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  1. It will be interesting to see how the service holds up after a year, I'm not a big fan of Salinas Pliego, plus the service has way to many charges that can potentially nickle and dime you to death. If the bill is paid early there's a small discount paid on time regular price, if its paid late there's a 20.00 pesos extra charge. Early cancellation fee (before 9 months) and its almost impossible to cancel, kind of reminds me of Sky TV here 20 years ago. Whatever you do don't lose the modem, I believe they charge around $2000.00 pesos, there used to be a small annual fee as well. I'm
  2. I have pictures of my sister and I standing in front of the Ajijic plaza late 70s early 80's an there were no cars. Yes things have changed, in 2005 it still only took me 15 minutes to get to Ajijic. I live on the west end of the Lake and cringe when I have to go to Ajijic, on a good day I can be in Guad in 30 minutes when the other day it took me an hour to get to San Anatonio.
  3. To this day I could never understand why people insisted on using Gmail or other free paid mail services, especially businesses , they mine data like crazy , most people will say "I have nothing to hide" until they realize they do.
  4. This is the time of the year when the internet does slow down, the month of May and June and into the rainy season the Internet does seem slower, when I had my business I use to dread this time of the year. Yes, environmental factors do play a role. Many of the junction boxes that house the cabling and equipment are outside and are hit by the sun all day long, the same goes for antennas on top of the cell phone towers, when things are warm they don't run as efficiently. Warmer temperatures indoors cause the modems and PC's to run hotter as well. It probably does not help much that t
  5. Telmex can easily give users 100mbps over copper (if within the right distance), the recent offers to the different fracs to increase speed via fibre is for their own benefit, customers pay for the infrastructure and Telmex can now sell it elsewhere.
  6. Hopefully the shelter can help you I have been so far SOL I have been trying to find homes for 6 kittens I went to the shelter twice and was told they are full for cats. I have given two to Pepe and am still trying to find homes for 4 more. Good luck!
  7. Hi All I have been desperately seeking homes for some kittens we have, over the last couple of years we have been struggling with an over population of cats in my neighborhood. I have managed to have many of the cats spayed or neutered, unfortunately, my kitty fund has run low and I still have several cats that need to be spayed (a project I am working on). In the meantime two of the female cats have had kittens. Each cat had three kittens the ones below are about six weeks old. I currently have two kittens I'm putting up for adoption, in two weeks I will have three more. If you or k
  8. I am shocked, I was just chatting with him online two weeks ago and he said he was doing great. We had some great times together sucking down Tequila and working on Mexico Connect I'm so sorry to hear he is gone.
  9. I'm not surprised, when I started my business in 1997 a year later Telmex came in and many flocked to the cheaper rates and as I was told better service, obviously they have the bigger market share now so people have to put up with it. This is just Telmex, it has been pretty much the same company since I have lived here, they start off with a bang and then things gradually go downhill. I just recently ended my 22 year old E3 contract with Uninet and needed a residential Internet option I first subscribed to Telmex (it was my only option) and was getting 10megs down and almost 1 meg up, on
  10. The delay is not uncommon and happens with most carriers offering VOIP service (interconnection) between ISP's. I have had the same experience with clients in Guad who use for example Axtel, Megacable and Intervan. Most of the time its latency between connections. A lot depends on the protocol and codex they are using, some are more forgiving than others.
  11. IPv6 is more efficient speed wise,however it may not make a big difference to the average user, but as whole its more efficient, packets that are normally bad get discarded along the way (from point to point routers), this can cause packet collisions and slow down the network this could explain faster peaking times, this alone improves network efficiency by at least 70%. With IPv6 it discards packets at the hub itself (router) making data transfer seamless. The other benefit is no more NAT or having to worry about IP conflicts over the network. This is often an issue which some Telmex us
  12. In my case I still have a commercial account so it was a matter of physically switching it over. From what I know it will be a gradual network wide rollout, if in fact it has not already rolled out in other areas. An easy way to check would be going to https://www.whatismyip.com You should get something like this. Your IP Address is 2806:103e:1c:1c56:321d:d5fd:2c1d:27c5 or Your Public IPv6 is: 2806:103e:1c:1c56:321d:d5fd:2c1d:27c5 Your IPv4 is: I know a lot of people are suffering lakeside with Telmex connectivity, especially those in San Ant
  13. For the last week I have been having issues with my Internet connection I have the same backbone contract I had when I was in my office in Ajijic back in 1997. Over the last couple of weeks I had been experiencing lots of latency and packet loss, I had been in touch with my account manager and the solution and (issue) was pretty simple to resolve. It seems that Telmex (uninet) has been switching their network over to IPv6. While most people may not care about this change, it will make significant performance improvements that should be noticeable for Telmex customers or anyone else using the
  14. The issue probably has nothing to do with the cameras. I don't know how Ilox system works but I am assuming due to the price/bandwidth they offer that they are using NAT off of one public IP address. Using NAT allows one single IP address to serve multiple customers or (group). If you were to configure your cameras with your own internal IP you should be able to monitor them from within your home network. The issue is you most likely will not be able to see the cameras outside the private network. With Telmex this is not an issue because Telmex assigns a public IP address t
  15. I can agree with you partially. But I find it just as dangerous driving or riding my motorcycle today as it was 40 years ago, back then we had more animals, bicycles and people on the road than we did cars and scooters. The thing is that if the Transito did their job the correct way they could prevent many of issues we see today before they happen but they don't. It easier to set up road blocks in the morning and evening when the majority of the workforce is out. For most foreigners its cheap to have insurance, a license and everything else that goes along with driving. Most of the
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