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  1. Tiny & JRPJR

    I just Googled  add kodi to roku and found lots of resources. Several ways to do it depending on TV features, Roku box, etc. Googling USTVNow on Firestick would be likely to give you details on that configuration. I haven't done it myself as I don't use USTVNow and don't have a Firestick.

  2. I definitely agree with the recommendations to get professional advice.

    A couple of thoughts that might be relevant when talking to those professionals -

    • Is your paycheck deposited in a U.S. bank or in a Mexican bank?
    • Does the company you work for have operations in Mexico - even if you don't work on those aspect of the business?
    • Are you living in and working from Mexico most or all of the year? Or do you travel to the U.S. or other countries? How often? How many days a year are you out of Mexico each year?
    • Do you have employee benefits like health insurance purchased in Mexico and paid for by your employer?
    • I think there might be a slight distinction between where the money is "earned" and where you are "paid". But ask the pros.

    The professionals will need to give you all the details but these are things I considered as I have a business in the U.S. but work from here - going on 13 years now. All my clients are in the U.S. and all payments are made to my U.S. bank. Definitely very practical to work from here. Just make sure to cross all the T's and dot all the I's.

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  3. I downloaded it and it seemed to work today. I didn't need gas so didn't wait line based on what it showed. But I drove by a station that the app said had regular and they seemed to be pumping gas. App said info on that station was updated this morning.

  4. 3 hours ago, geeser said:

    It has been my understanding over many years that the Cruz Roja will only take you to their clinic until your own physician demands they transport you to some hospital. They say they take you to clinic to stabilize you but if you have a heart attack you need to get to the hospital and a cardiac team quickly.

    On this point it my understanding that Cruz Roja will probably not take you into Guadalajara. Having their ambulance out of service for several hours to transport someone into the city would make it dangerous for those of us that live here. A friend was involved in an accident and the injured party was taken from Cruz Roja to a hospital in Guadalajara in a private ambulance. The Cruz Roja clinic did not seem unorganized or dirty. I must have been there on a good day.

  5. 2 hours ago, geeser said:

    Do you have insurance? I have experienced private care, a negative one all around. Ajijic Hospital and Mascara clinic are experts at draining your wallet. They will try to get you into a Guadalajara hospital, where the professional drainers begin their time old trade.

    Cruz Roja too, the first responders are wise a$$ and know what they are doing, but don't let them take you into the clinic. I have never seen an emergency place as dirty and disorganized as this.

    Sorry you have had bad experiences with Ajijic Hospital and Mascaras. We have a friend who has personal experience with several weeks of daily outpatient treatment at Ajijic Hospital with no suggestion that he go to a hospital in Guadalajara. Very affordable and complete recovery. He is very happy.

    My own experiences with Mascaras have also been extremely positive. I was recovering from cancer surgery followed by chemo & radiation. I developed a severe internal infection and was "hospitalized" in Mascaras for two night. IV's, great care, fed soup once I could keep it down. No mention of going to a hospital in Guadalajara.

    Just I was finally recovering from a couple of years battling cancer I fainted at breakfast on Easter Sunday. Went to Mascaras where they determined that my blood pressure was 60/40. They called my cardiologist who has a has here and came by the clinic. In this case I did go into the city where I had triple bypass and a pacemaker two days later.

    Over the previous 4-5 years I have had around $2MM in medical care at hospitals in Guadalajara and at Mascaras. Almost all of it has been covered by my private insurance except of course my deductibles. Most of my experiences in Guadalajara have been in San Javier or Angeles del Carmen. World class care with exceptional service and compassion.

    Again, I am sorry you have had such negative experiences. Fortunately my experiences have been quite different.

    The doctors at Mascaras along with several specialist have a "real hospital" under construction just past Panino restaurant. They "expect" it to be open in February but that could slide a little. It should be a great addition to our community.

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  6. We opted out of Part B but we bought private insurance here in Mexico when we moved here almost 14 years ago. My personal advice is that you have "adequate" medical insurance "somewhere". I have had well over $2 million pesos in medical expenses here in Mexico so my insurance has more than paid for itself. Cancer included several surgeries, radiation and several rounds of chemo. And then just when I was recovering from all that I had triple bypass surgery and a pacemaker. I am very lucky to be alive and feel better than I have in many years.

    Even though medical care is cheaper in Mexico than in the U.S. really serious issues can run up the cost pretty quickly. My medical treatment and recovery were very difficult but at least I wasn't having to worry about the cost and could focus on getting better. In my experience people that plan to just pay out of pocket or consider themselves "self insured" often have some very ugly surprises.

    All my medical treatments have been in Mexico and I couldn't be happier.

    Just my experiences and observations. This is a very personal decision and everyone will see this differently.

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  7. The hospital across from the Chula Vista golf course is well under construction. The plans have been posted in the lobby at Maskaras Clinic since before construction began. The plans have always included included locales available for other businesses to rent in addition to the space dedicated to the hospital and doctors' offices. No change in the original plan.

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  8. I had round the clock in home care after bypass surgery and was very happy with the help I received. Contact Lidia Zamudio Cerda, cell phone 333 156 9080 or email lidiazamudio@yahoo.com.mx - much better to call. Lidia speaks great English and can arrange whatever you need including rental of medical equipment. She arranged and managed a group of very helpful women who rotated on 24 hour shifts.

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  9. For "street" food we look for the places with lots of people. The local folks know the places with good food and they don't want to get sick either.

    For more "gringoized" restaurants you have a lot of good suggestions and there are many, many more.

    We have been here for nearly 15 years and have had a few bouts of upset stomachs but for the vast majority of the time we haven't had any problems. But we have also had a few problems when visiting the U.S. In fact, after we had been here for a while we had some problems when we visited the U.S. Our joke was "when you go to the U.S. don't drink the water".

    I can't think of any place that I would specifically suggest you should avoid based on food safety. My suggestions is to use common sense and enjoy the many places with good food you will find during your visit. Hope you enjoy your trip.

  10. A few years ago my Telmex modem failed. Same process of calling Mexico City, going through their instructions to unplug it, detach all the cables, plug everything back in and got an authorization number for a new modem. Went back to Telmex with the number which they were able to verify on their computer and walked out with a new modem. Whole process to less than an hour.

    So it sounds like that is still the process. A little bit of a hassle but fighting it will do no good. Just follow their instructions and you should up and running pretty quickly.

  11. The Cocktail Bar (in  the old Tom's Bar location) now has 3 TV's and has lots of sports on - especially on the weekend. The had the Canelo/GGG fight on last night.

    The have some decent food all the time and on Sunday's they have a special menu. Fun place for sport, music some nights, and just a great place to hang out.

  12. Remember that agents and brokers sell insurance policies. They are not the "insurance company" and they don't personally "handle" the claims process. Having said that, the agent/broker can have a huge impact on how a claim is handled and can definitely provide lots of support and service during what can be a trying period. They can't directly make claims or payment decisions but can (and should) be available and pull out all the stops in representing your interests.

    We use Jesus Tejeda and have been overwhelmingly happy with every aspect of our time with him - almost 12 years. We have not had an auto claim but have had serious medical issues and he has been there every step of the way. Couldn't have been better.

    One last comment. When comparing insurance costs be sure you are doing an "apples to apples" comparison. Limits, deductibles, exclusions, etc. will have a big impact on the final cost and how your claim will be paid. Just be sure you no what you are buying and don't buy solely on price. Jesus will make sure you understand all those considerations.

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