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  1. I think about any herb will grow well here. My wife has an herb garden of the classics... cilantro, peregil, orgegano...What would you grow for Thai food?
  2. Has the IPTV buffering problem with Ilox improved? My Ilox phone calls were still cutting off after about 10 min as late as last week... Have they been improving their network?
  3. Fiber modems are locked to your account and cannot be substituted without processing on an internal Telmex app.
  4. few hundred pesos...check out bla bla car mexico https://www.blablacar.mx/
  5. That is great news! Looks like you're in good shape infrastructure wise. Those are definitely VDSL cabinets. This cell number +52333392159 has an English speaking Telmex agent that you should be able to text chat with. You would need your own cell phone number and load whatsapp application on it. Then you can chat either via the phone or go to "web.whatsapp.com" and bring up a text chat window on your PC. Assuming you can get a hold of the agent, just tell them your situation, that you've upgraded, and they should get someone to you....
  6. Here are some ideas: - First, where are you located? How far from the Telmex Ajijic central office? - Sounds like you have regular DSL. VDSL is likely available if there are grey finned boxes mounted on poles near the street cabinet. Telmex has seeemingly stopped doing VDSL upgrades and is now doing just FTTH. We had been petitioning for VDSL and they just came in like a swat team and changed everything to fiber. - Telmex fiber cable has yellow tags on it from pole to pole. The main fiber cable splits to drop boxes that serve something like 12 or 16 to a box. Often the boxes are full. If so, while there may be fiber, the local installers can't add a drop and need to wait for an expansion. - Ilox is another option. They have little square grey boxes on the CFE poles. Some complain about IPTV buffering but you may not have that problem with your services. They have a strong backbone up through McAllen to Dallas and Houston on Cogent. - Never trust wifi for speed testing. Check with a hard wired ethernet cable. - If your phone line is noisy, will degrade your DSL speed. Check by picking up the phone and dialing a 3 to break dial tone. You should hear dead silence. If a hum or crackling report to Telmex as a bad phone line. - If facilities are available I'd think Telmex or Ilox would be willing to give your priority. Try writing the Ilox NOC at noc@mail.ilox.mx or chatting with the English Telmex agent on whatsapp at 523333921593. Good luck!
  7. Anyone who actually does business in Mexico knows how hard it is. The hassles and aggravations are everywhere. You need an army of staff and overhead to deal with it. Doesn't surprise me.
  8. The 10 digit number should work. What do you hear when you dial it? Can you try same from a cell phone?
  9. Hey PYandre, Welcome to the near death experience of bridge mode in Telmex routers! It can often be hit and miss depending on the line and router model. Here are some tips: 1) You need to request a separate login and password for the PPPOE login credentials for your Google wifi points. The password on your current router is encrypted and not transferable. They will give you one. 2) Telmex doesn't give tech support for bridge mode, at least not for residential customers. You're on your own. But there are resources on the web and youtube. Just google "modo puente" Telmex, etc. You can also try to find the manual or similar. Also a crap shoot. In most cases, you go to WLAN page and select "modo puente"...thats its. don't change anything else. 3) Telmex routers keep the IP address active so you can log in and change it back etc. The default is Which means, as in the earlier posts, you must assign a different gateway address to the google router. You can then put another Telmex router port directly on your LAN and access either. But can be tricky. Make sure Telmex modem DHCP server isn't on, with two servers assigning addresses on your network. 4) Sometimes, Telmex lines simply will not go into bridge mode with foreign routers. I've done traces on the PPPoE connection between the modem and external router and the broadcast packet never gets sent out by the modem to the router. But same in router mode connects instantly. No explanation. Some modems don't go into bridge mode. I think my Arcadyan's wouldn't. Huwaei worked better, but not always. You can buy different modems on Mercadolibre cheap and try them. Also try Telmex and ask...things do change... good luck, Tom
  10. I had a near death experience (joking) with Volaris recently. They gave me a voucher from a Covid cancelled trip to NY. $8500 MXN good until Oct 15. So I go to redeem it, site says no good. I followed the instructions carefully no good. Tried to get an agent. Impossible. Finally went to their FB page and complained LOUDLY. Fraud, crooks.. My voucher was about to expire. It has a happy ending. Someone said you must contact "Sandra" at Boletos Aeropuerto, +526646572865, on Whatsapp. Nothing to lose at that point so I did. She fixed it in a heartbeat. Volaris told her it had expired too (actually there was one day left). She had me call a number and said I must insist, I did, they reissued, she reticket, paid everything out of the voucher. If you have to deal with Volaris you can save a lot of gray hairs working through Sandra. She's in Tijuana.
  11. Pick up your phone, dial a 7 to break dial tone. You should hear dead silence, no scratchy noise or hum. If you do your line is bad and Telmex needs to fix it.
