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  1. Arjay

    Quinoa search

    Thanks to all. I did want to find some locally so I will definitely check back with the Granero lady.
  2. I found white Quinoa in bulk on the Carretera next to Gossips but it was rather bland. I'm looking for something more interesting and tasty like mixed or red quinoa. I did find small pre-packaged quinoa in SuperLake but it was too expensive. Does anyone know where I can find some, please?
  3. Logitech Wireless Keyboard k270 - brand new still in package - never used. Spanish keyboard. Retails on Amazon.mx for $539.83 plus $49.00 shipping. Asking price $250 pesos. Please email arjay333@gmail.com or phone 376-766-3103 and leave a clear message
  4. One new C MAX Extruded Carbon Filter Cartridge, Model MAXETW-975 (Economical Thick Wall). I also have a filter wrench to fit this cartridge. $100 pesos. Please email me at arjay333@gmail.com or phone 766-3103 and leave a clear message.
  5. Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket, twin size (60"x50"), beige colour, automatic 3-hour shutoff. Hardly used - like new condition, perfectly clean in a smoke and pet-free home. Asking $300 pesos. Please email arjay333@gmail.com or phone 376-766-3103 and leave clear message.
  6. Two sets of 6 silver plated coasters, each with its own stand. Good condition - they just need a bit of cleaning or polishing. The brown colouring on the photos is not tarnish but just a reflection off the camera. Please email me at arjay333@gmail.com or phone 766-3103 and leave a clear message.
  7. Thank you for the website. Have you ordered from them and is there any English translation? Rony says it costs $3,500 pesos - sounds pretty rich. Does this include shipping and how long does it take to arrive?
  8. Wow, 3 months is a long wait. How did you select a supplier and what were the prices like? If it can be ordered from the U.S. you'd think I could get it from Canada as well. Thanks.
  9. Many thanks, WideSky. I'm not on Facebook and don't want to be, so if there's another way to contact them it would be most helpful.
  10. Can you please tell me what FB is and how I join. Do you have any idea of prices?
  11. I have recently begun taking cannabis oil for pain control and feel that it's beginning to help. It's legal in Canada and also in Mexico but illegal to take it across the border. Can someone please let me know if I can get a prescription from my local GP in Ajijic and where I can buy the oil, including the 1:1 drops which is equal amounts of CBD and THC. Is there an online supplier in Mexico the same as in Canada? Obviously I want to be sure I'm buying good quality, safe cannabis. Any info would be much appreciated and serious replies only, please.
  12. Arjay

    Permanente Needed

    Yes, I am sorry for being MIA - life gets in the way sometimes and we can't always respond in a timely fashion. It wasn't my intention to ask for free legal advice but realize it may have looked that way. Probably not knowing how the he system works and asking for advice can backfire but I do thank everyone who gave helpful and thoughtful comments and information.
  13. Arjay

    Permanente Needed

    Spencer, could you please step in here and let me know the situation. Thanks. You do not need to be Temporal before becoming Permanente. You may apply for it directly from a Consulate outside of Mexico. You will be approved as long as you can prove income requirements. If income is joint, you will need to show original marriage certificate and it will possibly need an Apostille. This is not guess work on my part. The information is directly from Immigration as well as an attorney here.
  14. (1) My husband has had his Permanente for about 2 years. (2) I come into Mexico on a Visitors' Visa and now wish to apply for my Permanente. I had understood that I could make the application from the Mexican Consulate in Toronto, and when I receive the paperwork bring it back to Ajijic and submit the application within 30 days. (3) I have subsequently read that I must have a Temporale for 2 years before applying for a Permanente, because my husband already has his Permanente. Can somebody please clarify this for me or know if there's any way around this to shorten the process. Otherwise it sounds as if I won't be able to get it for 3 years and I'm concerned in the event we need to sell our home, which is in both our names. Any accurate help would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  15. I would like to know what the quality of the hair colour and cream developer (peroxide) is like in the beauty store next to the dollar store in the plaza . Is it comparable to north of the border and how do the colours and numbers compare? Any help would be most appreciated.