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  1. Sunfan, I translated my contracts on Google Xlate...here they are... https://goo.gl/GbESao Tom
  2. BestSideoftheWall : I too have concerns. One of which is customer service after the fact. To do a one year contract and then have it go out all the time isn't smart. I am more than willing to sign up monthly until they prove dependability long enough for me to feel a year long contract isn't a risk. Your concern is understandable, but you should also know that GPON fiber-to-the-home networks are inherently much more reliable than copper or coax cable. You can read about HERE or google it. Ilox is an enterprise grade carrier with proven track record. We are the lucky ones because their fiber ring with provides carrier grade services to central Mexico crosses at Jocotepec. Mexjerry: There has been a lot of interest from San Antonio and Riberas. The initial build out will extend to Riberas. Chapala will probably come on line after the prepaid phase. Tom
  3. Thank you, Tom. But why should we be chasing them, screaming "Take my money?" If you are trying to live, communicate, or do business from Lakeside in this day and age, you likely need high speed Internet. The status quo (aka Telmex) has not responded. Many have petitioned Fred, including me. The only response I got to my communications was the sound of chirping crickets So an incentive was thought to be needed. Thats why. Let them tell us what they have to offer in services and infrastructure needs, and a lot more of us will then throw our money at them once we have an informed opinion. They did and have, in the FAQ and links to their service offering. The FAQ is several pages long. What else would you like to know? Tell me and I'll add it. Hey, I'm not trying to be a d!ck here, I just like to know what I'm getting when I fork over some coin. As such, I'm looking forward to the Telmex meeting on Thursday. Good luck with that. And, in my experience from 11+ years here, there is a lot more money in the wallets of retirees here than just from Social Security cheques. My experience has been the same, but not everyone knows that. Assuming they do can be a big mistake.
  4. Fred, Ilox' focus is in Mexican domestic economy and they have more lucrative build out opportunities in business Internet services elsewhere. . Do you see any other carriers falling over themselves to provide service? The reality is the perception of a lot of Mexicans of lakeside, fair or not, is a bunch of retirees without much purchasing power living on their Social Security checks. Ilox happen to have a business grade fiber ring that goes through Joco, they can add Ajijic for a few million pesos investment. We need to help them do that, not expect them to beef up their marketing. We've opened their eyes. We are at 461 pledges. 200 was the magic number to show them there's enough local interest . There are another few hundred interested people standing around and watching to see if others take the plunge. Cmon, its not any different than in the US. Rural areas and smaller communities all over the world are clamoring for high speed broadband and sometimes they just need a little coaxing. We need to welcome Ilox with open arms and not like they've won the Tiger Raffle. . Homeowners in private developments with underground ducts need to get together and figure out how to give them access. Can you imagine how attractive Lakeside will be with fiber optic Internet? BR, Tom
  5. Hi everyone, Yes the invitations went out yesterday. Here are the links to them: NOTIFICACION ILOX TELECOM ESPAƑOL NOTIFICATION ILOX TELECOM ENGLISH If you haven't pledged yet and still want to, here are the FAQ: https://goo.gl/CsE574 Pledge: goo.gl/2kHdeE The 200 equivalent prepaid pledges represent but a fraction of investment to build out the network. To make that investment, Ilox want to see enough interest in the community to have some skin in the game. Most small communities in Mexico are not at all like Ajijic. Can you blame Ilox..? They've turned up fiber service elsewhere where the purchasing power wasn't what they thought. Barcelonaman, you're absolutely right, banks and lenders do have capital Ilox is tapping it for all their lucrative business grade services. They don't have to come to Ajijic, but as fate would have it, their fiber ring just happens to cross the highway to lakeside at Jocotepec. So a group of us are trying to facilitate their getting traction. Won't you please sign up and prepay, like I have? If you don't want to pledge now and assuming we get past the 200 equivalent paid-in sign ups, Ilox will open an office and you can contract then. However service won't start until all the prepaids install. Probably looking at the end of year. The prepaids are guaranteed to install no later than 6 mo after payment, maybe much sooner because they'll execute in one fell swoop. If you prepay you will receive a guarantee agreement that will refund your monies paid immediately, (max 30 days) if the project doesn't go ahead (due to insufficient paid signups, too many inaccessable installations (like in gated communities with underground ducts controlled by Telmex). Ilox and their activities are fully registered at Profeco. They are are federally licensed carrier. If you own property, are a developer, or work at lakeside, what part of not having high speed internet available that is keeping values down or your career development braked do you not get? I'll reiterate I have no financial, business, or any pecuniary interest ties to Ilox whatsover. Just an interested expat at lakeside who owns property and would like to have offsites from my GDL office with my employees. For that I need good Internet!
