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  1. This concerns Canadians who have PC Plus Accounts (Loblaws).  On February 21 there was a security breach and Loblaws reset all passwords.

    Ever since then I've been locked out of my account.  When I try and re-set my password, I receive an email with a link asking me to re-set my password.  When I click on it, I get the following online message:

    Access Denied

    You don't have permission to access "http://www.pcplus.ca/loyaltyHome.jsp?" on this server.

    I've re-tried this procedure about 10 times, phoned them 3 times, sent them an email, and evidently it's not a problem at their end and they suggest it's a problem with my computer.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem and/or have any solutions to get me back into my account, please?


  2. I have to finally break down and get a "professional" haircut.  Many people have recommended Susanna's Salon.  My question is should I go to Susanna or Rosario to get the best cut for fine, curly hair with a mind of its own?  I really need someone who will cut my hair the way I ask them to and who speaks fairly good English.  (Yes, I'm sorry in advance that my Spanish isn't good).


  3. We have used Carmen and Octavio Robles in the past to make blinds.  Friends used them a number of years ago to make Sunbrella patio cushions and were happy with their work so we'd also like to use them for patio cushions.

    Just wondered if they're still in business and doing good upholstery work.

    Any info much appreciated.

  4. This has turned out to be a very informative post.  I went to Dario years ago and have a long memory.  He spent nearly the whole time with his cell phone resting on his shoulder conducting some obviously very important business.  I was so pissed that I eventually said something to him.  Not surprisingly, the end result was a crappy haircut (again).

    Never again !!   I am so gun shy that I end up cutting my own hair.  I figure I can mess up my own hair just as easily as some hairdressers do and at a cheaper price.


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  5. This subject crops up on a fairly regular basis but the info I found was rather out of date.

    I'm searching for a good hairdresser in Ajijic, who speaks pretty good English and who will cut my hair the way I ask them to.

    My hair is short, fine and naturally curly, so if it's not cut properly, I'm almost reduced to tears (figuratively, anyway) - there's few things worse in the hair kingdom than having to wait a year or so for a bad cut to grow out.  Been there many times.



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