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  1. Hard to believe but I did. Me an my Chihuahua, Poco who ended up under the brake pad. I was in pain that night from bruises but the next day I was ok. It was the way I hit the light pole that saved me. An instant before the crash I turned the steering wheel hard left. It ripped out the engine it ended up a long way from where I went. I was there and it's hard for me to believe my luck. I would love to see a video of the crash. When I woke up a bunch of Mexicans were trying to open the door to get me out. After I unlocked it and stepped out they seemed disgusted that I was ok. I'm glad no one was with me. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!
  2. I did exactly that. The ins. company totaled the van and paid the damages.The ins. company then took the van to San Louis Potosi and I took a bus to Laredo to fly home. But the Mexican government wanted me to get the van out of Mexico. Of course there was no way I could do that so I couldn't bring another car back down till I cleared the van. I had a Mexican friend who intervened on my behalf and convinced the lady in Mexico City to clear it up. It took several months and I would never have fixed the problem on my own. My savior was the manager of Las Palmas Hotel. He was a saint. He really took care of me and I'll forever be grateful to him. His name is Felix Dias and if you ever stop there tell him Tom said hello.
  3. Thanks guys. That's what I was looking for.
  4. Someone told me of an outfit called Don't Bug Me. Does anyone have their telephone number?
  5. I would like to preplan my funeral arrangements. Do any of you have recommendations for someone that does this. I don't want my relatives to have to be burdened with this. I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered off a mountain by my friends. Thanks for you help.
  6. I received a call this afternoon telling me to be at Tlajomulco tomorrow at 10:00am for my second shot.
  7. Yes, an address would be helpful. Also, what should we take. More information please.
  8. Thought I would update my post. I contacted Ajijic Electronics and they sent two guys to check my dish. I'm glad I did, now I have all my channels back and the signals are strong. Money well spent!
  9. Do you get all the US channels or is it restricted to a Mexico selection? Are there any downsides to the Dish option?
  10. I'm loosing some satellite channels. I guess I should have the dish checked. I've seen Ajijic Electronic mentioned on this board. Can anyone give me their telephone number or tell me where their office is. Can't find them in the phone book. Has anyone had any luck realigning their dish? Gracias
  11. Looking for advice on where to go for a vacation on the beach. Hotels?
  12. I haven't heard either the LS50 wireless or the LSX. They are both relatively new models. The LS50 wireless has received great praise though. I really like my LS 50s. I've had quite a few speakers in my time, some a lot bigger and more expensive and I like the KEFs better than all of them. They''re very clear and detailed. And the small size make them easy to move and live with.
  13. We all believe something. I believe we're killing our miracle we call earth.
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