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  1. I have to finally break down and get a "professional" haircut. Many people have recommended Susanna's Salon. My question is should I go to Susanna or Rosario to get the best cut for fine, curly hair with a mind of its own? I really need someone who will cut my hair the way I ask them to and who speaks fairly good English. (Yes, I'm sorry in advance that my Spanish isn't good). Thanks.
  2. Thanks, good to know. We'll give them another try - I wasn't sure they were still running their business because they are a bit elderly. It's nice they have their sons to continue the business.
  3. We have used Carmen and Octavio Robles in the past to make blinds. Friends used them a number of years ago to make Sunbrella patio cushions and were happy with their work so we'd also like to use them for patio cushions. Just wondered if they're still in business and doing good upholstery work. Any info much appreciated.
  4. This has turned out to be a very informative post. I went to Dario years ago and have a long memory. He spent nearly the whole time with his cell phone resting on his shoulder conducting some obviously very important business. I was so pissed that I eventually said something to him. Not surprisingly, the end result was a crappy haircut (again). Never again !! I am so gun shy that I end up cutting my own hair. I figure I can mess up my own hair just as easily as some hairdressers do and at a cheaper price.
  5. I suggest you order one from Amazon.com - you should have it in a week or two. I've been happy with their service.
  6. Thank you - with great fear and trepidation I will give her a try.
  7. This subject crops up on a fairly regular basis but the info I found was rather out of date. I'm searching for a good hairdresser in Ajijic, who speaks pretty good English and who will cut my hair the way I ask them to. My hair is short, fine and naturally curly, so if it's not cut properly, I'm almost reduced to tears (figuratively, anyway) - there's few things worse in the hair kingdom than having to wait a year or so for a bad cut to grow out. Been there many times. Thanks.
  8. We are looking to have new patio cushions made in Sunbrella material. Can you please recommend someone in Ajijic who does good work at a reasonable price. Anyone had experience with Alejandra on Ocampo? Thanks.
  9. I had a "handyman" spray paint the small rusted parts on my washer and dryer. The white paint ended up on my royal blue control panel on the dryer, which he tried to remove with paint remover. In the process he removed much of the royal blue and control instructions at the same time. I also ended up with an uneven, drippy mess on my appliances. I wouldn't go for spray paint again. I'd rather get a small paint brush and use a can of appropriate enamel paint. Probably nothing can be done with my control panel now. Does nail polish really work? If so, any particular kind - what about the cheapy stuff in the tianguis?
  10. You can get them on Amazon.com and some on Amazon.com.mx Delivery generally only takes a week or so. Good luck - I have one down here but I brought it from Toronto.
  11. Does anyone know where I can buy a small amount of white appliance paint to cover some rust on my washing machine? I tried the large hardware store (Truper?) on the Carretera near Marcos Castellanos and they don't have any. I asked where I could get it Lakeside and he said "nowhere, you have to go to Home Depot". Not wanting to go to Guad, does anyone has any ideas or possibly have some they could sell to me, please? Thanks.
  12. I ordered an item yesterday from Amazon.com.mx and for the first time ever of ordering online I didn't receive a confirmation email. Does anyone know if this is unusual? It makes me a bit uncomfortable not knowing for sure whether my order has gone through. When I go to the website it appears to be there but still no confirmation. Any suggestions, please? I know, I know, but I don't speak Spanish so going to an Online Chat or Help may not be too helpful.
  13. I don't understand why you think $79 pesos is expensive for shipping - sounds like a bargain to me. Thank you everyone for your advice. I wanted the assurance that it was in pesos because the price seemed reasonable and the shipping very cheap. Also, depending on what you're buying, I've found that buying from Amazon.com is reasonable but sometimes the shipping costs are exorbitant - almost as much as the item, which makes it a deal breaker.
  14. I have a couple of gold and silver rings which need to have the bands made wider at the back, so they don't spin around on my finger with the weight of the stone. I have extra gold and silver that can be melted down rather than buying new metals. Could you please recommend someone reliable who could do this work for a reasonable price. Many thanks.
  15. On a friend's recommendation of purchasing from Amazon.com.mx, I went into the website and found something I’m interested in buying which lists at $730.62 plus $97.00 shipping. I’m nervous because it doesn’t say pesos or MX next to the dollar sign and I’d have a heart attack if it was $730 USD instead of $730 pesos. I know it should be obvious but I don't want to take anything for granted. When I went to register, it said I didn't need to because I have an Amazon.com account. Can anyone shed light on this with assurances, please? Thanks.
  16. Many thanks. FYI, I went to WalMart this afternoon and asked for a decongestant in Spanish and they said they didn't have any. Really, a pharmacy with NO decongestants - is it a banned substance or something?
  17. Wow, Suegarn, thanks for all that info - that's very helpful and I'll keep it on file. Don't suppose it anyone knows if Coricidin HBP is available here, or an equivalent (it's a decongestant that's supposed to be safe for people with thyroid disorders). Thanks.
  18. Somewhere in the back of my mind I saw a link some time ago for a list of medication names in the U.S. and Canada and their equivalents names in Mexico. I'm actually looking for over-the-counter, not just prescription drugs. Can anyone provide me with a list or link, please. Thanks.
  19. Wow, this can't be the Dr. Monica I've been to at Dermika since she had a baby a couple of years ago, unless she also had a womb transplant !!
  20. No, using the same login which is www.bancoactinver.com but it now comes up as Prudential Financial.
  21. When I go online to see our bank account for Actinver, I notice it's now called Prudential Financial. We didn't receive any notification that the bank name had changed again. Maybe there was a CWB posting I missed. Does anyone know about the name change. It was formerly Lloyd. Thanks.
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