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  1. Wouldn't the $600 pesos or a little over $30 USD be under the deductible for your insurance?
  2. REC

    Canelo Triple G

    The Cocktail Bar (in the old Tom's Bar location) now has 3 TV's and has lots of sports on - especially on the weekend. The had the Canelo/GGG fight on last night. The have some decent food all the time and on Sunday's they have a special menu. Fun place for sport, music some nights, and just a great place to hang out.
  3. Remember that agents and brokers sell insurance policies. They are not the "insurance company" and they don't personally "handle" the claims process. Having said that, the agent/broker can have a huge impact on how a claim is handled and can definitely provide lots of support and service during what can be a trying period. They can't directly make claims or payment decisions but can (and should) be available and pull out all the stops in representing your interests. We use Jesus Tejeda and have been overwhelmingly happy with every aspect of our time with him - almost 12 years. We have not had an auto claim but have had serious medical issues and he has been there every step of the way. Couldn't have been better. One last comment. When comparing insurance costs be sure you are doing an "apples to apples" comparison. Limits, deductibles, exclusions, etc. will have a big impact on the final cost and how your claim will be paid. Just be sure you no what you are buying and don't buy solely on price. Jesus will make sure you understand all those considerations.
  4. REC

    Cataract surgery

    I had Dr. Rios do cataract surgery on my left eye last year and am going to have the right eye done in the next month or two. I was aware of all the posts and concerns from folks that have had bad experiences and went into the process with that in mind. After visiting with him and having several tests done in his office and considering all the options I decided to go with him. I was very comfortable with the entire process and the results. I definitely understand that this is a very personal and important decision. I am just describing my personal experience. There are several great options available in our area and lots of good recommendations on this board. As far as the process here is how it went for me - An appointment for an initial consultation including discussion of the process, options, types of lenses, etc. Scheduled the surgery and went in for another detailed examination including what they referred to as a "lens measurement" I had the choice of a couple of places for the actual surgery - Puerto de Hierro or a specialty eye clinic. I chose the specialty eye clinic. One the day of the surgery my wife dropped me off at Dr. Rios' office and they had a young man there to drive me into the clinic. Another patient was also going in for a different type of surgery so the driver took both of us to the clinic. We arrived at the clinic in Guadalajara in around an hour. Nice young man drove us in his car. Nothing fancy but a good experience. The clinic is also nothing fancy and was quite busy. We checked in at the front desk and filled out a little simple paperwork. Not much English but it was all pretty straightforward. The other patient was having trouble with her Spanish so they did have a nice young lady come to the desk who spoke great English. The check in process was easy and maybe 10-15 minutes. A very busy waiting room but we were taken straight through to the back where the surgeries are done. Again nothing fancy but great equipment and really nice people. A bit more English once we got back there and got ready for the surgery. They had us change into what I would sort of describe as "white room" clothing to preserve a clean, sterile environment in the surgery area. Head to toe lightweight suit including foot and head covering. Got set up and received an IV for sedation during the surgery. Dr. Rios arrived very shortly after we were made ready and the surgery began very quickly. I don't remember anything about the surgery and there was no pain or discomfort. Following the surgery I had a patch over the eye but it was not uncomfortable at all. The driver brought us back to Ajijic and took us directly to our homes. The next day I had a followup appointment in Dr. Rios' office. Had the bandage removed and was given some drops to use during the healing process. Another appointment the next week - just another checkup. I am totally happy with the entire process and am looking forward to getting the other eye done in the near future. Again, we are lucky to have lots of good choices available to us.
  5. REC

    Computer Keyboard

    I just checked Amazon Mexico and found quite a few English keyboards. Amazon.com.mx Teclado ingles https://www.amazon.com.mx/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=teclado+ingles I recently ordered something else from Amazon Mexico - ordered it on Saturday and it was delivered yesterday. It recognized my U.S. Prime account so there was no shipping charge on the specific items I ordered. Some do have a shipping charge added so look for that when ordering. It allowed me to use my U.S. credit card associated with my U.S. prime account. Easy as could be.
  6. REC

