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  1. Here is the contact information for Jesus Tejeda who is mentioned in several posts in this thread - jtejeda17@hotmail.com 333-35631300 333-667-0499 (His cell # and probably the best way to reach him)
  2. I had some extra charges on my latest Telmex bill. When I went to pay it - which I had to do anyway - it took about 10 seconds for them to remove those charges and I paid the regular amount. The folks at Telmex couldn't have been more pleasant or more helpful. No hassle whatsoever - no extra time - no extra gas - no discussion. Easy!
  3. Can you share how we can access that solution? Sounds substantially better than anything else available here. Thanks!
  4. Went to the new location on the libriamento today.A very slight hassle to park but definitely worth it. Same delicious chicken and really nice people - my absolute favorite! Across from the Pemex but not an issue - didn't smell any fumes from the gas station at all. I think I may go back tomorrow! Everything I bought today is gone!!!
  5. Another recommendation for KUSAT. I have had them ship several things to my U.S. address without any problems. Great service and they have sales on certain equipment from time to time. One thing to be aware of is that if you have equipment shipped to the U.S. import taxes will be added. I don't remember how much that was but do sort of remember that it was fairly reasonable. Seems like you might avoid that added charge by having things shipped to a Canadian address but since I haven't done that I don't know for sure.
  6. I'm sure you will several recommendations as there are a number of good vets here. We have been here for over 12 years and this is who we use - http://www.biz.bestoflakechapala.com/listing/drs-ladron-de-guevara-animal-hospital/ They are not the cheapest but we have been 100% happy with their services.
  7. REC

    Lety's Mariscos

    Nope - no different. Good as always.
  8. REC

    Lety's Mariscos

    Lety's has been and still is one of our favorites. Going back to the previous location and continuing to the new place the same staff has always provided us with good, friendly service. It is a family operation. I'm glad I saw this thread. We were just discussing where to eat so we are going there tonight. My only problem is what to order - I have too many favorites there. Thanks everyone.
  9. We just pay in advance for the time we will be away. Been doing it for 12 years with no problems.
  10. I had surgery with Dr. Rios about 2 months ago for a severe cataract in my left eye. I read all the comments about the "big mistake" and after visiting his office I decided to use him for my surgery. 100% satisfied and I am going to have the other eye done soon. My wife is also going to have both eyes done with Dr. Rios. After consulting with him and going through my 1st surgery I have complete confidence in him.
  11. REC

    Shaw upgrade

    This article says "Shaw Broadcast/Shaw Direct will be transitioning all signals on Anik F1R and Anik F2 to MPEG-4 beginning spring 2017. The transition will occur in three phases with the final phase being completed by September 2019." So that seems to say that receivers below the 6xx series will no longer work as they can't handle MPEG-4. This particular link doesn't mention moving all channels from the two Anik F satellites to G1. http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/11-shaw-direct-satellite/258554-shaw-direct-transition-full-mpeg-4-a.html This next link from Shaw talks about the transition to MPEG-4 but does not say anything about moving all channels to G1. http://www.shawbroadcast.com/Content/US/mpeg4.htm And finally I found this in a Shaw technical forum - a long thread but go to Page 76 - Post #1133. "You can read about Shaw's plans at This Link. As I study the spreadsheets they present, it appears that, by 2019, all the present SD Channels on F1R/F2 will become HD, and the SD versions will go away. It seems that the transition is planned such that no channels will be lost as the plan unfolds, and in the end, no channels currently on those two satellites will be moved to G1. So we should be good for receiving a signal until such time as F1R and F2 end their usable life......provided you have a 600 series receiver. In fact, if I understand the plan correctly, certain channels now coming from G1 will eventually be moved to F1R/F2," But a couple of messages down someone says everything is moving to G1. Most of what I have read is about moving to HD and MPEG-4 rather than moving everything off of Anik F1 F2 to G1. So who knows but looks to me like we are going to be okay as long as we have series 6xx receivers, I guess time will tell. http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/11-shaw-direct-satellite/62645-shaw-direct-areas-south-canada-mexico-us-etc-read-post-1-a-76.html
  12. I use Netflix Mexico here in Ajijic. I used an IP blocker that worked for a while but Netflix is constantly looking for them an figuring out how to disable them, In fact, as Netflix kept blocking new solutions as I went from one to another I finally quit bothering with trying to get Netflix U.S. I don't get everything that is available in the U.S. but plenty of content for me with Netflix Mexico,
  13. I second the recommendation for Lidia. I had heart surgery last year and she provided the nursing help I needed during my rather difficult recovery. One thing I really liked is that she stayed very involved - including visiting me at home to make sure everything was going well. She will coordinate everything and make sure you get the support you need - including any medical equipment.
  14. You can always set up another gmail account or use some other free email service if you don't want to use your current gmail account.
  15. Yeah - no point in actually following the laws of the country we have chosen to live in. Nothing wrong with being an illegal immigrant. Wait! What?
  16. Seems like this is sort of like "losing" the return part of your tourist visa. We had a friend visiting last year - only about 10 days. So she had not overstayed her visa but did leave the return portion at our house when we took her to the airport. She simply went to the INM window and told them she had lost her documentation. They didn't ask any questions at all - simply filled out the return portion of a new FMM and handed it to her, Took less than 10 minutes. If I remember correctly the fee/fine was $306 pesos. Depending on the airline you should probably go to the INM window before even trying to check in with the airline. Many of them will not process your check-in until you can give them the return portion of your visa. Thanks for helping out your friend. This shouldn't be too complicated or expensive.
  17. Problem with Texas is that you do have to show proof of insurance - U.S./Texas insurance - to renew your registration each year. Texas also requires an annual safety inspection. So, even if you renew your plates (and buy Texas insurance), when you cross into Texas you after your last safety inspection has expired, you will be illegal until you can get to a garage and have the new inspection done. All in all South Dakota is the way to go. Very easy to deal with as long as you follow the directions exactly - especially the part about contacting Clay County ONLY. You will have to send them your existing title and they will send you a shiny new South Dakota title along with your new plates. Each year after that they will send you a renewal reminder - a post card - and when you send it back along with your check - they will send you new stickers to put on your plates. South Dakota doesn't require that you provide proof of insurance and no annual safety/smog inspection. Your Mexico insurance will cover your car while you are here and as another poster said you can buy short term U.S. insurance if/when you drive back to the U.S. Very easy to do. Just be sure to work directly with Clay County! We are from Texas and switched to South Dakota for all of the reasons you are concerned about.
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