  6. They should have the contracts out pretty soon. Their legal department is working on the revisions to cover the guarantees for the prepaid case. Its taking a while because of everyone's concern over the point.
  7. Alpha1, Ilox is an established business grade carrier that already runs a fiber optic cable ring that loops around Lake Chapala on its way to Guadalajara. They have wired up a few areas on the south end of the lake, namely Zamora, with a state of the art GPON network thats working well. Such networks are expensive but very reliable. For them, its just a question of running an extension from Jocotepec towards Chapala. On the other hand, they also learned purchasing power in these communities isn't quite what they thought. Bottom line, business services are more lucrative and after some of their residential investments, they were focusing more on that. Which would have been a tragedy for Lakeside, because the purchasing power here is a lot higher than in Zamora. So they told us, show us 300 people willing to prepay for a year, and we'll do the build out, which will cost a lot more than the roughly 3 million MXN that will raise. And we did. We're at 330 pledges today. Ilox is a federal carrier with many millions invested in their network. They're financially strong, but prudent. They're not going to risk their concession over scamming a couple of hundred residential contracts. Now that we have the signatures, they're working on the contracts, lakeside presentations, and implementation plans.. You're welcome to sign to the pledge form. If you do, you'll be prioritized for service and have the cost guaranteed for a year. You can also wait until they normalize their monthly offering and sign up that way. We have the signatures, they've seen the interest is there...Plans are to go ahead. I'm done. BR, Tom
  8. Ilox will use the money from the prepaid signup to help fund the large capital expense of the build out. Those who signup and prepay the first year will receive priority in service connection. At some point they will then offer regular monthly service thereafter and no one will have to prepay anything.
  9. Dave, You've got it backwards. That was an old post. Look at the date, its summer 2016. About 30 people signed up, I took it to Telmex and they never responded. That effort fizzled. Thats when we learned about the Ilox fiber cable and decided to approach them late this year. I have no pecuniary interest in either Ilox or Telmex. I own a home in Rancho del Oro and would like to see high speed Internet come to the area. I make my living selling electronic components in Latin America and haven't retired yet. .. Tom
  10. Utilitis and Gents, Sorry for my late reply I've been travelling. But to address a few points: - Its costs several hundred thousand dollars to build out a GPON fiber to the home network, over $600 dollars per subscriber. Assuming a couple thousand subscribers at Lakeside eventually, eventually a few million dollars. Ilox told us: "Show us 300 willing prepaid subscribers between Joco and Ajijic" and we'll make the investment (for much more than the $150K that represents). And we did. We're at 316 pledges. We're done. This is now in Ilox hands. They have begun working through the planning, the contracts and performance guarantees, etc. They'll be contacting the pledges who will obviously have priority. Beyond that, they'll work towards normalizing a regular monthly service. There is, rightfully, a lot of concern about quality of service. Ultimately its only as good as the company behind it. But there are other factors too. GPON fiber-to-the-home networks are far more reliable than copper phone lines and cable TV. Unless you have a cable cut, they don't fail much. Ilox, like all the other alternative carriers, has to use CFE poles or make other arrangements. Sometimes the CFE poles aren't the best option. I have fiber service at my house in Guad and a couple of time these big trucks barrelling down the street take out the fiber. The carrier is at the mercy of CFE. Telmex has a monopoly on their own poles and have been fighting the government who want's to open up the last mile to all the carriers. So my point is, if you're worried about quality of service, your energy is better spent trying to ensure good ducting and infrastructure in your development. At my place in Rancho del Oro, I'd like to propose some underground ducting, at least in the more vulnerable areas. On speed and quality., fiber is inherently high speed, no relationship to DSL. You're not going to have speed bottlenecks between your house and the Internet backbone. Within the greater Internet, ISP's have to pay for peering and connections can be shared. So if you're an Ex-pat from Madagascar trying to stream your long missed channels, you might have an issue... But the biggest providers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Netflix extend their networks and peer directly with MX carriers, so you don't have to worry about quality of service with them. Huge fiber links keep turning on all the time so I don't think it's an issue, but it is a reasonable negotiating point with Ilox. Summary: If you want high speed internet and are willing to prepay (and receive priority), please sign up. You can still sign up if not willing and show your location and this will help the planning. There is no legal obligation. All the people who have signed up will be receiving communications from Ilox shortly... thanks, Tom
  11. Update: As of 11/26 7:11 PM we are at 299 pledges. Many of these are developers who will be negotiating bulk packages of many services. Its appearing that we have succeeded in showing Ilox that the interest is very real and the purchasing power there to support the buildout. If you have not signed up please do so and keep spreading the word. If folks beyond San Antonio towards Chapala, say, in places like Riberas want service there, we need more signups from those areas. If you did sign up, Ilox will contact you in a few weeks for the next steps. Note the contracts are still being finalized for this case and proper consumer protections. BR, Tom Kessler
