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    Avocado Club

    I should definitely stay out of this but I am not smart enough to do so. I find this pretty funny so here I go. I must be bored tonight. Let the flaming begin. I personally can't imagine asking a restaurant to measure my wine to prove to me that they are serving some pretty arbitrary amount that I have decided is "correct:. Has anyone really done this??? Wow. Never seen that happen anywhere. But that is a great idea so I am going to start asking restaurants to weigh my mashed potatoes, green beans and the slice of pie I order for desert. Here is an interesting idea. Maybe someone can go around town and measure the "pour" at all the restaurants so we will have a chart. We can then determine the cost per ounce, factor in the exchange rate for various currencies, and update it frequently, After all we are talking about serious money here - typically about $3 for a glass of wine most places around town. I have another well tested approach that has worked for me. I only order wine from restaurants in small fishing villages in Mexico where there is a credentialed sommeliers on duty. So far that strategy has been flawless. I've never been disappointed. I am sure that many of you will not find this at all funny but I think it is pretty hilarious.
  2. REC

    Avocado Club

    They actually measure the wine - as well as all other alcoholic drinks. They use large glasses so I guess it it could look "short". Maybe I'll suggest to Juan that they use smaller glasses so it will look like more wine - LOL. And they have mosquito spray. Lucky for me the mosquitoes love my wife but mostly leave me alone. I keep trying to attract the mosquitoes so they will leave her alone but so far no luck.
  3. REC

    Avocado Club

    Absolutely one of our favorites. We eat there at least once a week. Valid point about the stairs but they have good handrails and the staff will help anyone with mobility issues. It can be a little cool but they have a number of really effective heaters and have some "curtains" that help with the breeze. As NanaG mentioned they have some very interesting menu items, great service and it is an overall terrific experience. They are experienced at dealing with groups of your size - or larger. Go by and talk to Juan - the manager. He will take good care of you. Enjoy!!!
  4. REC

    New Brew House

    We have been there several times now and look forward to going back. Really enjoyed our food and had good service every time. Based on some comments we paid attention to the wait staff on our last visit - although we had good service on our previous visits. It seemed pretty clear to us that not all the employees on the floor are waiters - some appeared to be more like busboys. It did seem like everybody was moving around a bit more although we had no complaints on our previous visits. Anyway, we REALLY like the food and have had good service, The staff are very friendly and eager to please. It is noisy but that doesn't bother us - all part of the experience. We had fun and enjoyed our meals. I absolutely understand that others may not have had positive experiences. We will be regulars. If at some point if we are not as happy with their food or service we will simply quit going. I personally would never post an extremely negative review of any business but understand that others don't see things that way.
  5. REC

