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  1. CG, do you know yet whichmodem we should being asking for at the install? I've been trying to follow the discussion in various threads and it's not sinking in.
  2. Sea

    You Suck at Cooking

    I had fun with that. Thanks, Chillin.
  3. SuperLake usually has it.
  4. SAT was part of the original area that ILOX said they'd cover. Never heard anything about stopping at Walmart. I'm in SAT and have a contract with them.
  5. Sea

    Product Of The Week

    This thread is alarming. You all love the same thing I do. Herdez Salsa Casera. For reasons unknown, it will now disappear from production and never be seen again. (in advance of the earnest explanations that we would all appreciate... joke!)
  6. Check the state that you moved from. California lists 5 (I think) criteria for paying state taxes. I no longer qualify.
  7. Furniture for Less in San Antonio. Formerly C&D. In the strip shops with Sunrise Restaurant and Oxxo. Hidalgo 119, San Antonio Tlayacapan, 45915 Ajijic, Jal., Mexico
  8. I once killed the hard drive on a brand new computer by plugging in a USB thumb drive. Shorted it somehow. It's a record, even for me.
  9. Second rec for Mike Riley, the Computer Guy on this forum. Good prices, very knowledgeable. And patient with people who break computers by looking at them. 👍 765--4156 mike@ajijiccomputing.com
  10. I don't understand. Buying gas for your car is "dumbassery"?
  11. Most of the people I saw in line were Mexican, which makes sense because most of the population here is Mexican.
  12. Those pictures above are in San Antonio, starting almost to Superlake going west. It is tightly controlled by police. This is the only line. If you want gas, if you're coming from the West (Ajijic), got through the libramento intersection in front of Walmart, staying on the carratera west toward Superlake. They are moving traffic into a bypass, but it moves fast. If you want gas, hang a u-turn somewhere around Superlake to get in the line the other way. You'll see how far down you need to go. Maybe around Panino's would be easier. From the east (Chapala), just head toward San Antonio. The lanes are controlled around Superlake. Gas to your right, other traffic to the left. There is even a hand held sign. I've never seen the police so well organized here. I
  13. I know. When I wrote my post, I had to edit out all the "so sad's". It bordered on depressingly drippy.
  14. So sad to tell you all that Salvatore left and is no longer managing Cinco Potrillos. As happens to so many of our favorites here, the lease was raised and he couldn't afford it. So .. that's all folks. He was the brains, energy, cooked...he also had a relative helping with the cooking... but it's all gone. When we checked, he doesn't have any prospects of opening a new place. Confirmed today that he's not there anymore. He really appreciated the people who dropped in from this forum. I don't have any good news to give you.
  15. Thanks for sharing. Never hear of these lights. Verrrrry interesting.
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