    Labor Laws

    But the employer is not completely off the hook in this situation. The concept of "dual employers" comes into play. Also the definition of "independent contractor" often doesn't work. If you determine what days/times they work, define their duties in any way, or supervise them directly they are employees. But all that is based on laws in other countries and we are in Mexico now. The laws here are not meant to punish employers and more importantly not to single out foreigners. This is the way labor laws and employee relationships work in the country in which we have chosen to live. Respect and follow those laws. Get a lawyer, do what they tell you to do (including paying the amount stipulated by Mexican law) and get on with life. We had to do that with a gardener the first couple of years we were here. VERY simple and surprisingly inexpensive. I strongly disagree with the suggestion to treat this as a do it yourself project. If you don't handle the severance, sign off and payment details EXACTLY right the clock could continue to run and it could be a major issue. Labor laws here are very black and white and as others have said generally favor the worker. This is by design and is sort of a safety net for people who generally make very little money. It is really easy to do things the right way with the help of a lawyer and almost impossible to do on your own. Good luck. And if you haven't done it already I hope you will get with a lawyer first thing Monday morning. You will be very happy to have this behind you.
  7. REC

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    Interesting. Obsession? I honestly don't know how to respond? So it is inappropriate to talk about how to solve a problem when we can spend our time figuring out who to blame? I'll have to give that some thought but my first reaction is sadness. "the only way universal coverage can possibly work is for everyone to be covered from birth until death". Great! We agree! Let's do that! Republicans have Trump and both houses of Congress so let's get this done first thing Monday morning. I doubt if you would have to worry about Democrats filibustering or voting against a bill that did that. Finally we have a plan. Hurry up before the midterms when the Democrats might have more votes and keep this from happening. Oh wait. Never mind. Don't have an opinion about Canada but in the U.S. if you opt out of Part B and want back in you pay a penalty. As in more money to make up at least a portion of what you didn't pay previously. A disincentive to opt out but I agree that should be much stronger. Let's do that too. No more opting out. "This is pure adverse selection and no insurance plan will ever work if that is allowed." See. We agree on this too. Great idea. Sort of like the starting place for Obamacare. Thank you! I feel better now that we are on the same page. My sadness is receding.
  8. REC

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    40+ public hearings with input from all sides. I was in the room for some of those hearings. The fact that all Republicans voted against the plan confirms my point rather than disputing it. They had every opportunity to provide input and the final result includes at least a bit of that input. Those are facts. My opinion is that all the Republicans voted against the final plan was political rather more than anything else. That is definitely just my opinion. I think that makes sense since that is what they said they were going to do but I could certainly be wrong.
  9. REC

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

  10. REC

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    What does "outsourcing prescription drugs" mean? I haven't heard about that one but may have missed it. Also, what program in Mexico is equivalent to Medicare and how is Mexico "outsourcing drugs". I guess I have the same question as regards Canada. "Negligent in monitoring the quality of imported drugs". Interesting. I would honestly like to learn more. In the U.S., many government programs such as Medicare are prohibited from negotiating prices with the pharmaceutical companies. All the big pharma lobbyists on the board please raise your hands. https://www.healthaffairs.org/do/10.1377/hblog20160919.056632/full/
  11. REC

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    As long as we look at any or all of these issues through a political lens, think in terms of party rather than country, and focus on "winning" versus solving problems and focusing on actual human beings, we are completely and totally screwed. During the time the country was creating what was to be called Obamacare I worked for the largest commercial insurance broker in the world. Obama and both houses of Congress held well over 40 public hearings and attempted to develop a foundation for a plan that could be embraced by everyone. I personally attended some of those hearings. During that time the opposition was publicly saying that their goal was to deny Obama any "victory" on anything rather than trying to solve problems that affected the entire country, including people that had voted for them. I guess Obama and Congress could have shoved a plan down the other side's throats but made a conscious decision to listen to input from everyone. In retrospect some now describe that as a bad decision Really? Compromise? OMG!!! So the problem is that all sides were included is a bad thing and that if Obama et al has been completely partisan things would be better now? Wow! And even if that were true it doesn't matter now. Where do we go from here? Again I have direct and personal relevant experience in these areas. I am not in any way deriding anyone that disagrees with me. Remember the quote "you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts". I was "in the room" when some of this was happening and feel I have a pretty firm grasp on the facts. But even if I am wrong where do we go from here? Since this is so simple it would seem like 10 years would be enough time to develop a better plan.
  12. REC

