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  1. I have Internet TV now vis Wickedentertainment . It’s a Canadian co and when it works, it’s great. However, I have a problem with the DSL fluctuations and Shawn ran a test which I showed Telmex. Shawn recommended asking Telmex to change m6 line into the house. I’ve been there 5 times now with no success. Telmex admits there is a problem with fluctuations but claim it’s a software problem.

    im just getting frustrated with the back and forth and may go back to Satelite try8ng to avoid Shaw. It may be my only choice.

  2. I tried a PM but it would not send. I’ll buy the coins if I can meet you in the Ajijic Plaza at the Black/White coffee shop. I’m there almost every morning. To be sure I’m Bob at 3317466080.

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