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  1. Does any one know the current green fees for golf at Chula Vista Golf Club
  2. My experience when I had a business here several years ago is that you must have an employee agreement signed by the employee and registered with the Labour Board in GDL. It was sort of a expectation ( Code of conduct ) wherein the employee agrees to the terms. Then when you want to dismiss the employee for just cause and they try to sue your let her take you to a meeting with the Labour Board. They will listen to her complaint and look at the agreement and if you have cause you dont pay. I know the laws change but I do know if you dont have one, laws favour the employee. As always Spencer would know.
  3. We are flying home to Toronto on Aero Mexico via Mexico City. After we check our baggage and clear customs, can we buy our legal quantity in the airport in Guad or Mexico City and have it in our carry-on OR as I have seen sometimes they bring it on the plane and you pick it up when departing the plane? On my last trip several years ago, I brought a bottle purchased here in Ajijic but it was seized at the Guad Customs. With the cost of booze in Canada I hate to waste the opportunity of bringing some Christmas Cheer!!!
  4. Dale. If you drop down to my post ( RCman ) you can read the postings directly.
  5. Hi Dale.. WE met yesterday and I already have avery good referral for you. I will PM you. Bob from the plaza.
  6. Thank you again for immediate response. I have the name written down and will sit in the Plaza tomorrow and wait for these new friends to pass by again. We met these new visitors this morning while sitting with new visitors we met yesterday. Life doesn't get any better than this.
  7. New arrivals we met today were asking if we could recommend a reputable auto body repair shop in Ajijic. Having been away for the last ten years I could not but suggested this web board. To make it easier I thought i could simply ask on the board myself.
  8. Yes MC, I am aware that the car must leave in less than 6 months and yes I will have the sticker removed. However, do you have to request a refund at that time or can you leave it in the system for when you return to Mexico making sure you bring the same car back in?
  9. It has been several years now since I brought in a car and picked up my Turista Visa sticker. I know I have to provide ownership of car, Mexican Ins policy, valid drivers licence and naturally our passport. There is also a fee or tax you pay and I seem to recall it has to be paid by CC. The question is how much is the fee and is it in US$'s? Second question is does it get refunded when you leave the country with the intention of returning to Mexico within a few months or do you have to pay the fee each time you come in? That sounds a little pricey.. Your experiences please.. PS: Does the fee vary on the value or age of the car?
  10. My wife and I have been coming here for many years and the incredible climate is the first reason followed by the cost of living, which is also great. Dispite our dollar vs the US$ the peso conversion is the best I ever remember. Coming for a month or two to check it all out is the best advice. We fly out of Toronto and although we have used US airlines via Atlanta or any number of other US cities for that one stop, more recently we fly Aeromexico to Mexico City then back to Guadalajara. We have found them to be very good and you don't have to deal with US Customs which can be quite lengthy a process. Car rentals can be quite expensive here at around $700. US per month but a visit will help you decide about driving your own vehicle. You can walk many places if you rent centrally but a car gives you much more flexibility and then a wider choice of places to live. If you limit your stay to six months a car is not an issue but if you plan to stay more than six months then bringing in a car gets more complicated. There is so much more to consider and so many positive reasons to come here, at the very least to check it out for yourselves. Are you by chance from the Toronto area as we are just north? We are coming home at Christmas and would be happy to meet you at a Timmy's. We would need a couple hours for sure,,,, just a thought. There is too much detail to cover in a venue like this. Good luck!!
  11. Sent you a PM ( private message )... Bob
  12. Can't help you with rental but (just in case you are interested ) I have an American friend who just bought one brand new from Walmart, tried it once and scared himself and now wants to sell it for $12,000 pesos. I know you wanted a rental but sometimes a great deal can change a persons mind. If interested you can call me at 331 746 6080 Bob
  13. Thank you for all your advice. Great info yo know.
  14. I think I saw a reference recently to a Pass you could buy to avoid having to make change at the Toll Booths. How does this pass work and where do you buy one? Is there a savings or is the benefit just convenience?
  15. Found Joe and had a great visit and we'll be joining him at Mama's this Tuesday night.
  16. Joe is still here and yesterday we were told he is in a nursing home ( but still mobile ) in the block just below where the horses are stationed in Lower La Floresta. My wife and I were within a block of his place but didn't have a street number. We are going to try again this morning and were told to watch for his old green Van. We also know now that he is often at Mama's on Tuesday and Friday night's because they have Karaoke. I owned Club Hidalgo back in 2002-2004 and Joe did my Karaoke nights. Thank you for your response. Bob
  17. When we lived here back in 2000 to 2005 we were great friends of Joe and his Karaoke. We hear now he is in a nursing home in Lower La Floresta. We walked down to Alicia's and were told he was not there. Does anyone who remembers Joe know exactly where he is?
  18. Yes, I have a Garmin GPS now and will be using it but like having a picture in my mind before we head down (old habits ).
  19. I know most people have their preferred route and many cross at Laredo or Columbia. We travelled back and forth years ago but not recently. Does any one have detailed directions that would bring us down from Columbia via Zacatecas to Guadalajara. We used to do the cutoff after Monterrey and down through Matahuala but thought we'd try a shorter route,
  20. After asking for help and receiving a number of recommendations, I chose one and attempted to make an appointment. After a number of days without a response, I chose to go to Plan B and contacted Computerguy ( a regular member of this site ). I received a response the following morning and I provided my contact info. Mike phoned me to set up a time and then showed up exactly as promised. There were a number of issues to fix and he very quickly and efficiently dealt with each issue one at a time. His service rating would have to be AAA... My thanks to Mike ( Computerguy ) and obviously he gets my highest recommendation to anyone seeking help.
  21. Having difficulty with our computer ( Mac )and would like someone familiar with these products to give us a hand. Minor problems but frustrating for very non techie like ourselves. Any suggestions?
  22. Hi..Back in the early 2000-2005 I was able to have business cards printed in a cafe near the Telcel just west of El Torito. I believe the gentleman is now gone. Does anyone know where to have cards printed locally? It's a lot easier to hand someone a card with your phone number, email, address etc than trying to write it all out. Once again, help appreciated...
  23. Thank you to Widesky and Ferret for great instructions. Mission accomplished.
  24. To Ferret: My apology but being a new poster I am not familiar with how to access a PM. HELP!!!
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