wardrobe; has anyone had this problem and what do I have to do to eliminate whatever it is? I can't handle the smell of mothballs so that's not an option...
  5. Thanks to all - will have the regulator checked and hope that's it - sounds simple enough.
  6. Do gas lines need to be cleaned - blown out or something - periodically? My water tank doesn't always ignite when I turn it up, although the pilot is on,, and seems like the feed to my stove is becoming erratic - my burner's making noises like "pfut, pfut, pfut" as though not getting a steady supply. And now my oven won't heat over 300, though that could be a completely different issue. I guess my question is twofold; who can I get who's qualified to check out the lines (not a "handyman" but rather a certified "gasfitter" - because I'm terrified of gas to begin with). And then, who services stoves like my little 4-burner Acros?
  7. Who can I get to look at my old washing machine? Not sure it's worth repairing but would probably be easier on the budget, if possible. Would prefer someone with English...
  8. I've been incommunicado for a week and a half - Telecable landline went down first and now the cell won't work either. What are people supposed to do in an emergency? How many phones do we have to have? I guess we could send smoke signals but would probably burn down whatever trees are left... If the internet goes too, my business is going to tank!
  9. Does anyone know what type of food the Shelter in Riberas uses for the cats there (especially kittens)? Can't phone `cause they're closed until Monday and need to know rather urgently.
  10. Does anyone know what type of food the Shelter in Riberas uses for the cats there (especially kittens)? Can't phone `cause they're closed until Monday and need to know rather urgently.
  11. Can nonresidents of RC attend and where would one find the info? Is there ever a time when the pool's available for free swim for non-residents? It didn't used to be crowded and many days I had it to myself...
  12. Thanks Natasha! Will call tomorrow, tho I have a line on a kitty already. Still want to explore all options - a new family member's a big decision...
  13. Hoping to find Siamese or' part-Siamese female kitten ready to adopt (or nearly so). If you're aware of any, please let me know. The Shelter has no babies at all, as of this morning.
  14. So where is everyone viewing this film? The link from Angus doesn't work and the other site I found wanted my credit card number, tho they GUARANTEED they wouldn't use it unless I upgraded my free account to Premium (or something like that).
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