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  1. GeorgiaPeach

    Urologist recommendation, pls

    Dr. Daniel Hernandez of Integrity - he´s been the best for me.
  2. You know this person? She´s from the States? I believe I know who it is and she is a pain in the ### but really, TYPICAL ugly American. Believe me, in 11 years here I have seen nasty behavior from all, including Mexicans.
  3. GeorgiaPeach

    Looking For A Good Urologist Lakeside?

    He is wonderful and his wife Dr. Ruvalcaba is my <GYN, love her too. She is also at Integrity.
  4. GeorgiaPeach

    Looking For A Good Urologist Lakeside?

    My urologist for the last several years and I have tried others here is Dr. Daniel Hernandez at Integrity Clinic in Ajijic - 376-766-5154. I highly recommend him.
  5. GeorgiaPeach


    Dr. Hector Valenzuela - Quality Care - 766-1870 His cell is 01-045-333-814-5272. Have used him for the last 5 years, I Have UC which he monitors and has operated on me for other issues. He is a Gastroenterologist - Gastro Surgeon. Highly recommend him. Also in the same office is Dr. Daniel Briseno Gastroenterologist, lives in Mexico city at present doing further studies but will eventually be in Guad. He is here several times a month. Very good also.
  6. GeorgiaPeach

    ISO artist floor easel

    Thank you, will check it out. Will also check my pm status.
  7. GeorgiaPeach

    ISO artist floor easel

    Looking for sturdy adjustable floor easel. Have only seen the cheap flimsy ones so far. Hoping to find existing one instead of having one made. Thanks
  8. Hola folks, Just another friendly reminder that all our local shelters/rescuers could really use food donations. Remember you can purchase food/litter at the Riberas Lakeside friends of the animals pet store/cat shelter for the shelter/rescuer of your choice and they will hold it for them. No need to carry heavy bags or drive anywhere else. Thank you for helping all of our local rescuers.
  9. GeorgiaPeach

    Agua Escondida

    The infrastructure is not good at the higher elevations of Aqua Escondida - we spent almost 7 months investigating the Fracc. We love it and wanted so much to buy a house that was on the top most section of the mountain. The problem was that we needed to sell our existing home first, needless to say we did not sell and got very tired of BS so took it of the market. This house we wanted had been on the market for over 3 years and has just recently sold. I am still heartbroken over it. Anyway, after speaking with some that live there we found that the water delivery is iffy at most and you would need to have truck delivery, that did not bother us. The electrical is fragile - low winds and rain cause total outages or brown outs depending on your location in the fracc. which could last for days. One resident during the last rainy season lost power for 7 out of 9 days. Solar, you would need a battery back-up which is very expensive here. You would definitely need a generator. The views from the top of the moutain are great - the lower elevations not much to speak of. We spoke to Telmex and were told that their infrastructure in the Fracc. is not good and needs plenty of work to bring it up to speed. There is no trash pick-up and you would have to drive it down to the front entrance. There is limited maintenance and the roads are not that great. It is very quiet there, which is what we like. We like the rural feel. We have lived at lakeside for over 10 years and have found that many who move here would not be happy in a rural setting and want to be within walking distance, which is not Aqua Escondida. The building lots are cheaper whether at the bottom of the fracc. or on the mountain top, but you would need to be able to adjust if you want a more gringo population because this is not. There are flat lots at the top and there are sloped ones for sale. Many of the vacant lots are just that, vacant. From what we know the original builder of the fracc or a partner took the money and left which is a shame because it could be a really beautiful fracc. if maintained. Every time we drive by AE I can look up and see the house that we wanted so much. The views were magnificent. We also looked at a lot at the top that was listed for roughly 10,000usd. with a great view also, but, there were 2 or 3 other lots directly in front of it, vacant with no sales signs, so who knows what could happen in the future. Also, please know that some of the homes are for weekenders from Guad. and can be a bit loud when they have parties.
  10. Thank you for the referral - we are in the process of changing website providers and would ask that you use the address lfa-chapala.com especially if you bookmark. Thanks.
  11. You can go the lakeside friends of the animals pet/cat shelter web site lfa-chapala.com - you can also email them and Sandra will be able to help you.
  12. GeorgiaPeach

    Metal windows

    Thank you
  13. GeorgiaPeach

    Metal windows

    Can anyone recommend a metal worker they have used for replacement windows. It has been years since we have needed one. Thanks
  14. GeorgiaPeach


    Dr. Mora is wonderful used him on many occasions. Years ago he would come here to Integrity - he no longer comes here. A year ago I had an emergency and saw Dr. Danial Hernandez at Integrity. He has also operated on me. I believe his day here is Wednesday - probably after 4PM 766-5154 (Integrity) I highly recommend both of these Dr's.
  15. I second this; Animal Kingdom Hospital in Guad - 3345-4104 - 3345-4103 - similar experience as Joyfull had here - Dr. B could contact them for you after she checked out your kitty.