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  1. Ubiquiti Unifi system is your best option. Run cables from your switch to a couple of remote points and install dual band Unifi access points at each. You run a management program to configure them They can mesh connect too and your devices can seamlessly roam. Very popular in the Raquet Club.
  2. Very true the that internal Ilox Wifi router/modem is not ready for primetime. I turned mine off and installed 4 access points (Ubiquiti Unifi) to cover my property. Problems gone. The router also won´t bridge data between the ports. In other words if you're depending upon the Ilox router to connect a file server on one network segment to say a computer on a different one (meaning plugged into different router ports), they won´t talk to each other. The reason is there are users out their plugging multiple cables into multiple ports creating switch loops that congest tech support with service calls. Simple fix: Make sure all of your home network goes into one switch first, then run one cable from that switch to your Ilox router. Devices that just need to communicate with the internet and not across your network can plug into the router. Since Ilox came in I´ve drilled down on about many different complaints of lousy service. Nearly always customer side - Customer was double natting...i.e. plugging the WAN port of his router into the LAN port of the Ilox router. - Customer was switching his Telmex modem in and out of his network and not rebooting his devices. Devcies kept trying to use Telmex gateway even though disconnected. - Bad cables plugged into 1Gb and 100 Mb ports working at 100 mb and 10 mb, or intermittent.-Other misconfigured routers - Incredibly crappy and cheap hardware. - Old PC´s - Trying to stream with a private IP. You will probably need a public IP address to have a chance at streaming. Ilox will assign you one. Public IP addresses are scarce. One day the network will have to switch to IPV6. Telmex is already doing it. Isn´t competition great! . A business contracted business grade service and resold it through a bunch of misconfigured inferior hardware with poor Wifi coverage. All the blame went to Ilox. -Unrealistic speed expectations. Ilox is high speed fiber within their network to their gateways. They have a high speed backbone up through Dallas via Cogent. They peer with Google, (Youtube) Netflix, and Facebook at their gateway. Have you ever seen those services slow? If you have then you really do have a problem. When you try to stream video, you´re competing for shared bandwidth beyond Ilox control. They pay for so much and that´s whats available. Some of these streaming services come from Asia and Europe. The provider could also be choking on his connection. And yes, Telmex, may have better routes to some places than Ilox. And now we have Covid-19. I´m not denying that poor streaming experiences are an unfulfilled expectation, but there are more intelligent ways to address this problem. If you think its a bad situation here, listen to this podcast. https://www.npr.org/2020/05/29/865908114/small-america-vs-big-internet . Incredible that the lobbyists and special interests in the US are truncating the American way and keeping small towns from doing what we were barely able to do here. Setting up and running an ISP is a very challenging capital intensive low margin project. Not for the faint of heart. And no thanks to the naysayers. We got Ilox in, but with all the bitchers and whiners I don´t think they''re doing another residential service anytime soon. Just imagine what these same misfits continue to cost in customer service headache. They´re creating barriers to entry to new providers coming in, and those already providing service. Money that could pay for better quality of service. If you have Internet service, next time you have a problem, think twice before throwing up your hands and blaming it on the ISP. He is responsible for his end. You are responsible for yours. Try calling a local professional to check your side first. Now that Ilox is here, the opportunity is to be fairer about where problems actually lie and how to fix. Maybe this could help lower their service costs and get more streaming bandwidth. I for one am going to work on a guide on how to be a better ISP customer.
  3. There is no installation charge for drops up to a certain length, I think it was maybe 50 meters. Beyond that they charge for the material. Ilox speed is guaranteed within their network to their edge gateway. You can test this over a hardwired connection to your modem and to fast.com. Any degradation from that is likely customer side issue or a slow wifi connection.
