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  1. The photo is not fake. I took that picture while exploring the island of Negros in the Phillipines. I was in a suv going up the mountains when I took the shot. In the cities I saw many like this. Whole families would mount up.
  2. I'm a US citizen living in Mexico with a Permanente visa. Can I cross the border for a visit and return? Anyone had any trouble crossing north or south?
  3. Have you had any medicine delivered with this service? I contacted them and they said they could but I'm skeptical.
  4. Here is another option to consider https://www.aguagente.com I signed up for their service and am very happy with it. They install a filter system and service it with new filters when needed. I don't have to fool with the garafons and I always have good water. It always tastes great and it simplifies my life. A good deal too at $14.18 per month with auto pay. All the water you want.
  5. Too late to change now, it's in the election box. Hope it's ok. 🙏
  6. No but from our conversation I think it's safe to assume we were both Democrats. Not sure though.
  7. I dropped off my ballot at the LCS today and something happened that has me worried. On the outside of the envelope I put my US return address. When I handed it to the gentleman accepting them he said I should put my Mexican return address. So he taped a corrected return address on the front. When I got back home I reread the instructions and it's not clear on that point. The instructions say everything has to be exactly right or the ballot won't be accepted. Does anyone have any opinion on this?
  8. Can someone list the documents we should take to the appointment. I looked on the website but couldn't find it. Gracias
  9. People who really want to come to Chapala are not going to let the roadblocks stop them. I know Mexicans who come and go regularly in the evening after the roadblocks are closed.
  10. I used to live in Tuxpan and the 4 lane hi way to Guadalajara had exits that weren't open yet to use. Well, the Mexicans would push the obstructions out of the way and use them anyway. I always thought that was funny. I used them too.
  11. The fact is I had a colonoscopy there and I was not happy with the service and I found out the price was much higher than in Guadalajara. You're right, no one is forcing me to go there. Who said they were? I'm glad you're happy with the new hospital, that doesn't mean everyone has to be. Although I am glad it's there I wouldn't rely on it for anything very serious. Thanks for your input Pedro but you need to read the posts more carefully and think more clearly before you reply.
  12. I'm going to take your suggestion and deal with what is, like I've been doing for the 15 years I've lived in Mexico. In my experience their rates are quite a bit higher than what you pay in Guadalajara. Keep Jillin
  13. Yes they do have privileges but to have an office visit you have to go to a different place. That means you can't take advantage of the deal with the hospital. You have to pay the much higher price for the office visit. They won't see you at the hospital because they don't Make as much money. It's understandable but I'm not happy about it. That means the special agreement with the hospital is not so valuable.
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