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  1. Wondering the same thing. An email to patients would have been nice.
  2. Dr, Daniel Hernandez Urologist - Integrity - 766-5154 - have been using him for years for my bad kidney - have also had surgery with him. Sorry, don´t know about insurance - we always pay in pesos. I have seen others here but have been very happy with him.
  3. Dr. Elodia Noemi Ruvalcaba at Integrity Med - 766-5154 - have used her for several years now - including major surgery. I highly recommend her.
  4. You can also do drywall (sheetrock) now - my contractor was going to do ours but we decided to paint instead so I could still see the brick. Clean job, not much of a mess also with the drywall.
  5. We have also lived in the Haciendas for 9 years - we moved from Ajijic, could not take the noise and closed in feeling. It has always made me nuts when people that do NOT live in the Fracc. all of a sudden know all about it. We do not want to live in a village and this Fracc was the closest we could get to the country feel. We have our break-ins just like the rest of the area nothing more. People need to use common sense when it comes to security and many do not, they leave doors or windows open, gates open, garage doors open. Our house was one of the first ones built back in the 70´s and yes we have had some cracks, but had some in Ajijic also. Fixed easily. When building, you need to use someone that knows what they are doing and not cutting corners with the foundation. We have some larger lots here than in the villages. We seem to be in the middle of a construction boom, many of our lots are being purchased and newer homes are being built. Actually, not to happy with that, but nothing we can do about it. I would suggest speaking to people that actually live in the Fracc instead of ones that do not. We like it here, the quiet, the country feel, close to both Ajijic and Chapala centro. Good luck.
  6. Dr. Berenice also does the Hyaluronic Acid IV treatment. Check with her office for cost. Prices here can vary so much.
  7. I wish I had known this earlier - recent experience for me was bad - improvement, I think not.
  8. Used him recently, wish I had not. Will NEVER recommend him!!!
  9. It´s where they sell the cantera fountains and more.
  10. Dilabim behind Oxxo on Libramiento - we usually use them except for this past Monday - my husband had a medical issue and the Dr. sent him to their lab for blood work. The cost was over 2000mx and they do not take a credit card. I went to Dilabim for a comparison and the cost was 700mx less and they take credit cards. The difference between labs here can vary quite a bit. Think we will stick with Dilabim from now on.
  11. We have used Ernesto for I think 6 months now - he comes every Wednesday at 9am - always on time. We had a sod project we needed done and it was held up only due to the sod not coming in, but once it came in the job was completed - we also had a large garden area that needed stone and planting - project done on time. In our experience we have found him very reliable artsnob. Believe me if he were not we would get someone else.
  12. Please don´t believe everything you hear on FB or websites - give it some time and the facts will come out. Thanks
  13. Is this the dog that was found - has been missing since Dec. If it is please contact Alejandra Maldonado at the number below. Thanks i perrita sigue extraviada responde al nombre de Doly es una pastor aleman mi numero es 3315541758 My dog still missing responds to dolly's name is a German Shepherd my number is 3315541758
  14. We have created a new dedicated lost and found pets Face Book group for the Lakeside area "Lost and Found pets - Lakeside area". Direct link is as follows: https://www.facebook.com/groups/329484064364793/
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