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  1. Room for all in Art's class So, more news. Art is splitting his class, starting Sunday, Sept. 22, into two groups. Big dogs and medium/small. If you were turned away because the class filled, that's all changed now with this new arrangement. There is room. Contact Art for info and scheduling. I'll be in the afternoon class with the lovely, "you call this a beagle, seriously?", Bobbi. See ya there.
  2. Wow. Just talked to Art. This class is full already. That says a lot about the great dog people around here. He is planning another class with mid-January start date. So contact him for details or early sign up or whatever.
  3. Tremendous news for those of us with dogs. After hearing that Art is starting his class again, it took me 2 seconds to decide which of my miscreants is going. Art is starting a 6 week, basic obedience class on Sunday, Sept 22 at Pat Lawrie's old dog park in San Antonio. It's between La Floresta and San Antonio on Ramon Corona, #166. 10:30 to noon. If you're interested, call or email Art for details. artthedogguy@yahoo.com 766-3580
  4. You guys are hilarious. Every once in a while this forum soars. 😂
  5. Just to recap, Alex Peterson is still in the delivery business, generally once a month. He also moves people and boxes to or from the States. Last time I talked to him, that's an important part of his business, although he still does local driving, facilitation, etc. Last year, he took my van to get the smog certificate. Had to chase all over for it and ended up going to Guad because it was the last day. I couldn't recommend him more highly.
  6. Give Alex Peterson a call before you write him off. His fees are quite reasonable. He beats regular movers by a good amount. It's worth checking out.
  7. lb Furniture, in the strip mall with Sunrise Restaurant and OXXO, in San Antonio carries recliners. Plus they have catalogues and you can check on line for the brands they carry. They have the motorized or pull type. This is the store that used to be C&D furniture years ago. They have all the samples for upholstery and will order whatever you want. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Ib+Furniture+%26+Accessories/@20.2961044,-103.2376018,18.75z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x842f41365d0a28c5:0x7e87c840da0b430!2sSan+Antonio+Tlayacapan,+45900+Ajijic,+Jalisco,+Mexico!3b1!8m2!3d20.2929811!4d-103.2389353!3m4!1s0x842f413392c1ce65:0x2a7b3422033a8b30!8m2!3d20.2961625!4d-103.2366686
  8. A well seasoned cast iron pan is a thing of beauty. I wouldn't cook eggs in cast iron, because why. They pick up the seasoning and have an irony flavor. But as a substitute for grilling indoors, at high heat, it's hard to beat. Food doesn't stick. I've had the ones I brought here for 30 years. Before that they were the only 2 things that survived a fire that burned down a house. I got it them at a yard sale from a teary woman who almost decided not to part with them because they were her grandma's (she of the burned out house). I promised to take care of them. So they are cherished Wagner's and damn near indestructible, since I have no plans to actually nuke them. Now that I think of it, this story is a good as the pans. And as for cleaning, whisk with water while they're hot (mine have never warped) and dry on low flame. Dot with oil and wipe with paper towel. Can't imagine anything being easier. That's a non-stick clean up in my book. Of course, I defend with my last breath CG's right to despise cast iron and the horse it rode in on.
  9. I finally found it at Superlake with the hot sauces, instead of the spices.
  10. I had cataract surgery in a dog, both eyes, around 2003 in the States. The dog had diabetes and developed cataracts quickly. The surgery was around the price you quoted, only they gave me a break for kind of experimental. I had no one to advise me, so I thought surgery was the thing to do, like for people. I found out later, from a graph on the internet, that very few people have surgery in dogs. The recovery, as you should have been told, is very difficult in dogs. It's not the same as people, because the dog's eye is different. Requires high levels of constant care for months to avoid infection. I haven't investigated it since then, which you should do to see how much has changed. I strongly feel I was poorly advised by my vet at the time. They can do it, but should they? We pour money into our pets as they age. I would advise to save your money on this particular thing. Even when it's not an issue of money, dogs get along well with low or no sight as other people here have said. Ask your vet what they would do if it was their dog. Remember that dogs "see" mostly through scent, not vision. "Dogs don't have nearly as good vision as humans, in general, so being blind really doesn't affect them too much." See... I found some garbage on the internet to support me. Good luck with your decision.
  11. When I went into Telmex on Monday, the woman said not all telephone numbers in SAT were upgraded. She checked my number and I was good. She put in the request to upgrade me. She said that sometimes it happens automatically and in other cases, they have to upgrade you manually. She did say that all SAT numbers weren't good for the upgrade. It depends on the server. She gave herself as an example. She lives a few blocks for me and can't get the upgrade. So good luck and don't be too fast to cancel iLox.
  12. Here is the list of Doctors on the website. https://www.lakemedicalgroup.com/lake-medical-group-doctors Looks like Dr. Lupita will merge with it and share space. Now whether there will be separate branding for Integrity? We shall see. Looks like doctors from Quality Care are there also, Dr. Briseno, for example.
  13. Just email Art. If he's not taking on new clients for dog walking, he'll have the best referrals you can get. He does most of his business by email, so don't hesitate to drop him a line.
  14. One meter of hail. Looks like a disaster. https://noticieros.televisa.com/ultimas-noticias/guadalajara-jalisco-granizo-noticias-granizada-hoy/
  15. My magic formula for peeling is the same as CG's, under running cold water. Additionally, peel within 2 minutes of cooking. So, pull off stove. Toss hot water. Cold tap water over the hot eggs in the pan, so this starts the eggs cooling. Peel promptly under cold running tap water. Either they are all nice and loose, or it's all for naught and you've got nothing to show, but brutalized eggs and burned hands.
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