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  1. I received a call this afternoon telling me to be at Tlajomulco tomorrow at 10:00am for my second shot.
  2. Yes, an address would be helpful. Also, what should we take. More information please.
  3. Thought I would update my post. I contacted Ajijic Electronics and they sent two guys to check my dish. I'm glad I did, now I have all my channels back and the signals are strong. Money well spent!
  4. Do you get all the US channels or is it restricted to a Mexico selection? Are there any downsides to the Dish option?
  5. I'm loosing some satellite channels. I guess I should have the dish checked. I've seen Ajijic Electronic mentioned on this board. Can anyone give me their telephone number or tell me where their office is. Can't find them in the phone book. Has anyone had any luck realigning their dish? Gracias
  6. Looking for advice on where to go for a vacation on the beach. Hotels?
  7. I haven't heard either the LS50 wireless or the LSX. They are both relatively new models. The LS50 wireless has received great praise though. I really like my LS 50s. I've had quite a few speakers in my time, some a lot bigger and more expensive and I like the KEFs better than all of them. They''re very clear and detailed. And the small size make them easy to move and live with.
  8. We all believe something. I believe we're killing our miracle we call earth.
  9. I'm using the KEF LS50s in stereo driven by a Marantz AV reciever. Surround is too much trouble for me.
  10. Dealers selling nitrogen is a big scam. Military aircraft use it to help prevent fires. The air you breath is mostly nitrogen. If you buy it you will only increase the percentage a small amount, not to 100%. Save your money. Nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere. Air is composed of 78 percent nitrogen. Oxygen accounts for 21 percent, and the inert noble gas argon makes up 0.9 percent of the air.
  11. I was turned away at Costco today. I was told it was because I was over 65. I was told I could I could enter in February. Also the half the parking lot was closed off with plastic tape. Don't know what that was about.
  12. The photo is not fake. I took that picture while exploring the island of Negros in the Phillipines. I was in a suv going up the mountains when I took the shot. In the cities I saw many like this. Whole families would mount up.
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