  4. The apps Derek were using were TV Tap and Live Net TV...Had a lot of advertising though.
  5. That Ilox VOip would be inferior seems strange. In Central Mexico Ilox is not only an ISP but also a carriers carrier. They transit traffic for the likes of Cogent. They provide business grade VOIP service. So why do the Ilox landline ports perform poorly? I don't know. I haven't hooked mine up, still use my Telmex copper one. My Callcentric VOip over Ilox works flawlessly...Maybe its their crappy modems..
  6. Intuitively, air travel has gotten out of hand. Its just too damn fragile. Airports keep expanding, # of flights keep growing. As Eric points out, the business model is broken when you have to depend on baggage and change fees to make a profit. We need to bring back the trains for trips 400 miles or less and use the airlines for the longer hauls.
  7. So glad to hear Ferret! Riberas was one of the areas that lagged for long time. Great to see they are finally there...if they're installing you, they are others as well. I am using Ubiquiti Unifi AP's on my property..I just turned off the wifi and have them in a mesh network. Everything works great. I haven't hooked up my Ilox phone line yet..still have the Telmex line. For those that prepaid and Ilox still hasn't installed, I suggest you hang on. Cancelling will only get you your money back. If anything, get more people near you to sign up. The value add to real estate is a no brainer. Tom
  8. The Mexican government changed the rules on radio approvals and this caused Ilox (and just about anything with a radio in it) latest shipment of modems to be held up in customs. It was no fault of theirs, but of course they get the blame. Ferret I do agree that Ilox lacks better communications. However if you prepaid and still don't have service, you have two choices. Wait or ask for your money back. They will certainly give it to you. They are getting to Riberas and upper CV. If you communicate with courtesy and clearly with their NOC, they'll usually resolve the problem quickly. A lot of people forget that Internet service is a two way street. There are obligations on the ISP side, and on the customer side. Just because you have problems with your service doesn't mean its Ilox fault. It could be your old PC. Your old network port. The thick walls in your house. The service you are connecting to. These are things beyond Ilox control. This year, they've had a big problem with squirrels chewing on the cables. They are at the mercy CFE infrastructure because Telmex keeps a monopoly on their poles. Other countries have long since deregulated.
  9. Speaking of Ham Radio, I am looking for some ham or tech types living in Joco and Chapala to host a couple of Sigfox "Internet of Things" base stations. The MX Sigfox operator will install and maintain the base station at his expense, but typically he'll pay your internet bill in exchange for hosting. Here's a photo of what a station looks like. Nothing like a cell site, just simple antenna and a box. They are going to put one on my roof in Rancho del Oro, but we need locations in Chapala and Joco to cover the north shore of lakeside. The base station plugs into your Internet connection and uses very little bandwidth. Read more about Sigfox here. If you have any interest please message me.
  10. I have a Callcentric VoIP number and run Zoiper app on my cell phone.....calls go over the data plan or wifi.. US number works completely separate.
  11. Ilox modem do have two RJ11 phone ports and they will give you a 2nd US or MX Voip number if you request it. A US VOIP number on another carrier like MJ is probably portable to Ilox. You probably need to register an account on https://clientes.iloxtelecom.com/IloxTelecom/Login.aspx
  12. Their policy assigns a private IP and if customer requests they switch to a public one...Just a conservative business practice to conserve the public IP pool. My understanding is IPV4 space is all assigned and exhausted but I could be wrong. IPV6 would be nice and at some point they have to do it. Their private IPV4 addresses go through what they call https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrier-grade_NAT (CGN) which wreaks havoc upon streaming but is unnoticeable for most simple outgoing connections like web browsing. An outgoing VPN connection also usually works well with CGN because the streaming is encapsulated in the VPN connection.
  13. So glad to hear Jojana. About 50% of the cases I see its not in their court. Which is why patience and courtesy have to rule. When they do, the problems always get solved.
  14. Give them a day or so to verify the modem. Thats certainly what they´re doing.
  15. Did you write the noc@mail.ilox.mx and describe the problem? That is the preferred customer service path. If they installed the modem on Monday and verfified service, the ball is probably in your court.
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