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  1. Has anyone else have a symptom like this- hard bronchial cough in the throat, not bronchitis. I talked with a friend who came back from Ajijic and has had this raspy breathe ever sense? Someone today said she felt like she had a "furry throat. I wonder if there is a virus here?

  2. Has anyone alse had this symptom...like rales (throat tightness)

  3. Has anyone alse had this symptom...like rales (throat tightness)

  4. Does anyone have contact information for James Needham?

  5. Reminder there is a total lunar eclipse visible here tonight between 2-3:23 AM. You can safely look at lunar eclipses (not solars).

  6. A total lunar eclipse is visible here on this tuesday from 2:08 AM- 3:23 AM. Well worth getting up to see. It is rare that there is a total and also visible here. You can also lookwest and see Jupier and just above to the right the red planet Mars.

  7. Does anyone know what makes a whispering "shreep" sound in the night? We are perplexed.

  8. Does anyone know what is making a sound after dark that sounds like a whisper,"shreep" is the best we can think to describe it. Is it a lizard, frog, cricket? You can see how confused we are if we dont even know if it is animal, vegatable or mineral!

  9. Does anyone know where you can get fesh green and also fresh fruit juices?

  10. Does anyone know where to find paper shredding servces?

  11. Anyone have the dates for Behind the Walls?

  12. Does anyone have a picture of Pedro Loco to send me (as a PDF)? We want to make an altar to him at the Tequila bar on the malecon.

  13. Does anyone know where to get fresh flax seeds at lakeside?

  14. Anyone know of a good plumber and hijs phone number?

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