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  1. The WHO has walked back that quote above from Monday that asymptomatic carriers don't spread Covid 19. There's a big breaking article in WaPo, and I get a lovely paywall there so that's out as a source. . KTLA.com:

    “What I was referring to yesterday in the press conference were very few studies — some two or three studies that had been published that actually try to follow asymptomatic cases, so people who are infected, over time, and then look at all of their contacts and see how many additional people were infected,” Van Kerkhove said.

    “And that’s a very small subset of studies. So I was responding to a question at the press conference. I wasn’t stating a policy of WHO or anything like that,” she said. “Because this is a major unknown, because there are so many unknowns around this, some modeling groups have tried to estimate what is the proportion of asymptomatic people that may transmit.”






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  2. On 6/7/2020 at 4:19 PM, cookj5 said:

    This link is to a story that ran on Michigan Live. They got four experts on infectious disease to rank 36 different activities as to the level of safety from covid-19 and some things you might consider before engaging in them. The experts didn't always agree on their threat rankings, so the rankings were averaged and disagreements noted. I found it very useful, since most of the activities are similar to what expats might consider here at Lakeside.


    Excellent resource for evaluating risk. Thanks for posting.

  3. 1 hour ago, pappysmarket said:

    Not sure where I saw this reply so maybe not confirmed news:

    Dear Mr. Mayor

    We business owners here at Lake Chapala respectfully ask that you ignore the wishes of a few non-citizens who seem to only worry about themselves. They want to put a fence around this place and thus starve us to death in the name of security. They don't like our clients from Guadalajara but they don't wish to make up the revenue we lose by not serving them. Yes, a few are actually citizens but the vast majority are just guests in our proud country. If it is legal to keep non-residents out we will abide by that but then request you see that the rule is strictly enforced. As of now it is a joke but our incomes are dangerously low and some of us will be forced out of business.

    Thank you and we promise to plant some trees when this is all over.

    You're not sure where you saw it, but you'll post it here as if it's legit? 

    Why don't you guys make a section called Political Musings or something along those lines and stop with the contortions, pretending that what you say isn't political, but anyone disagreeing with you is.


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  4. Death rate is higher in younger people in emerging countries.

    "A closer look at the data raises questions about the widely held idea that COVID-19 is mainly dangerous for the elderly.

    Of Brazil's victims, 69 percent were aged 60 or older, compared with 95 percent in Spain and Italy, according to official statistics."


  5. One of the issues with herd immunity theory is that infection survivors must be immune to reoccurrence of the virus. This is not confirmed with corona virus.

    "After testing different scenarios, the Harvard group concluded that their projections of how many people end up getting covid-19 in the coming years depended “most crucially” on “the extent of population immunity, whether immunity wanes, and at what rate.” In other words, the critical factor in projecting the path of the outbreak is also a total unknown."

    MIT https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/04/27/1000569/how-long-are-people-immune-to-covid-19/

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  6. 17 hours ago, RickS said:

    Oh, boy, here we go....

    Naw. It's okay, Rick. I'm good. I'm figuring out what media is censoring the news. Making a list for myself. So I don't get misled.

    To be thorough, I'm starting at the bottom. Paint chips. Maybe oil paints.


    Edit: Bad choice to start. Too granular. A bit boring. But cleared as misleading media to my satisfaction. Well, I wasn't mislead, YMMV. 

    I'm done with the vetting of media though. My bad. I don't have the patience. I'll just blunder around, evaluating media as it pops up.

  7. MC, seriously? "Americans and Europeans have had enough of this failed policy".  Lots of polls available when you google. This one 87% of Americans support stay at home. I could have chose from 3 others with the same results. There is a tiny minority of protesters in the US.  Certain political interests and media are trying to make them look mainstream. Not even close.


  8. Two doctors with sketchy data aren't equal to the other side of the question.  This goes through the data, from a left position given the source. https://www.alternet.org/2020/04/a-pair-of-doctors-just-proved-that-medical-training-doesnt-keep-you-from-being-amazingly-ignorant/

    The issue has been politicized based on its nature.  Also it is being discussed as such here. I thought politics where verboten on this board. Why the exception for this issue?

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  9. What a great find, Ferret. I recognized his name and logo from the "Moving Art" series on Netflix. It is this wonderful cinematography, mostly or all landscapes and he matches it with different musicians and types of music.  There is no spoken word, so it's not this type of meditation, but beautiful and calming.

  10. 4 hours ago, Odette Galaviz said:

    Hi Im looking into moving to lower SAT its in between La Paz and the next street from Independencia I just dont remember the name, but I work using the internet so I need a stable connection, and would love to know more about how its working there before I actually rent, id appreciate your help so much

    You're going to have trouble figuring out the speed from Telmex in that area. I had 3 mbps for ages and got bumped to 20 tops. The clerk at Telmex said she lived a few blocks from me, presumably was on the same server and couldn't get the increase. Also she couldn't get an explanation that satisfied her on why. Based on people posting on this forum, I know what some other people are still stuck at 3mbps. (Which is unstable on weekends and evenings when people are streaming. I used to call it hiccuping disconnects)

    Start by taking the exact address where you plan to move to Telmex and see if they can give you information.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    I'm sure glad we decided to wait and see how Ilox was going to pan out.  I am amazed they don't understand the payoff for their investment here is to hook up as many as possible as fast as possible and do a much better job of service than TelMex.  Our sympathies.



    Yeah. It's a crap shoot. When Ilox first made their offer, I had 3 mbps from Telmex. That's not enough for streaming internet content. Barely enough for online games. I got constant disconnects on weekends. Out of desperation tried Telecable also. That was a bust, because... Telecable.

    So that summer after Ilox took contracts, Telmex suddenly offered some parts of SAT faster service. Some parts. People a few blocks apart are getting different speeds, that old 3 mbps. But I finally got lucky and got 10 and then 20 mbps. I'm sure these better speeds were forced by Ilox's entry into the market. Now, if I still had 3 mbps, I'd be keeping that Ilox contract and put a lot of energy into working with them.

    So I'm dragging on Ilox a bit now, because I can afford to speedwise, but I am eternally grateful to Tom for working with them and bringing them into the area. It made a huge impact on the quality of my internet service.

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