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  1. I booked on Tar last year and found the flight and service fine. I booked with a travel agent and the airline would not accept my Canadian credit card even though a Visa card is accepted worldwide. I ended up having to run to the bank and get cash to pay for the tickets. An unnecessary inconvenience but they do have very good prices.
  2. (EDITED BY MOD TO REMOVE PERSONAL COMMENT) If we are not able to take an animal at the shelter due to lack of room we are always able to offer alternative suggestions in an effort to try to help the person deal with the situation. We don't just slam the door shut and say your problem! We do try to help the people and the dog. Shelter people are compassionate, dedicated, caring people, something I'm not sure you would know much about.
  3. Used him a couple years ago and was very. Pleased with the work. His office is in San Antonio so no having to go to Guadalajara. His work is excellent and no sign of scars can be seen anywhere. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
  4. Will call her but found the one store outrageously expensive. Was told supplies were cheaper here in Mexico than NOB but store price was 5 times more than I pay in Canada. Had a list of suppliers at one time in Guad area but lost it and can't find it on internet again! I think there is a group of ostomates around who I was hoping could help.
  5. Need to order colostomy supplies. Does anyone have a list of suppliers that delivery Hollister supplies to the Ajijic area?l will I be able to order in English?
  6. I need to file a report for a breakin. Can anyone tell me where they are located and if I need an appointment or do you just walk in any time?
  7. A big third recommendation for Dr. Gonzalez at Maskaras Clinic. Wonderful personality, perfect English and one of the best in his orthopedic field according to a doctor friend of mine from Guad.
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