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  1. Hey PYandre, Welcome to the near death experience of bridge mode in Telmex routers! It can often be hit and miss depending on the line and router model. Here are some tips: 1) You need to request a separate login and password for the PPPOE login credentials for your Google wifi points. The password on your current router is encrypted and not transferable. They will give you one. 2) Telmex doesn't give tech support for bridge mode, at least not for residential customers. You're on your own. But there are resources on the web and youtube. Just google "modo puente"
  2. I had a near death experience (joking) with Volaris recently. They gave me a voucher from a Covid cancelled trip to NY. $8500 MXN good until Oct 15. So I go to redeem it, site says no good. I followed the instructions carefully no good. Tried to get an agent. Impossible. Finally went to their FB page and complained LOUDLY. Fraud, crooks.. My voucher was about to expire. It has a happy ending. Someone said you must contact "Sandra" at Boletos Aeropuerto, +526646572865, on Whatsapp. Nothing to lose at that point so I did. She fixed it in a heartbeat. Volaris told her it had
  3. Pick up your phone, dial a 7 to break dial tone. You should hear dead silence, no scratchy noise or hum. If you do your line is bad and Telmex needs to fix it.
  4. That's a good question. Its depends on what criteria your bank is validating the destination phone number. If they are rejecting VoIP lines, that's tough. They could also be sending an SMS short code and some VOip line won't receive. My Callcentric line will receive short code messages from Wells Fargo.....so I'm hanging on. At some point may need to get a US number.
  5. That Tomza truck ripped me off too..receipt said more gas than the tank would hold. I only use Zeta gas now...have converted to solar panels and water heaters, induction cooktop will be next. No need to use gas anymore.
  6. I used the 12mm, so far so good. The distributors can be found via the web page: https://www.cempanel.com.mx/planta-guadalajara
  7. Check out "Cempanel". Not that common but very nice and readily available I used it for a garage covered with solar panels. Turned out great
  8. If I understand you correctly, the chromebooks are speed limited...which is understandable, very cost driven...they would be the bottleneck....but if you are trying to test your Ilox boundary, you always want to test with nperf, and maybe fast (provided they connect you to the Sahuayo server); those are the only ones guaranteed not to have a bottleneck. Bottom line: If your Ilox is working well on say Youtube or MX Netflix, speed testing is only going to show you the problems beyond Ilox. Maybe some of those they can influence, some not. But everyone is going to blame them. I'm glad
  9. There are several flavors of Wifi. First you have 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz, then you have the wifi protocol, like 802.11g, or n, then you have MIMO on top of all that. Multiple wifi users have to allocate the max available bandwidth among them, although not equally. In all cases, you'll never go faster out to the Internet than the slowest link in the chain. So if you have a 400 Mbps 5 Ghz MIMO wifi and a 20 Mbps Telmex connection, your speed test will never be faster than 20 Mbps. Early PC's and Ethernet cables maxxed out at 100 Mbps...If your trying to speed test your 300 Mbps Ilox with
  10. I have yet to see an Ilox speed test, when done properly, that didn't pass. You can't test over wifi, you should have a reasonably recent PC with a good cable connected to your router, nothing else connected, then go to nperf.com and use the default server that comes up. If your speed is slow on that, then you may have a problem...otherwise the problem is elsewhere.
  11. I agree with you. I had a trial and no buffering and am about to activate my account. Ilox doesn't control streaming bandwidth available outside their boundary. If you pay for some service out of Timbuktu with a weak link, you can get buffering. Google, FB, YouTube, and Netflix all peer directly to the Ilox boundary through a special server network, called a CDN. Apparently Lakeside system uses the same CDN. If your Netflix, Youtube, etc aren't buffering now, then Lakeside won't either. I have no relationship with Lakeside either. In fact, one of my other IPTV services has star
  12. In case anyone is interested, due to special requests, the fellows at the Tuesday Market who make the great Italian Sausage, Berlin Productos Alimenticios, are going to do a special run of Polish Sausage. Will be packs of 3 for $90 MXN each, no preservatives. Product will be ready for pickup at next Tuesday Market on 7/28 or you can make alternate delivery arrangements with Demetrio @ 3353056957. Please contact him to reserve your quantity..
  13. They probably upgraded your service area to VDSL and your old ADSL modem can't work at the higher speed. You might be able to leave it at the Telmex office, toss it, sell it, or keep as an inferior but functional backup. . No one seems to care .
  14. The 1.8 reading is your net consumption from CFE when you are using more than you generate. The 2.8 is the opposite. 2.8 reading - 1.8 reading is the running difference of your shortage or excess. If your 1.8 is more than your 2.8 at the end of the bimester, they'll bill you.
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