  12. Thank you Titanium and NLU. We are at 212 pledges. Please continue to spread the word!
  13. All, We are at about 195 pledges. Looking good! A couple of town hall meetings will also announce soon. An ad will run in next week's Reporter. Here's a copy of it. Feel free to print and share with interested parties. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Yqhy1G6NJMN3NlcVZ1aHlmei1QRjB4RFZxd0JRSEludnlZ/view?usp=sharing Tom Kessler
  14. Gents, To answer some of the points in the most recent posts: - Ilox wasn't begging to come in here. They happen to run a fiber ring through Joco on the way to Guad. Which gives them a good opportunity to serve the market. They were focused on higher growth opportunities elsewhere. But there's been enough interest that we've got their attention. That was my objective. Thanks everyone for signing up and those who haven't still can. No obligation. Additional points on the map to show interested customers are needed for planning and are very welcome. - Thankfully the company does have the money to finance the build-out themselves. Their request for 300 prepaid contracts is a fraction of the investment. They've put a couple of other networks in other places and the payback / purchasing power of those areas didn't result as fast as expected. Do you fault them about asking the locals for some skin in the game? - They are a federally licensed carrier and the final contracts will contain additional escrow / guaranty provisions. They are not going to risk their national concession on a couple of hundred residential contracts. - Since we have shown enougn interest, Lakeside presentations will be announced and start soon, There, you'll be able to address any concerns you have. - I don't get the comments about Telmex. They are another carrier with another owner. Mexico has opened its telecom markets. There's competition. Help foster it and good things can happen. Imagine a Lakeside with high speed fiber. A dream come true for many. Thanks all for your support. Tom
  15. All, So far we have 128 signups. About 43% of the goal to show there is enough interest to make the business case to build out a network. . If you have already signed up, please tell your friends and neighbors. Getting the word out and explaining to someone else why they need sign up is as important as doing it yourself. In high density urban areas, like Guadalajara and Mexico City, fiber optic Internet is a no brainer. In areas like Lakeside, there are a lot of people on fixed incomes, many don't need high speed Internet. There are a lot of weekend homes. If the interested people at Lakeside who have the purchasing power and need for high speed internet don't speak up and show their interest, the carriers will continue to ignore or misunderstand the true opportunity of the area. Please note I have no financial ties or interest with Ilox or any other carrier. Just an interested homeowner wanting high speed service myself and the property value increase having good infrastructure will bring. thanks, Tom Kessler
  16. Gents, I'm travelling at the moment and will try to answer some of these questions best I can. Am working on better answers - Ilox willingness to deploy from Joco is roughly based on the need to have 15 subscribers/km to trigger the capital expense buildout . Their investment is much higher than that, but thats what they feel they need ensure they don't get stuck with an underutilized investment. Purchasing power in many parts of Mexico is not as high as it is here and they have to be careful. If they can get the signups they'll keep going beyond Ajijic towards Chapala. -Mtatl questions are good ones and we're working on their precise answers. In the Internet carrier world there are two kinds of service, dedicated and shared. Ilox provides high quality dedicated service to enterprise grade customers, with world class redundant grade standards. Within Mexico they provide carrier transit service to other carriers. Mtatls questions thus are focused on not what they can provide, but what will they provide for the consumer shared service customers. Those are good questions for the town hall meetings. In Zamora their GPON network is getting good reviews. I don't see any connection between getting more answers and signing up now to express your interest in getting high speed service, which carries no obligation and will only help us show there really is a business case for Ilox or other providers to be out here. So far we're at about 110 signups, only a third of what is needed.
