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  1. @Artsnob: Its all there in the FAQ: https://drive.google.com/open?id=160bZ07WodUJWHsFF4BkzyDFYJCR-qlbB The double 50 package is $7188 MXN for the first year.
  2. @Tugwestend: The fiber does come from Joco but Ajijic centro is the center of highest number of sign ups so they will start installing them first and move outward. It will only take a few months to connect everybody who prepaid. They are very committed to prioritizing everyone who did that. Much thanks for signing up. @Vetteforron: They are looking closely at Roca Azul. Because its close to the Joco main line they know they can service it fairly easily, but from a priority point of view it will be in the second stage of build out. How fast they can get in there depends on how fast they can execute the prepaids and the first stage. Best thing you can do at this point is just get as many people as you can there to sign up. Show them the interest and the numbers.
  3. Go to Ajijic Realty and ask for Nelly. or follow instructions on this link. Most questions answered in the FAQ. https://drive.google.com/open?id=160bZ07WodUJWHsFF4BkzyDFYJCR-qlbB
  4. A great meeting today at Ilox. Lyle Zeiglar and myself, along with a couple of contractors, and Walter Latham from Vista Alegre met with Jessica Avila and Victor Sahagun, the company director. Ilox has been working furiously on their network planning. In a few more weeks they will start stringing fiber from Ajijic centro outward. At that time, the window for prepaid signups to do so at the current rates will expire. Signups after that will be at the new inflation adjusted rates. All prepaids will receive priority installation. After that, no later than 6 months from now and probably much sooner, Ilox will begin accepting regular subscriptions. They expect to have Chapala to Jocotepec fully covered within 8 months. Developments like Roca Azul no later than one year and maybe sooner. They are opening offices in Ajijic, Jocotepec, and Chapala. A progress email will be sent out to all signups next week or two. A dream coming true!. Thanks to all who helped!
  5. Bedbug, the more specific determination by Lyle would supersede the general statement in the Ilox letter...That statement is true nearly all the time If a fracc has ducts most likely they´re being used and are unuseable by Ilox. However, if the fracc controls the duct, and they´re willing to assign or reassign it to Ilox (i.e. pull out the other cables), then it can be used for Ilox. I really hate to say this, but good studies have shown there is a name for real estate developments that don´t elect to do the infrastructure when nearby ones do and have fiber...They´re called depressed. The hit can be up to 20% of the value of the home. Just google the topic. Tell that to your board. Fiber coming into an area like this will polarize property values, until the owners realize its self-inflicted and correctable.
  6. I don't about all that Computer Guy...but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last week! Thanks for the kind words..
  7. NLU, The way it works is this: - The main fiber backbone transits Joco and the biggest capital expense is to tap off maybe a thousand of those circuits in one huge stream, they demux, i.e. individualize them into groups of 30-40 customers each...That costs like $150 grand...Then they run those groups on fibers to splitter boxes in front of your development.. The splitter individualizes the fiber circuits to each home where it connects to a set top box. When a couple hundred people pay up front and you know where they are, you can plan everything..Of course you leave extra capacity in the cables...extra fiber is cheap..But if the demux is maxed out and you have to expand it, .thats a big expense. then some folks are likely gonna have to wait. The demux is going to be located in Ajijic center... If 60 more people in Las Fuentes or Raquet Club decide they want service after its already been planned out...it'll be a while. . Those 30-40 muxed fiber lines out to the developments also can't go that far. They're not going to turn up mass service in Roca Azul when the demux is in Ajijic. They'll have to put another demux say, in San Juan or something. Which is why if you even think you want this service, sign up now, especially if you're away from Ajijic center, especially get your neighbors and friends to sign up and get that $10K MXN into the capital kitty.. Then you won't be depending upon some automotive plant in Queretaro competing for the CAPEX budget. If enough people in far out areas like Roca Azul or Chapala Haciendas do it, ILOX may put it into the planning now. Similarly, a gated community could just decide they want it and have everyone pay in..Then figure out how they'll do the ducts with their HOA. Beats watching your property value drop... Tom
  8. Gents, Yesterday Ilox informed me they have received enough paid in sign ups and have decided to go ahead with the project. They will offer service all along the highway from Jocotepec to Chapala. They are in the process of opening an office in Ajijic. Construction will start at the end of July. Services will turn up no later than 6 mo after that... Yeah!!!
