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  1. You just made of my mind for me RVGringo. Gracias!
  2. I find it interesting that no one recommended TioCorp neither good or bad. They are my current agent but I was disappointed they would not switch my previous vehicle for a Mexican plated purchase even though there is still 5 months left on my policy and I’ve been in Canada for the last 5 months. Any other experiences?
  3. PM didn’t work. Call me Bob 331 746-6080. I’m in the Ajijic almost every morning.
  4. I tried a PM but it would not send. I’ll buy the coins if I can meet you in the Ajijic Plaza at the Black/White coffee shop. I’m there almost every morning. To be sure I’m Bob at 3317466080.

  5. Thank you everyone for relating your experiences in this matter. Your comments will help us decide whether to plod on or give up the cause.
  6. My wife and a couple friends have been trying for two months to apply for DIF cards. They went to Chapala and were told what was the required for documentation. With the documents in hand they made 4 trips to Chapala each time being told they had no cards available and to come back next week. They even tried on one occasion to go to the office in Joco with the same results. As they were being told the cards had to come from Guadalajara, they decided this week to go there instead. The first location was closed due to renovations. With difficulty they located another office where there were long lineups. One of the friends speaks quite good Spanish and went over to another desk to ask if they were in the right place and was told if she wanted to ask a question, she had to go to the back of the line. She said she fully understood they would have to go to the back of the line but just wanted to be sure it was the right line. Again she was told she had to line up just to ask that question. So the question is despite being told we are welcome to apply for these cards, in reality do they simply not want us to have these cards? Has anyone else experienced such a run around?
  7. My problem with the new store is not parking as I can walk. The problem is the lack o& product on the shelves. I only went to Superlake for those items iI couldn’t find else where. Pancho is not solving my problem. Sorry, but I can’t see him lasting on l8mited choices
  8. My wife went into TelMex today regarding the same sort of charge. They told her it was some kind of hacking and would reverse the charge. While she was waiting to be served she onerheard the clerk tell another man the ex@ct same story. Pays to question the bill.
  9. I’m on Guadalupe Victoria Privado 2 and had no idea what to expect. I had probably 60 kids and went through 6 big bags of candy. Final group was about 15 kids all at once and seemed to be more older kids than earlier kids. I had a difficult time making sure the younger kids got some candy as bigger kids were reaching over their heads to get to me. I also strongly believe these older kids were not from the surrounding neighbourhood and were less polite. Anyway, loved hearing “ Quieromos Halloween” and a lesson for next year to get 8/10 bags instead of six.
  10. Thank you to everyone for their input. We will be prepared for tonight and just see what happens. If we have anything left over it won't be hard to get rid of it, maybe even Wednesday night. Might just have to eat some ourselves.
  11. What has been your experience here in Ajijic regarding the celebration of Halloween. We live in a Mexican area and asked two gentlemen today that live on the street and they both said kids will be trick or treating on Wednesday night. That seemed odd so I called two mexican friends who both said Tuesday night Oct. 31st. What has been your experience and should I prepare for both nights? PS: I am aware of Nov 1st being Day of the Dead honoring the children so I thought that might be the case when told it was Wednesday night.
  12. That will certainly be difficult for some elderly people here where it is their only mode of transportation. On the other hand, friends and I at a patio bar at the Plaza watched a lady trying to park and hit both the car in front and then back into the car behind. The space had to be 25 feet long and then she gave up and drove on looking for a bigger spot. Hence, maybe the need for the crackdown.
  13. Living on a second floor is getting tiresome having to run up and down the stairs to answer the doorbell when we have no idea who is there. Between kids being a pain and begging for money, it’s becoming a bit much not to mention security issues. Has @nyone found a security camera and monitor with voice activation without having to spend hundreds?
  14. I'd be the last one to question your Spanish. Donde es Pollo polvo?
  15. Just a shout out for Dusty Chicken along the carreterra in San Antonia. Heard about it for years, drove past many times but stopped today and brought some home. Wow!!! I think best chicken in town. Just saying ....
  16. Yes you are correct MC. Thank you.
  17. Thank you. That sounds great and I'm familiar with the retourno just up by Eddies motel so it should be a easy drive. And yes that is a lonely highway but sures beats going anywhere near Gdl.
  18. When we returned to Canada in early April this new highway was not complete at the far end. It was confusing but stopped someone and got assistance and went on up to Aguascalientes . We are now heading back to Ajijic in two weeks and was wondering if it is anymore complete. This time we are coming at it from Matejuala and any help in what to look for would be greatly appreciated. It's a great highway once you are on it.
  19. RCman

    Gluten Free bread

    Sorry for posting in the wrong section as I hav not heard of La cocina nor attempts to find it were not successful. Thank you to those who responded anyway. Very helpful.
  20. We are returning to Ajijic at the end of August and are wondering if gluten free bread is available anywhere in the area?
  21. I think proper sidewalks along the south side of the Carretera from Gossips to Colon would make shopping along that section much easier. After all it the main business area and it undoubtedly the worst section of sidewalks in the whole village. I can't even tell you what shops etc are along there other than an old favorite Brunos's restaurant.
  22. We have been smelling something like burning plastic for the last couple of days down on Guadalupe Victoria behind El Torito. Can not see any obvious source.
  23. I know the Hotel Italo is not fancy but rooms are clean and at about $25. per night and right in the heart of Ajijic. It's perfectly located. I have stayed there in the past and have friends there now who needed temporary accomodation. Repeat, very basic but for a short stay also could solve your problems. 01 376 766-2569.
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