  17. I've been in Mexico 36 years and I can tell you the currency risk from the peso is too high. Only equities in solid companies, or real estate, assuming you don't overpay, are good areas to compensate. The pure Peso is a suckers game. You can open a Cetes account directly with the government at Cetesdirecto.com and avoid commissions.
  18. Ilox capital investment justification is based on 300 prepaid signups of the triple play package for the first year, and that is the only offering available for now. After that their service offerings will normalize; include the less expensive offerings, and one can cancel or downgrade. If you own property in the area, consider the benefits of being an early adopter and watching your home value increase, even if you're getting more than you need or want the first year.
  19. Thank you Computer Guy...Peter, the standard package is 75 mb down, 18.75 up the 1st year. There's also 250 down, 63.5 Mb up. Theres also full commercial service up to 1 Gb symmetrical. There is no obligation or investment to pledge...If they don't know your interest, we can't get to the next step.
  20. All, Please note have no business or economic ties to Ilox and am not receiving compensation for this effort, except for the hope that property values will keep going up, since I am a homeowner. I would like to have higher speed service at my property. My contribution to this has been in getting the sign up and FAQ forms done hopefully so we can get a critical mass of interested parties. After that Ilox will take over. You are welcome to contact Ilox at the contact info in the FAQ. Also please note the current contracts are drafted for the case where Ilox is currently providing service. They are reviewing for the case where service is not yet provided but will be, and all your comments and concerns there are welcome. We decided to release what we have because we didn't want to wait any longer. As for the coverage cities, Ilox has operated in Michoacan for years as Tele Rey and most of their infrastructure there is Cable TV. In Zamora, they've installed all GPON fiber which is very reliable and high quality service. Their other focus is enterprise customers. You are welcome to check them out. BR, Tom Kessler
  21. The FAQ gives the links to the Spanish and English contracts which specify all that. The FAQ also provides the link to the federally tariffed service here: https://www.ilox.mx/iloxhogar/index.php/paquetes/14-servicios/68-triples2 . Contracting service here would be no different from signing with say Telmex or Telecable. Installation and maintenance charges are assumed included. Maybe applicable to an extraordinary case and would be before contract signature. I'll check and advise.
  22. Its in the FAQ. Ilox has a national agreement with CFE to use their poles, the contract is there in a link in the FAQ. Every year there is a census taken and the compensation paid. The $9948 MXN prepaid 1st year contract covers all installation. There are no additional charges. But do understand, this is why they are trying to gauge interest first. If there's enough interest, they'll execute the contracts, raise the triigger money, and make the rest of the capital investment themselves. Some developments may have underground services and rights to use those will need to be cleared.
  23. Read the FAQ. The company is a registered federal carrier that has been in business for 22 years and currently provides high quality service in Zamora and other Bajio cities. However your point is why we are asking for pledges first. If enough people are interested, it'll go to contracts, and provide guarantee of returned monies if the project does not consummate. The current contracts the company has registered, where they already offer service, in English and Spanish versions, are posted in the FAQ and are registered with Profeco. The capital investment required to extend to Lakeside is significant, but because they already have the fiber ring crossing at Joco, is not too onerous. They need about 15 guaranteed 1 yr contracts per Km beyond Joco towards Chapala to trigger their internal justification. Critical review of the current contracts and suggestions are welcome.
  24. Hello everyone, its official ! Ilox Communications, a federally licensed telecom carrier, who already runs a high speed fiber optic ring crossing the Chapala highway at Jocotepec, will extend their high speed GPON fiber-to-the-home network to Chapala if we can get enough pledges. They need about 300 prepaid 1yr contracts costing $9948 MXN for the year to extend to Ajijic. Service includes 50 Mb Internet (75 mb 1st year), a Chapala phone number with optional 2nd number anywhere in NA, and many TV channels. After the contract expires there is no obligation to continue service. Read all about it at the FAQ here: https://goo.gl/CsE574 and the Sign-up form here:https://goo.gl/2kHdeE . There is no legal obligation to pledge. If you are a real estate agent or developer and need service for your properties please be sure to sign up and so indicate. Note I have no business or economic ties to Ilox and am not receiving compensation for this effort, except for the hope that property values will keep going up, since I am a homeowner. I would like to have higher speed service at my property. Tom Kessler
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