  12. That's a good question. Its depends on what criteria your bank is validating the destination phone number. If they are rejecting VoIP lines, that's tough. They could also be sending an SMS short code and some VOip line won't receive. My Callcentric line will receive short code messages from Wells Fargo.....so I'm hanging on. At some point may need to get a US number.
  13. That Tomza truck ripped me off too..receipt said more gas than the tank would hold. I only use Zeta gas now...have converted to solar panels and water heaters, induction cooktop will be next. No need to use gas anymore.
  14. I used the 12mm, so far so good. The distributors can be found via the web page: https://www.cempanel.com.mx/planta-guadalajara
  15. Check out "Cempanel". Not that common but very nice and readily available I used it for a garage covered with solar panels. Turned out great
  16. If I understand you correctly, the chromebooks are speed limited...which is understandable, very cost driven...they would be the bottleneck....but if you are trying to test your Ilox boundary, you always want to test with nperf, and maybe fast (provided they connect you to the Sahuayo server); those are the only ones guaranteed not to have a bottleneck. Bottom line: If your Ilox is working well on say Youtube or MX Netflix, speed testing is only going to show you the problems beyond Ilox. Maybe some of those they can influence, some not. But everyone is going to blame them. I'm glad I'm not in that business.
  17. There are several flavors of Wifi. First you have 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz, then you have the wifi protocol, like 802.11g, or n, then you have MIMO on top of all that. Multiple wifi users have to allocate the max available bandwidth among them, although not equally. In all cases, you'll never go faster out to the Internet than the slowest link in the chain. So if you have a 400 Mbps 5 Ghz MIMO wifi and a 20 Mbps Telmex connection, your speed test will never be faster than 20 Mbps. Early PC's and Ethernet cables maxxed out at 100 Mbps...If your trying to speed test your 300 Mbps Ilox with an older PC or Internet cable, it'll max out at 100 Mbs. Ilox is all fiber to their boundaries and rarely will a proper speed test not give you what your service says. Proper means, hard wired cable, preferably Gb Ethernet, good windows PC, and speed test to a boundary server, i.e. nperf and that Cananea Michoacan server. If you get within 10% of your contract speed, any other speed test, if slower, will only confirm the bottleneck is elsewhere. And it could be at your cheapo or free streamer. There, you might be getting what you pay for. I'm not saying Ilox or their connections may not have problems or be at fault. My paid streaming services that were buffering on Ilox are now working better. I don't know why. Maybe Ilox changed something because a lot of people were complaining. Imagine a chain between you and your provider than might have links of steel, spaghetti, thread, and rubber bands. The only link you can really verify is the one to your ISP's boundary...If you select another server and get a good speed, then the other links are good. If you don't it can be very hard to figure out which upstream is the spaghetti, thread, or rubber band that is choking. Google, Netflix, Youtube are services that have guaranteed strong links to the boundary.. they use CDN's (Content Delivery Networks) to guarantee transmission. Which is why you rarely have problems with those.
  18. I have yet to see an Ilox speed test, when done properly, that didn't pass. You can't test over wifi, you should have a reasonably recent PC with a good cable connected to your router, nothing else connected, then go to nperf.com and use the default server that comes up. If your speed is slow on that, then you may have a problem...otherwise the problem is elsewhere.
  19. I agree with you. I had a trial and no buffering and am about to activate my account. Ilox doesn't control streaming bandwidth available outside their boundary. If you pay for some service out of Timbuktu with a weak link, you can get buffering. Google, FB, YouTube, and Netflix all peer directly to the Ilox boundary through a special server network, called a CDN. Apparently Lakeside system uses the same CDN. If your Netflix, Youtube, etc aren't buffering now, then Lakeside won't either. I have no relationship with Lakeside either. In fact, one of my other IPTV services has started buffering less with Ilox, so its all over the map. A CDN based service would seem to be more reliable.
  20. In case anyone is interested, due to special requests, the fellows at the Tuesday Market who make the great Italian Sausage, Berlin Productos Alimenticios, are going to do a special run of Polish Sausage. Will be packs of 3 for $90 MXN each, no preservatives. Product will be ready for pickup at next Tuesday Market on 7/28 or you can make alternate delivery arrangements with Demetrio @ 3353056957. Please contact him to reserve your quantity..
  21. They probably upgraded your service area to VDSL and your old ADSL modem can't work at the higher speed. You might be able to leave it at the Telmex office, toss it, sell it, or keep as an inferior but functional backup. . No one seems to care .
  22. The 1.8 reading is your net consumption from CFE when you are using more than you generate. The 2.8 is the opposite. 2.8 reading - 1.8 reading is the running difference of your shortage or excess. If your 1.8 is more than your 2.8 at the end of the bimester, they'll bill you.
  23. The Enphase IQ8 microverter, releasing later this year, is going to be a major game changer. Seamless on-grid/off grid transition, use from CFE only whatever storage you have doesn't give you. Places like the Carribean and Africa, already with batteries and inverters, and everywhere else, can get rid of the transfer switch.
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