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  1. Ilox backlog with new signups is growing a lot, they are still trying to get all the prepaids at Raquet Club done and then will move on to Riberas, Chula Vista, and San Antonio. They had some installers leave and that didn't help either. Best thing you can do is sign up now and get in the queue, it'll be 2/3 months. . Its going to be a long summer but once they get through the initial build out everything will normalize.
  2. John, The phone line Ilox gives you is a SIP Voice over IP trunk. Those typically have a lot of features...Ilox has a special page for telecom services where you can register and get additional numbers, etc. But I don't have the minutae on whether the phone line they give you as part fo the fiber package has the same. Best as you say, write the NOC and see what they say.. https://www.iloxtelecom.com/troncal-sip
  3. Nice to be loved. Thanks to all. For all you VPN fans who are also techies, check out zerotier.com Mind blowing completely free encrypted virtual network. I've got 4 locations all on the same network, including the Chapala house and just added a VPS gateway in the US with it own dedicated IP for $5 mo. I haven't tested that part yet but should stream US content just fine. This may be a nice alternative to VPN's...
  4. According to an Ilox supervisor who we just buttonholed at Raquet Club, Riberas was one of the first scheduled installations.... Ilox started calling and calling people to schedule installations and 9 out of 10 had left for the summer. I guess there are a lot of Canadians there. Right now they are working like crazy in the Raquet Club, then will go to San Antonio, then Riberas...
  5. Ilox tailors their Internet to 99% of the people that hook it up and it just works. The come to Lakeside and a lot of people want to stream content, some of it pirate, others from sources that may not be paying the bandwidth on their side, etc. Some want VPN connections for business services, some want to hide their IP. They all want it to work plug and play and if it doesn't they want the ISP to be responsible. Oh, and they don't want to pay much. Good luck with that. What I can tell you is we did get Ilox in here to put in FTTH fiber which was the last remaining bottleneck to anyone getting decent Internet. From here on out, its all negotiable, including with Ilox. I suggested they should consider offering some legit streaming packages, like USTVNOW. There clearly is a nice opportunity for some consultants and VAR´s here to offer value added services.
  6. Due to the shortage of public IP addresses, Ilox by default employs "Carrier Grade NAT" and assigns private 10.X.X.X private IP addresses, which heavily reuse the same IP address across many users. If you connect to another point via a streaming service where your connection emerges on a dedicated (not fixed) public IP, it may work fine for streaming. But if you try to stream directly from Mexico or use a DNS proxy, the NAT may or may not break the protocol. Ilox will switch you over to a public dynamic IP at no charge, you just request it. That should fix most issues. At the point your Ilox service will technically be roughly equivalent to Telmex, without the speed. Streaming and DNS Proxies can be part of dicey cat and mouse games that are not always guaranteed to work the way you want. Ilox can only do so much. .
  7. The other day I bought a SourSap, (aka Guanabana), in the market and made a really nice smoothie. These are great fruits, but a hassle to peel and to separate the pulp from the toxic seeds. Lo and behold, an Internet search resulted in a packing company in Nayarit that will hotshot to you the next day 1lb packets of Guanabana, Guayaba, JackFruit and Passion Fruit, all fresh and export quality. I ordered a 1000 peso box of about 25 mixed packets and they are wonderful. One of the specialty stores here, like Panchos, Superlake, or the organic market, would likely have a hit carrying these. Check them out. The company is called Pures y Derivados de Nayarit and the website is here: http://www.lasguavasauce.com/index.html . Felipe is the contact: pdn7@ymail.com
  8. Gringohombre...you just need to calm down and chill. Ilox is here to stay, your money is safe, and their service is great. The only challenge they have now is too much demand, their crews are working San Juan Cosala now and they´ll head over to Riberas / SAT when they finish. There are at least 100 people waiting for installs in SAT and capacity has been reserved for them, on what possible basis are you saying they're not coming? The bigger issue now is their initial capex investment in the expensive concentrator is starting to max out, so they've got to do another round of capex, which will probably push out the recent sign ups a couple of months.
  9. I send Euros to a German bank account through my Casa de Cambio CIBanco..I just do a Banamex online transfer to them and they send the money at a good rate, plus a $150 peso service charge..
  10. Dozens of people have prepaid service in San Antonio, Chula Vista, and Riberas...They will be installing soon as they can get to them.