  9. Amckean, The average gas cooking session uses about 0.2 kg of LP Gas, in MX running about 20 MXN/Kg. You´re talking 4 MXN. The same session with Induction uses about 0.5 kwh. My last CFE bill I paid 5 MXN/kw-h or about 2.5 MXN. I just put in solar panels and bought a Nu-Wave single burner on Amazon to play with; cost about $100 USD. It plugs into a regular wall outlet. The current limit on a 127V wall connection is 15 amps. The maximum power you can get is 1750 watts, which is on the low side for induction cooking. For serious cooking you need 2000-2500 watt burners which is why you need 220 40A service for a good stovetop range. There are induction stovetops for sale in Mexico at all price points. The President of Ecuador got upset they were importing so much LP gas and he set up a program to phase out LP appliances, offer incentives for local manufacturing, build hydroelectric dams, and convert homes. They have some good deals there, but I don't know how much trouble you'd have bringing one back or whether the savings would be worth it.. http://www.ecuadorcambia.com/ good luck Tom
  10. Yes many people there have signed up...Steve Bremer has been coordinating all that there. Let me know if you want his contact data.
  11. June 5th 4:00 PM at Lake Chapala Society HQ. Town Hall meeting on Ilox High Speed Fiber Internet Services. All are welcome to attend! See attached.
  12. Pegboard has been mostly replaced by slatboard. Similar system...Home Depot and all the ferreterias have it.
  13. The HOA there is working on a quote with the contractors that should be ready soon. Then the members will vote to implement. Both PA's have a lot of enthusiasm to get it done, my guess is it'll pass.
  14. ILOX UPDATE: We are now at 70% subscribers paid in (140 /200). About 180 have been issued contracts and working their way to the bank. Several hundred more than that have pledged and will start receiving follow up calls. Sixteen gated communities have requested quotes. One with 12 homes has started the infrastructure work. One with 60 homes has their quote and has scheduled a vote. If you have not signed up, please be aware we expect to reach the goal and declare cutoff around the end of May. This project is becoming a reality.
  15. Gents, Sorry I've been travelling on business in Monterrey and just saw this thread. Wow...what a huge amount of rumor mongering! So lets set the record straight: The project is going very well. Nothing has been cancelled nor is there any indication it will be, au contraire, about 5 to 10 people keep paying in daily and 6 gated communities have lined up banging on the door for contractor quotes. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on how many have paid in, etc...well...yes, people take a while to get to the bank....and it takes a while for people to get their data in correctly and get their contracts...and yes a lot of the high income folks are in gated communities that have infrastructure obstacles, and all that was exactly the reason Ilox wanted to see a few hundred people paid up showing skin in the game...and I expect we'll be there pretty soon. The email based pledge process has been cumbersome...mail goes to spam folders, people send in smudgy ID's, language issues..etc... but its all getting worked just fine. Here is the link to signup instructions with some needed clarifications. If you've pledged and wish to continue, please just follow the instructions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NFc0OPJEE5PT6GlPMHvq5V4f05hV7zUq If you have pledged and are expecting to hear something and haven't, we are starting to follow up with all the stragglers to see what is going on. But please take the initiative if you can and follow the instructions. Let me reiterate for all those that think Ilox should be doing more...They didn't ask to come to Ajijic. My group and I asked them to come here. Because their high speed fiber optic ring happens to go right through Jocotepec. Because they're a business grade carrier who's been around 22 years with the lowest complaint level in the country. Because Telmex wouldn't give us the time of day. All they asked is for a few hundred people to show enough interest to seed the project. The amount of money that will raise is but a fraction of the investment required. Can anyone blame them? When we reach the paid-in, Ilox will commit internally to the project, open an office, start marketing, etc. Until then its incumbent upon us to welcome them. Please join me in signing up. Ilox is a federal carrier with an impeccable record. The deposit contract has been reviewed by several lakeside attorneys who have given a clean bill of health. Your money is safe. thanks, Tom Kessler
  16. Per Jessica Avila at Ilox, there does exist a such a filed tariff but it is not active and not being offered at Lakeside at this time. We have to get the initial prepaids done and the network buildout started. Once we get over that hurdle and a good mass of signups, who knows, maybe other business cases can be made. The current Double 50 package @ $7188 MXN/Yr is very competitive. Thats only about $33 USD per month .
  17. All, signups for the Ilox Fiber Optic Internet project are going well. Here is a link to updated instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HyMYOrsTv7vPYnTISRI3w8NrVcu6fL22P92dwyxG8UY/edit Please consider signing up! Tom
  18. What they really need is the signed hard copies of the contract and deposit agreement. If you don't include copies of your ID and proof of domicile they'll print them off from your email to complete the file...
