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  1. Superlake has also tucked away reasonably priced breakfast cereals. The 200p imports are where they always were. Lower priced Mexican brands are at the end of the aisle and where the cheaper cookies used to be in the corner.
  2. The silver lining: If we die of a contagious illness, we won't be in good health. We might be dead, but our train of logic will be impeccable.
  3. Could you be some specific? What is the problem or issue? That's a pretty broad condemnation. I'm not putting you down. I'm personally interested in the answer.
  4. You're going to have trouble figuring out the speed from Telmex in that area. I had 3 mbps for ages and got bumped to 20 tops. The clerk at Telmex said she lived a few blocks from me, presumably was on the same server and couldn't get the increase. Also she couldn't get an explanation that satisfied her on why. Based on people posting on this forum, I know what some other people are still stuck at 3mbps. (Which is unstable on weekends and evenings when people are streaming. I used to call it hiccuping disconnects) Start by taking the exact address where you plan to move to Telmex and see if they can give you information.
  5. Yeah. It's a crap shoot. When Ilox first made their offer, I had 3 mbps from Telmex. That's not enough for streaming internet content. Barely enough for online games. I got constant disconnects on weekends. Out of desperation tried Telecable also. That was a bust, because... Telecable. So that summer after Ilox took contracts, Telmex suddenly offered some parts of SAT faster service. Some parts. People a few blocks apart are getting different speeds, that old 3 mbps. But I finally got lucky and got 10 and then 20 mbps. I'm sure these better speeds were forced by Ilox's entry into the market. Now, if I still had 3 mbps, I'd be keeping that Ilox contract and put a lot of energy into working with them. So I'm dragging on Ilox a bit now, because I can afford to speedwise, but I am eternally grateful to Tom for working with them and bringing them into the area. It made a huge impact on the quality of my internet service.
  6. I paid in cash also. I was told I'd receive a check in 2-3 weeks. They said they'd call when it was ready. Then they took my telephone number when I asked if they had it. 😂 Ah, yes.
  7. Shouldn't the person who thought the green tire was a doughnut get a special forum award? Cause that was a golden moment. I'm voting 10/10.
  8. I sent you an email. There are bad words and tear stains. But I met Pete for the first time so the day was a win. 😉
  9. Well, I was in front of Pete at the Ilox office and was told there would be no installations in 3-5 months. I had an 22 month old contract in my hand from being an early adopter in the signup for service. We asked the question several ways to make sure there was no mistake in her message. I also asked if it was okay to tell anyone I met that there would be no new installations for 3 - 5 months. I was trying to make sure that her message wasn't just for me for whatever reason that might have been. Actually I was thinking of this board. She said yes, tell everyone. As a result I cancelled my contact with the year advance payment and will receive a refund. If you want to make up a story that this isn't true, I suggest you check with Ilox first. Edit: On second thought, the story about the equipment being delayed at the border, that I'm not defending. You can tell stories about that to your heart's content.
  10. El Doc is a large, well known eventos in SAT, at La Paz and Priv La Paz. The noise used to be intolerable music and cohetes until 2 am on weekends. etc. The locals took up a petition which apparently half the town signed from what I saw. The noise is much better now. Cohetes usually finish before 10 or 11 and they aren't as loud and long as they used to be. Usually. And never the all night sessions that we used to have. So noise abatement is possible. https://www.facebook.com/eldocterrazadeeventos
  11. Dee closed her kennel and retired. She didn't sell it. Second Carlos as an excellent trainer. I'm looking forward to seeing his new kennel, haven't been yet.
  12. San Antonio was quieter this year for the June festival. The story was that Chapala had run out of money for cohetes, so they were fewer. It would be too much to hope that the condition lasts for a while.
  13. Try washing with a vinegar water solution. It won't take all the smell out, but it's better than only soap and water. Nature's Miracle is the brand name of the enzyme that's suppose to neutralize dog urine. I haven't had luck with it either. We use Odoban which used to be available at Sam's. I don't know if they still carry it. It's hospital strength disinfectant and order control. Since you have porous tile, you've got a tough problem, but these are the things I'd use.
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