  11. @Cafemediterraneo: Seems there was an outage yesterday. Ilox uses CFE poles and seems there can be events where they are at the mercy of them.. I don't know this was the case..but over time you can expect them to reinforce the weak points and service should become more reliable. In most other civilized countries they've long opened the phone company poles to competition to avoid having to use the power poles. But Telmex has fought that tooth and nail. Write your MX legislator if you don't like it. Sounds like on the signal you are talking about wifi. The wifi modem in the Ilox router could be better. Do yourself a favor and turn it off and get some decent access points..or hard wire your casita. You'll be glad you did.
  12. You can use Telmex dynamic IP but need to create an account on a dynamic DNS service like no-ip.com (free) and then activate the DDNS client on your Samsung NVR. Then you need to forward the ports in your router to the camera. What those ports are subject to some question. Youll need to map at least port 80 to access the web interface of your DVR. . You may need others depending on software you´re using externally to view your cameras. I suggest you map 8080 TCP external to 80 on your LAN. I found this discussion of on the web. Re: port forwarding samsung cameras Device Port : Initially, <4520~4524> is set. It increases / decreases by 5. - TCP: It has better stability and lower speed when compared to UDP, and recommended for internet environments. • UDP Port : Initially, <8000~8160> is set. It increases / decreases by 160. • Unicast/Multicast : Select one between UDP-Unicast and UDP-Multicast. If selected Multicast, Multicast IP and TTL are activated. - UDP- Unicast : Transfers data packet to an individual client. - UDP-Multicast : Allows data communication to multiple clients causing no additional traffic to the network. • Multicast IP Address : User can directly input. • Multicast TTL : Select from 0 ~ 255. Initial value for the TTL is set to <5>. • HTTP Port : Enter the port number for the Web Viewer. Initially, it is set to <80>. • Multi Browser Support : The Web Viewer can be used with a browser that supports the Silverlight. The multi viewer can be used only if the HTTP port is set to 80, protocol type is TCP and device ports range within 4505-4530. This is for the Siliverlight's security purposes. Tom
  13. Dave my modem wifi is turned off too. I have four Ubiquiti Unifi Pro's at my place. Work great.
  14. DaveP, One shouldn't have any kind of speed test expectation over wifi and/or to a server beyond Ilox demarcation point which they don't control. 2.4 Ghz Wifi single channel connections are good for about up to 40 Mbps if they aren't loaded with other users. 5 Ghz can do considerably more. Both 2.4 and 5 Ghz wifi radios can also do MIMO parallel connections which will increase the speed. The point is if you speed test over wifi, you're introducing a known bottleneck below fiber's maximum speed. The only legitimate connection for speed testing is hard wired to your ethernet port. However most ethernet ports max out at 100 mbps. The rule of thumb for speed measurement is that your port speed should be at least 10X what you're trying to measure. If you have 100 mpbs service, you need to make sure you have Gb hardwired ethernet ports. I had a PC with a 100 mb port and switched over to one with a Gb port...My speed test results jumped to 450 Mbps and peaked at 600 Mbps. See below. Make sure you are speed testing at Fast.com, which is the Netflix site at the Ilox peer boundary. Any other site is deep into the Internet beyond Ilox and is basically only telling how much they choking beyond the gateway connection. Another really good speed test is the Blue Angels jpg load at http://www.toast.net. (customer tools menu). Use the Google cloud storage test. Then compare it to others. That will give you a good idea how cheap these other guys are on bandwidth relative to Ilox. What I've found so far is that Ilox itself screams. They may have some service lapses when CFE poles go out until they can get their backups installed. The low speed rates I've seen are things like: old equipment, slow ports, wifi connections, weak VPN routers, multiple NAT connections (which will cause services dropout after a 30 seconds to 5 minutes). Its no big deal that it screams. Why shouldn't it? . Its optical fiber from your home all the way to their edge. They don't oversubscribe it on their own network much......thats not where the cost is. Most overloading is in the size of the connections they have to pay for (e.g peering), and beyond i.e. what your subscribing to and other networks are paying for. And trust me, even there, compared to the incredibly negligent stuff happening on most customer ends, it not the problem. Once you eliminate all that other garbage contamination, one can talk more seriously about speed test results.
  15. I think Rick makes good points and that there is lots of room for improvement, especially in the communications. . Ilox arrival to lakeside, with the large expat population here, has clearly been a learning experience for them. Once the initial installations are done things should get smoother.
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