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  1. Marie Sonalet Jarvis

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  2. Looking for a yoga instructor for private sessions at my home in Ajijic, any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
  3. Agreed, Ron at SuperSeniorFitness is an awesome and extremely knowledgable professional trainer. He offers some great group classes as well as one on one training. You'll never get bored in this gym, he keeps the routine fresh and exciting with a variety of different exercises to improve your fitness level, strength and balance. You can visit his website and contact him, he always responds promptly.
  4. Firstly, you lost your own bet - I am not 'shilling' for anyone and secondly, did not sign up to the board yesterday. Am I to understand that in your world only members that agree with your opinion are allowed to express themselves? As stated, I only wanted to provide a perspective - maybe I was wrong in my assumption that that is part of a 'discussion'.
  5. Before anyone asks, yes I live Lakeside and do business in Guadalajara and I am totally neutral on the Lake City project. While everyone is entitled to their opinion and it is great to have a board like this to express said opinion, I don't quiet understand the negative and at times rude tone with respect to this and other developments in the area. The reality is, it takes visionaries to bring new and unproven ideas to life. I see complaints about Walmart, yet the community is shopping there. I see complaints about Centro Laguna, yet many times on my way home from Guadalajara I see the parkin
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