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  1. Another couple on our flight live in Windsor. They had to fly to Toronto from Detroit and take a shuttle bus back to Windsor. They wouldn’t allow her daughter to drive into the US from Windsor to pick them up. Quarantine protocols would also not allow contact between them.

  2. Sorry Mike. I see my answer to your PM got put on the regular site.

  3. I have Internet TV now vis Wickedentertainment . It’s a Canadian co and when it works, it’s great. However, I have a problem with the DSL fluctuations and Shawn ran a test which I showed Telmex. Shawn recommended asking Telmex to change m6 line into the house. I’ve been there 5 times now with no success. Telmex admits there is a problem with fluctuations but claim it’s a software problem.

    im just getting frustrated with the back and forth and may go back to Satelite try8ng to avoid Shaw. It may be my only choice.

  4. I tried a PM but it would not send. I’ll buy the coins if I can meet you in the Ajijic Plaza at the Black/White coffee shop. I’m there almost every morning. To be sure I’m Bob at 3317466080.

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