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  1. Sea

    Magana Restaurant

    Yesterday drove by and saw lots of cars and Jeffrey carrying out two microwaves. I hope it's still open.
  2. My experience has been one of embezzlement and fraud, by a big name local bank. Long story, but your statement isn't always the case.
  3. Sea

    Frozen Pie shells

    Superlake often has pie shells.
  4. Fresh San Francisco sour dough bread. Long loaf, dark char on the crispy crust. Yep, that'll do it. The thing about distinct flavors of fondly remembered food... there is no substitute for the real thing. And once you get the idea in your head, it might not go away for days. I mean, you can suffer is what we're talking about here.
  5. In addition to being experienced and excellent, he hires drivers to take patients to his clinic in Guad, round trip. Totally painless experience. We are lucky that he decided to buy a house here and open an office.
  6. Anecdotally, one of the biggest areas of concern is security of your keys... as in don't give them out to maids, gardeners, etc. Just in general, always remember that you're living in a third world country and gringos are often considered rich targets. Check window security and locks. Don't leave your home unattended when you have people working in it. If you lived in Ecuador, you've probably already been through the thought process of being a hard target vs a soft one. There are one or two security firms locally. I used one before it changed ownership a few years ago. Maybe someone else can give a reference. Generally people use wrought iron and dogs for security. The Chapala head of police used to recommend dogs as number one security feature.
  7. Yes, mine turned out to be the same. The problem was on my line and with my service, rather than something affecting everyone. I have a temporary fix for now.
  8. My service seems to be better today. Internet seems stable. I can't tell about the phone because I was getting a lot of static and crosstalk. Also a disconnect on internet whenever there was an incoming call. Very weird. It seems better, but I have to get someone to call me to check. How is yours today? Edit: I KNEW that writing things were better would curse me. Internet went out as soon as I wrote that. So I'm seeing a marginal improvement, but still a problem between phone and internet - Infinitum.
  9. I do report in person in Ajijjic... or rather have a friend who lives close by report it for me. She just told me that the guy at Telmex said there were a lot of problems with internet yesterday. Mine was both, phone and internet.
  10. Hahaha. Weeeellll. He said it was outside problem, he'd be back in 40 minutes. Never returned and nothing works any better. I'll report it again today. /sigh /mumblemumblemumble
  11. Sea

    Tony's ribs

    Don't forget Cafe Magana. Great ribs. Sorry to hear that Tony's have gone down hill. They were one of my reliable favorites when I first moved here.
  12. I've had intermittent service since Sun. Phone and internet. I assume it's my stuff unless I hear otherwise from Telmex. I reported it and they sent someone out today. I'm located in SAT.
  13. The bandwidth issue is very disturbing. I have to download anything of consequence, including updates, overnight, because I can't do anything else online at the same time. I live in SAT and, on a good day, have a Speedtest rating of D-... have go to Africa to find worse ... rating. Just because of the bandwidth issues, I always disable file sharing. This just sounds bad. In the article Snowyco linked on bandwidth, MS claims the torrent style distribution is to help people with lousy bandwidth. I'm shaky on the tech here, but that sounds counter intuitive. Isn't it more likely to be a cheap way to push out their upgrade?
  14. My 'puter got the flim flams and it got 'em bad... Upgraded to Win8 and lost the best friend I ever had.... To the tune of Ramblin' Boy but you have to work at.
  15. Great thread. Thanks for starting it. I have one laptop with Win 8 that I hate and might switch over as an offering to the Microsoft gods. But... I use Firefox and really dislike MS's patronizing and monopolistic practices towards Mozilla. So I'll stick with Win 7 the desk top. Please keep us up to date as the next year progresses, Computer Guy.
  16. i had rotator cuff injuries in both shoulders. Went with doctor's recommendation for physical therapy.... exercise... instead of surgery and very thankful for that. I don't recommend chiropractic for this, orthopedic doctors have a wider range of treatments available and generally are better at diagnosis..
  17. Alex usually answers emails very early or late. Other than that, it's catch as catch can because he's driving so much. Cel is good. Hope it works out for you.
  18. Alex Peterson is known locally as an excellent, reliable driver, facilitator and now makes trips to the border. I've used him twice to bring things down and was completely satisfied. He's been making a trip every month or every other month, but it's flexible. He has a trip scheduled in January that hasn't had all the details ironed out yet, but call or email him to find out more and get on his contact list for this trip. When it's firmed up, he'll give you a shipping address in the US to use. Contact info (with permission) cel. 045-333-577-7765. Email: apet.rapidpack@yahoo.com
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