    Brew House

    Went there tonight for the first time. REALLY enjoyed it. We will definitely be going back.
  6. We were crossing the border at Laredo driving into Mexico several years ago and a couple in front of us received 90 days rather than 180. They pitched quite a scene arguing about it but the officials stuck to the 90 days. Not sure what had transpired before that but seeing their attitude when they were told they would be getting only 90 days there may have been something going on before that. They were very loud and rude. We were next in line and received 180 days without asking. Go figure - anything can happen when dealing with "officials" anywhere in the world.
  7. Yeah - no point in actually following the laws of the country we have chosen to live in. Nothing wrong with being an illegal immigrant. Wait! What?
  8. Seems like this is sort of like "losing" the return part of your tourist visa. We had a friend visiting last year - only about 10 days. So she had not overstayed her visa but did leave the return portion at our house when we took her to the airport. She simply went to the INM window and told them she had lost her documentation. They didn't ask any questions at all - simply filled out the return portion of a new FMM and handed it to her, Took less than 10 minutes. If I remember correctly the fee/fine was $306 pesos. Depending on the airline you should probably go to the INM window before even trying to check in with the airline. Many of them will not process your check-in until you can give them the return portion of your visa. Thanks for helping out your friend. This shouldn't be too complicated or expensive.
  9. Azucena Bateman (Campos) Ocampo #30, Ajijic 766 1654 legalabc@yahoo.com.mx
  10. I've always had good service at the Telcel store in Laguna Mall - in both English and Spanish. Good service and all my questions answered. Obviously people have very different experiences with a number of businesses, restaurants, drivers, etc. Good news is that we have several options for most of these services - including help with cell phone issues.
  11. At the top of the site Sonia referred us to you enter the date the employee started working for you and it does the calculation and takes into account how long they have worked for you. The length of service is definitely a part of the calculation. Be sure to work through the site to get an idea of the termination amount due. The "LIQUIDACION + 20 DIAS" works out to one amount for the LIQUIDACION portion PLUS 20 days - not JUST 20 days. This is a great resource to help us all understand the obligation we are creating when we hire people so there won't be any surprises when it is necessary to let them go - for any reason. Thanks to Sonia for pointing us to this GREAT resource. I am always frustrated when people don't take this seriously and try to figure out a "workaround" to avoid paying the correct amount. We just really have to understand our responsibilities when we hire people and then live up to those responsibilities 100%. Just my opinion - and now I will step down from my soapbox. Finally, very much agree with the recommendation to use Azucena. A great local resource who completely understands the law, takes care of all the details, does all the paperwork, treats everyone involved with respect - but also is more than capable and willing to handle a difficult situation when necessary. She handled a situation for us a few years ago perfectly. Couldn't have been happier. I don't have direct. personal with Spencer on this issue but from all I have heard I am sure he is also a great option when you need to deal with this type of situation. Definitely not something you should ignore, try to workaround or handle on your own. You definitely want to dot all the I's and cross all the T's and have all the details in writing signed by the employee. Oops - stepped back up on my soapbox again.
  12. Another strong recommendation for Dermika. My doctor there is Dra. Tanya Sanchez and she is outstanding. We have a number of friends who use Dermika and have had also great experiences with both Dra. Monica and Dra. Tanya. All the doctors in the practice are excellent as are the support staff. In the same little shopping center where they are located they have a lab and pharmacy specializing in the products associated with dermatology. They definitely do not push those facilities on you but they are very convenient and competitive on price. Now that I know about those parts of their practice I go out of my way to utilize those services - supporting their overall practice. One final comment - I had to have a procedure that could not be done in their office so they referred me to a surgeon in Guadalajara and I had a procedure in a hospital in town. Dra..Tanya came to the hospital, came into the operating room while the procedure was being done and came out and let my wife know what was going on. Above and beyond in my book. I have always been able to get in to see them within a week - often less. And they will always take care of you if you have an emergency. I have always thought their fees were quite reasonable and have had the same experience someone else mentioned - follow up visits at no cost. There are other dermatologists in the area that have a following but I wouldn't consider going to anyone else. Count me as an extremely happy patient.
  13. Problem with Texas is that you do have to show proof of insurance - U.S./Texas insurance - to renew your registration each year. Texas also requires an annual safety inspection. So, even if you renew your plates (and buy Texas insurance), when you cross into Texas you after your last safety inspection has expired, you will be illegal until you can get to a garage and have the new inspection done. All in all South Dakota is the way to go. Very easy to deal with as long as you follow the directions exactly - especially the part about contacting Clay County ONLY. You will have to send them your existing title and they will send you a shiny new South Dakota title along with your new plates. Each year after that they will send you a renewal reminder - a post card - and when you send it back along with your check - they will send you new stickers to put on your plates. South Dakota doesn't require that you provide proof of insurance and no annual safety/smog inspection. Your Mexico insurance will cover your car while you are here and as another poster said you can buy short term U.S. insurance if/when you drive back to the U.S. Very easy to do. Just be sure to work directly with Clay County! We are from Texas and switched to South Dakota for all of the reasons you are concerned about.
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