  19. Tom, If you have signed up then go ahead and send a copy of your official ID, proof of address, and reconfirmation of the plan you want to: info@mail.tvrey.com.mx. They will return personalized contracts to you and Bancomer payment voucher. Once you pay, the hard copies will need to get to Ilox. For convenience, we've established a dropsite where you can leave them: Effective today. Prepaid signups can leave their signed hard copy contracts at "Ishop and Mail" in San Antonio (close to Super Lake). for recollection and forwarding to Ilox in GDL. These should contain: 1) Signed Contract and Guaranty agreement 2) Copy of Legal ID and proof of domicile 3) Copy of Bancomer payment voucher These should be in an envelope addressed to: Ilox Telecom Attn: Lic Jessica Avila Av. Lázaro Cárdenas No. 3675 Col. Chapalita C.P. 45040 Zapopan, Jal. Please help get the word out! Tom
  20. Thank you Ickytoes, couldn't say it better myself. The investment Ilox needs to make for a major fiber buildout at Lakeside is several multiples of what they will raise with the prepayment, the latter is really just to demonstrate a reasonable level of interest. Fortunately we're at almost 500 pledges, so we just need a good fraction of those folks to follow through, which they're doing, and we'll be there. We are really lucky that Ilox routed their fiber ring between Guad and Queretaro right through Joco. Lakeside was not in their 5 year capital spending plan. That is why there is no lakeside office yet, and why the signup pledge process is a little cumbersome.... Tom
  21. Vetteforron, Sorry I stand corrected. My bad. I talked to Jessica and she said it would be while before they can get a buildout done in Roca Azul. She said it won't happen this first round...If you can in the meantime organize as many residents as you can that will help.... Tom
  22. @Vetteforron, something is being misinterpreted badly. I believe the club in Roca Azul contracted Ilox service some time ago and that is the cable they are installing now. That one cable has to go a long way from their current termination box, and its not possible to tap or derive connections from existing fiber runs, unless the end customer wants to share with you at his router level (unlikely). However, several folks have signed up prepaid in Roca Azul, I count 7 so fare; there should be enough interest to justify a capital expansion in the development. You should talk with Jessica about connecting with those signups and getting the word out to the rest of the development so they can put in a distribution box there. I would guess 15 or 20 signups would be enough as the capital build out seed costs are roughly 13 subscribers / km and they will definitely be putting in a derivation from the Joco / Chapala highway junction. If you can get 10 people to go for the 250 mb package the first year that should do it. Note this is a fraction of the investment required. What Ilox wants to see is a little skin in the game from the residents. Do you blame them? @ Bedbug: Sorry you haven't gotten a response. I've gotten a few mails complaining of that and everytime I drill down its either wrong address, bounced server, or maybe a language issue. The response to the effort has exceeded expectations and Ilox is ramping up resources to address. A lakeside expansion project was not in Ilox capital spending plans, but we have shown them the purchasing power is here. Ilox has an engineer that has begun assisting developments with underground ducts. Here is his contact data: RMS INGENIERIA ELECTROMECANICA, ING. JESUS MONTES CASTELLANO Tel. 3313488300. I will also PM you Lyle Zeiglar's contact data, who is leading the Los Sabinos effort. BR, Tom
  23. I'd say go for it. I am planning to convert to induction just as soon as my solar panels install. Will be nice to get away from propane. If you go to Ecuador you can buy them cheap. There the whole country is converting.
  24. John, here's the address from their website: Ilox Telecom Av. Lázaro Cárdenas No. 3675 Col. Chapalita C.P. 45040 Zapopan, Jal. You can mail it in..The emailed docs do suffice on a certain level but we're in Mexico and the signed paper is best.
  25. Ed and John, Thanks for taking the lead here.... You are correct on the Bancomer payment.. When Ilox sends you your contracts, they provide a Bancomer account and reference number at the bottom of the deposit agreement. This is what you take to the Bancomer teller with your payment. Then you send in your scanned signed contracts and receipt to Ilox. They also need the originals delivered to their office in GDL so they can get you back a fully signed original. .Here's the official update on how things are going. Hi Everyone, Here's an update on the Ilox situation. Things are going well, but there have been some communications issues. Email in particular may sometimes bounce or not be received. In some cases, people have complained of no response but no signup record has been registered. - We are at 480 pledges. Of those 100 have received contracts and completed payment or in the process of doing so. If you have not pledged and wish to do so, here's the link to the signup form: https://goo.gl/2kHdeE and the FAQ: https://goo.gl/CsE574 - The remaining 380 are a mixture of cases . Some replied to Iloxreconfirmation requests with a barrage of questions, with incomplete or missing data, bounced emails, have missing signup entries, or sent responses that have not been received. Its all over the map,Ilox will go through these one by one and contact you individually. Thanks for your patience while they work through this. They have three people assigned to working through the backlog. - If you responded to the Ilox reconfirmation request mail, and have not received a response, please resend it to info@mail.tvrey.com.mx. Make sure it includes a legible copy of your official ID, proof of domicile, plan election, and whether your development receives services via undergrounds ducts or uses CFE poles. Feel free to copy or message me and I'll follow up too. If you sent in this information, you should receive back from ILOX your personalized contracts and a Bancomer payment reference number. BR, Tom Kessler .
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