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  1. Gracias, I've got it. Checks it is. Schwab wanted $25 to wire money here.
  2. How do you get money from your US bank into your Intercam Account?
  3. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO a thousand times NO! THAT'S the way I feel about topes
  4. Hope it's a Burger King!
  5. Has anyone here lived in Morelia. What's your opinion of it and how would you compare it to Lake Chapala? Looks like the weather would be very similar.
  6. Computer Guy, can you give me information about Alex? Contact info?
  7. Would I have to go to Costco to buy a pre cooked ham? I'm hoping someone knows where I can buy one locally. Thanks
  8. Which router do you recommend ComputerGuy? Maybe I will upgrade. Can you help me set it up?
  9. I've found that if I connect via an ethernet cable I get almost the full 100 mbps I'm paying for. And if I connect via the wireless router I get half that. I think that much difference is strange.
  10. Can the router that iLox installed be upgraded with a better router that I would buy?
  11. Good morning Computer guy, Can the router that iLox installed be replaced with a better one?



  12. Can you be more specific about where it's at? Like show a map. https://goo.gl/maps/65tGJ1zuWRm4Npnu8
  13. Can you still renew your drivers license in Ocotlàn? I just noticed that mine expired in July so I wonder if I have to take the test again. Anyone have any info?
  14. No, he said he couldn't update it so I had to buy a new box. I still have the old one and it seems like such a waste. I don't know if the guy in SJC really knew what was wrong. Anywhoo,
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