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    The U.S. did attempt to pass what was conceived of as Universal Healthcare but it got watered down through compromise and we wound up with the ACA/Obamacare. Since it was such a compromise it was challenged to perform from the beginning. Oh my God. Compromise. Never! Rather than taking what it provided and working to make it better many people objected to it out of hand. Often because they were against anything Obama tried to do. Let's be clear. "Healthcare" is not the same as "Health Insurance". The cost and effectiveness of "Healthcare" in the U.S. is terrible compared to pretty much any other "developed" country. We have very high "Healthcare" cost, terrible results, and are trying to pay for it through insurance. In the insurance industry we often refer to "risk financing" as opposed to "risk transfer". We eventually pay for the cost of "Healthcare" one way or another - or die because we can't. As an example since we don't provide something like universal health insurance we wind up with people not going to the doctor until they are very sick. They often wind up going to an emergency room which is the most expensive place to dispense medical care. Their outcomes, suffering, loss of productivity/wages, etc. is much worse than it needs to be. And we all wind up paying for that anyway. We would be better off if we had been willing to pay upfront. Left pocket / right pocket argument. Finally, since the current push is to reduce the number of people with insurance, the cost for that insurance for those of us that do have it will go up. A couple of other insurance principles are pooling and spread of risk. The more people insured the lower the cost for each person. We are still going to have the same "Healthcare" cost but we are spreading it across fewer people, sending more people to the emergency room, causing already marginalized people to have even more problems that we pay for anyway. I will turn the question around. Now that Trump is in the White House and the Republicans hold both houses why aren't they "fixing it": Dismantling Obamacare is only a solution if it is replaced with something more effective. Hmmm. Maybe "real" universal health care might be a good idea. But I would love to hear another plan. One of my dear friends who worked with me in the insurance industry is complaining that his "healthcare" is going up and blaming it on Obama. He know better but sees it through a political filter.
  13. I agree. But sooner or later you or going to have to figure out how to beat everyone if you ever want to win a World Cup. But beating Brazil would be a great step forward. Still I'm very proud of my adopted country's team!
  14. REC

    Immigration office closed

    Glad you were able to get that straightened out with Spencer's help. Lot's of hysterics in some of these posts and in the U.S. press about how "harsh" Mexican immigration laws are - especially compared to the U.S. Mexico's laws changed in 2011 so the IT'S FELONY comments are no longer accurate. Always good to do a little research (like 2 minutes) and state actual facts. Welcome back to Mexico, Gerry. https://www.quora.com/What-happens-to-illegal-immigrants-in-Mexico-when-caught
  15. REC

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    I am glad my comments were helpful. Don't let anyone talk you out of giving something you are interested in a shot. Of course you need to be informed about the realities - both good and bad - but anywhere you go there will be trade-offs. It might be practical to do the 180 day tourist option for quite a while - under current laws pretty much forever. You would just have to budget for a trip to the border twice a year to get another 180 tourist visa. The cheapest way would be by bus - not sure about the cost but you could probably find that information online, The "first class" buses in Mexico are very comfortable. About 700 miles each way so a pretty long trip but totally doable. Unfortunately under the current immigration laws I don't think "earned" income from a job or freelancing counts to meet the financial requirements - no matter how much a person earns that way. They are looking for "permanent" sources of income likes pensions and/or social security. But that would not come into play for the twice a year tourist visa so you could do that. I am sure you will make the best decision for your situation. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.