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  1. Also some manuf actors are worse than others for ads. Xiaomi, which I have, is infamous. They even have PR statements saying that they have ads to keep the price of their phones down. As a result, you can google the make of your phone and how to remove ads, and there are many step by step instructions that people have posted on how to reduce ads on specific models.
  2. Berenice carries it at Pet Place, down from Tia Sam's. Amazon MX has started carrying some types of it, like Senior Small and Toy.
  3. I know a guy. 😄 IB Furniture, next to OXXO, in San Antonio, close to Panini's. Used to be C&D years ago. They sell recliners there and are very helpful. I had ordered one online that they didn't carry and thought I would need help assembling it. He said he would come out and help me. Also I bought one there and he said he could repair it if needed. If you can't find that man that you might need, I'd try I&B. Ask for help. 3767664972
  4. See the last line of the announcement for required documents.
  5. Sea

    mexican food

    Frida's is really good. Just had her pozole and enchiladas yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/Tacos-Frida-1739504829711373/ She's on Essnap delivery service also, so eazy peazy.
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to spell this out. It still sounds too much for me at the present. I know other people have thanked you for spearheading getting all this good information for us - I add my voice to theirs!
  7. Was there seating and shade in Ajijic or was that only in Chapala? I guess I need to know if there is any relief from standing for hours at Ajijic.
  8. Thank you, Carnivore. Exactly what I need to know. If there are others in my boat or similar, I just want to validate that this super spreader event thrown by the government, may not be for all of us. I'm recovering from a debilitating illness and am still in recovery. My best endurance event walking right now is about 10 minutes. I will be eagerly watching the experience of others, but there is no way this type of staging will work. There will be other times, places, and presentations that I can manage. Good luck and stay safe for those of you who go for it!
  9. Not working from South SAT.
  10. I was also able to get in at 8 am this morning.
  11. Mine is too. For about an hour or two in the afternoon particularly. It must be that time of year when the signal gets wonky.
  12. Amazon US has them available through third party sellers. https://www.amazon.com/Shaw-Direct-IRC600-Remote-Control/dp/B00RC6ONOO/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=shaw+remote&qid=1601512546&sr=8-1
  13. Sea

    Great Thai Food

    I ordered from them and loved the food, thought it was some of the best I've had in this area. Care was taken with everything. Eduardo did say they would like orders in advance, because they are getting more order than they can handle. So I plan to order on Wednesday. I would cut them some slack at this point as they start up and figure out how run their business.
  14. Sea

    Tomahawk Steak

    The Blue Rose Bistro advertises tomahawks. http:// https://www.facebook.com/bluerosebistro/
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