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  1. I finally found it at Superlake with the hot sauces, instead of the spices.
  2. I had cataract surgery in a dog, both eyes, around 2003 in the States. The dog had diabetes and developed cataracts quickly. The surgery was around the price you quoted, only they gave me a break for kind of experimental. I had no one to advise me, so I thought surgery was the thing to do, like for people. I found out later, from a graph on the internet, that very few people have surgery in dogs. The recovery, as you should have been told, is very difficult in dogs. It's not the same as people, because the dog's eye is different. Requires high levels of constant care for months to avoid infection. I haven't investigated it since then, which you should do to see how much has changed. I strongly feel I was poorly advised by my vet at the time. They can do it, but should they? We pour money into our pets as they age. I would advise to save your money on this particular thing. Even when it's not an issue of money, dogs get along well with low or no sight as other people here have said. Ask your vet what they would do if it was their dog. Remember that dogs "see" mostly through scent, not vision. "Dogs don't have nearly as good vision as humans, in general, so being blind really doesn't affect them too much." See... I found some garbage on the internet to support me. Good luck with your decision.
  3. When I went into Telmex on Monday, the woman said not all telephone numbers in SAT were upgraded. She checked my number and I was good. She put in the request to upgrade me. She said that sometimes it happens automatically and in other cases, they have to upgrade you manually. She did say that all SAT numbers weren't good for the upgrade. It depends on the server. She gave herself as an example. She lives a few blocks for me and can't get the upgrade. So good luck and don't be too fast to cancel iLox.
  4. Just email Art. If he's not taking on new clients for dog walking, he'll have the best referrals you can get. He does most of his business by email, so don't hesitate to drop him a line.
  5. One meter of hail. Looks like a disaster. https://noticieros.televisa.com/ultimas-noticias/guadalajara-jalisco-granizo-noticias-granizada-hoy/
  6. My magic formula for peeling is the same as CG's, under running cold water. Additionally, peel within 2 minutes of cooking. So, pull off stove. Toss hot water. Cold tap water over the hot eggs in the pan, so this starts the eggs cooling. Peel promptly under cold running tap water. Either they are all nice and loose, or it's all for naught and you've got nothing to show, but brutalized eggs and burned hands.
  7. Wizz Plus. If there was ever a fitting name for an Izzy product it's "Wizz".
  8. As a side note, San Antonio has had the quietest festival since I've lived here (14 yrs). It's still loud but amount of cohetes during the weekday has been kept down to a handfull, morning and night. Today sounds more like the artillery fire we are used to. I have two dogs that are terrorized by cohetes. One responds to thunder shirts and Rescue Remedy. The latter might be found at your vet or a health food store. It's homeopathic, but if it works for dogs, so be it. There is a vet formulation without alcohol, but in this instance, I'd use any I could find. One dog instantly responded to it. Amazed me. Not all dogs respond to thunder shirts. You can see if your dog does by wrapping a towel around it and turning the ends tightly. Kind of sling the dog's chest in the towel and put the ends over its back. Wrap the ends to tighten. It's awkward, but may give temporary relief. Within 5 or 10 minutes perhaps. Thunder shirts wrap the dogs tightly and it's not really known why they work. But when they do it's dramatic. I bought my thunder shirts from Amazon US. Don't know if they're available locally. I have one dog that is a wreck and none of the above work. She shakes so hard, it looks like she's having seizures. I sometimes give her a tiny dose of Calmivet, if the cohetes last for hours. It's a sedative and of course you want to use sparingly. You can get them from any vet. By tiny dose, I literally mean a sliver of a pill for a 12 lb dog.
  9. I was referred to a fan store that's next to Food Container by my electrician. He said they do the installations also. I know nothing about the quality of work or if you're already talking about the same guy.
  10. I've had erratic experience at Tony's recently. Not much on display and no hamburger. When I asked for it, I was offered stew meat. I knew that might not be a great idea. The butcher ground it and didn't add any fat. It was awful. Well it wasn't hamburger. This old stand by appears to be going down hill.
  11. 10 on fiber. Must Telmex take every opportunity to remind us they are still Telmex?
  12. That's good news. First time that I've heard they are here.
  13. Is there a third player in the fiber market? I live in San Antonio and about 2 or 3 months ago, an unidentified contractor was installing fiber. Remember we had threads on this forum, pictures of cable? Ilox isn't in SAT yet. It wasn't identified as Telmex. Izzy is dizzy. Do we know what that was about?
  14. Sea

    Mariscos El Carnal

    I was going to go there to check it out, because I live in San Antonio. I read the reviews in Trip Advisor. They are almost all from Guad weekend visitors. Not only did we not go there, it almost put me off restaurants for life.
  15. Sea

    Gluten free pizza

    The brand is Milton's which is a major Costco brand, so maybe you'll be in luck. Now anything that's my favorite starts a death knell ringing in the distance, but you might have better luck.
  16. Sea

    Gluten free pizza

    There are new gluten free pizzas listed on the Costco Shopping service website. New to me at least. https://www.lakeside-ss.com/tienda-online/Milton’s-Cauliflower-Pizza-Margarita-With-4-Cheeses-2-Pies-No-Gluten-FROZEN-p136188985
  17. Right now I get 3 mbps from Telmex. On a good day. The concept of their product or support suffering is wildly theoretical at this point.
  18. Thank God for computers. 90% of the work is done by asking, "Alexa. What time is it?"
  19. Thanks, Tom. I understand better now. Mark, please can the personal comments so that the thread stays open.
  20. Depending on the service you can be routed by our peer with: Google, Netflix and Facebook through or direct peers with them  Marcatel if a Mexican network is to be reached. Cogent, Level 3 or PCCW for international networks  85% of the traffic generated by our clients have a direct peer, this is Google primary, Netflix and Facebook Will someone please take a shot at explaining this to me? Pretend you're explaining to your (awesome) dog.
  21. In what way is browsing poor? I don't have my service yet, so no info.
  22. Hah. My Spanish spelling is even worse than my English. It was unchecked phonetic spelling. Thanks.
  23. Mine was 8 months. When I went to request the papers, they asked for more money and started a run around. I didn't know the power of knowledgeable facilitators at the time so got taken. This was with "well known" realtors and notorio.
  24. CG, do you know yet whichmodem we should being asking for at the install? I've been trying to follow the discussion in various threads and it's not sinking in.
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