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  1. Does anyone offer the service of returning a car to the US or Canada?
  2. as I understand it there are one or two companies that rent cars locally (i.e. not the ones at the airport) Can anyone give me more information and/or recommendations on that?
  3. We have guests coming and they have inquired about local "doggie day care." Is there such a thing, and if so, where? Thanks in advance
  4. Looking for a doctor who does Hormone Replacement Therapy--any recommendations?
  5. Thanks--found it! Wow, pictures of his work are incredible....
  6. Thank you all, for the references and the help. Go girl, could you give me directions? I'm better at landmarks than street names.
  7. I think that is the one who was recommended, and that's about where I was told to look, but I didn't find it/him. I'll try again, thanks.
  8. I know, this is nutty, but I am looking for a tattoo artist lakeside...I'm told there is a good one in Chapala but I can't find him. Anybody know? Thanks in advance
  9. Can anyone tell me the date of the next consular visit at LCS? Need to start the passport renewal process. Thanks in advance.
  10. Apparently you cannot do INAPAM in Chapala any more , only DIF, and since I want to use the card elsewhere in Mexico (leaving soon) I need the national card. I'm told there are several offices in Guadalajara, walk in with your paperwork and walk out w/ your card. After a wait, no doubt.
  11. Can anyone tell me where to get one? All I know is there are offices in Guadalajara... Thanks in advance.
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